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Finch from Luskville, QC
Lola and (Layla in loving memory)

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I always loved birds and i fell in love with those two little ladies!
(Sadly, Layla has passed july 3rd 2008)
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Hi! My name is Lola and (Layla in loving memory)

I am a Finch from Luskville, QC.

Bibis, little ones, ladies

10 years old   F


Red millet and apples, they simply go crazy!!

Close to food or water!!

The sound of the vaccum cleaner, they simply
hate it!!!

When i give them fresh water and millet, they simply go crazy!!!

When they ear high picth noise they scream as if they are singing opera ti's very funnY!.

Sing! Sing! Sing!.

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01/27/2009 04:02.27 PM  
bonjour,désolé de pa avoir écrit tou de suite .jai honte de moi a voir que je ne suis pa venu sur le site sa fais un bon bout de temp.ton pinson es magnifique.jen ai garder longtemp de cé petits pinson la.jaime tellement les entendre jaser et il mette de la vie dans une maison.a regarder tes image ca me tente daller men chercher lol merci pour le message.revien nous voir quand tu voudra.

Come visit me, charly & little bogie.

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10/29/2008 10:20.43 AM  
  Salut de Floop
Ah... tu et Milo viennent de Quebec aussi. Je ne connais pas Luskville, maman non plus. Je viens d'une famille francais avant et ils ont parlé anglais et francais. Mamam parle les deux aussi, mais plus en anglais alors comme ca on va tous venir bilingue. A la prochaine!

Come visit me, Leroy, Little Bit & Chloe - Thank you everybirdy!!, Gizmo - Thanks everybirdy for BOTD!, Max, Jasper - Thanks everybirdy for BOTD!, Micky - Thanks everybirdy for BOTD!, PEPPER - WOW! Thanks everybirdy for BOTD!, TiPaul and Cubird at the Derby Milonga, Floop - Thanks for BOTD!, Jockey Marley & Exchange Rate, Zak - Thank you everybirdy for BOTD! & Lee-Roial RIP - Thanks for remembering me..

10/02/2008 06:25.51 PM Report This Comment  
  j ai une fille qui a acheté un de mes bb gris d afrique, nous sommes devenus amis, elle viens de gatineau, en faite elle nous rend visite vendredi prochain. Vous avez des ti bec droits? pas de gros perroquets encore....chose certe c est qu on commence avec des petits. J ai des gros ara cloroptere, blue et or, une sorte de conure trrrrrrrrrres rare, conure a tete blue, et une amour de hyacinth, et un eclectus male, reproduction que les ara, et conure. Beaucoups de travail, on ne peut remettre a demain lorsqu on a des perroquets. Je les adore tous, ch. un a sa propre personalité adorable, et ils parlent tous, alors quoi de mieux. Je devrais bientot ajoutter le reste de ma gang ici, mais j ai eu un petit problem qui a retardé mes log ins quotidien, j suis en recuperation d une chirurgie majeur et surveillé par le doc, un ti cancer attrappé juste a temps. J essayerais d enregistré tous mes ti n amours soon.
un autre vote pr toi

Come visit me, Theodore, Baby Blue & Francesca.

10/01/2008 05:09.59 AM Report This Comment  
oui je suis de montreal, je parle entre autre francais.
Ou ce trouve luskville? jamais entendu parler de cette ville. Je vais a Québec city régulièrement par affaire pr mon mari, je ne travail plus, j ai une grosse famille de perro. ici, qui emploie toutes mon temp.

voici un vote pr toi itoo

Come visit me, Theodore, Baby Blue & Francesca.

09/30/2008 06:45.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Un bonjour du Québec!!
Mais biensûre que je parle français!! Je ne viens plus beaucoup ici car je suis très occupée avec ma gang a plumes!!
Merci pour votre vote! En voiçi un pour vous!

Come visit me, Paco and Maya.

09/30/2008 06:24.33 AM Report This Comment  
Thx I love to lay on my back and play with my toys on the couch to. I really don't like setting on a shoulder I would rather lay on my back and be played with mom says I'M A LAZY Conure hehehe. I moved in with Kiwi my other GGC he is really nice to me and now we share a big cage. Not sure if I'm a boy or girl mom is hoping I'm a girl so Kiwi can have a girlfriend. You see mom had a Dna test done on Kiwi and he is a boy that we know but mom has not has my test done yet cause I just moved in a few weeks ago. Jade baby Qakaer is home with us now she got to move home Saturday July 5th. It was a hot and humid day here today so we just stayed inside and soaked up the AC. What have you been up today? WING HUGS KAHLUAH V4U

Ron & Dee Ann, Bellevue, NE.

07/07/2008 06:42.37 PM Report This Comment  
  New Man
Please don't ever think you would be bothering me. I love all of my bird friends and am very glad to be able to offer any assistance. So here goes, yes, the entire cage needs to be taken apart and cleaned - including all the toys, mirrors, swings,cage bars/sides, etc. If you have any wooden perches/toys then I would give them a good cleaning and then bake them at 200 degrees for about 1/2 hour. I have never seperated a new finch (maybe that is just luck)and have never had any type of outbreak. So I would think it would be fine. As for Layla living alone - she would not last long - finches are "partner" birds - they get along best with the opposite sex - but if that is not feasible they will bond as a same sex couple. I hope this is of some help to you. I do hope you make the decision to get her a mate (male or female). Let me know if I can help further. I am always around. Peeps and Songs to you. Love the Finch Flock and Mom.

Come visit me, FINCH FLOCK.

07/05/2008 08:29.38 PM Report This Comment  
  Such Sad News
I have lost a few of mine over the years and it never gets any easier. As for your question; My thought would be to get a male for your remaining little girl. Then you will really have some beautifulsinging. You will not need to keep them apart - just be very careful with the nest if you allow them to sleep in one. Check it each day for any eggs (and then the rest is up to you). Your cage is absolutely beautiful. Let me know how everything works out. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Peeps and songs to you and yours.

Come visit me, FINCH FLOCK.

07/03/2008 07:30.16 PM Report This Comment  
Hi, this is Peter the Quaker and PJ with a WARNING! Mom subscribes to Bird Talk through Bird Channel and is current with our subscription; however, she received "invitation form" in MAIL to subscribe to Bird Talk through a "3rd Party" magazine outfit with $1.00 less price than Bird Channel subscription, complete with name, address, phone# for company, etc. bla, bla, bla. The WARNING is -- this "3rd Party" -- as they described themselves to mom when she complained -- IS NOT! IS NOT! IS NOT! associated with BIRD TALK OR BIRD CHANNEL!!! Mom e-mailed to Bird Talk and Bird Channel and talked on telephone with both TODAY 05-15-08 -- they confirmed this outfit is a SCAM. THINKING you're DUE to renew because it says NOTICE OF RENEWAL/NEW ORDER --- or maybe you've forgotten you're current or maybe your vision is impaired for whatever reason or you're not feeling well that day or whatever but you DO recognize the BIRD TALK name and RENEWAL, you give the $$ to renew but YOU GET NO MAGAZINE and Bird Talk gets NO $$$ and you DO NOT get your money back. Bird Talk and Bird Channel thanked mom for being alert and helping out by telling them on phone and all of you on this page. There are warnings in the Bird Talk magazine but sometimes they're not jumping right out at you based on where they are placed. So BEWARE! Me and mom were so mad. I was because I was afraid somebirdy would get ripped off and that means less sunflower seeds for me, less peanut butter 'cause the $$ would be lost. Mom called the bad guys and told them off and requested her name be removed from mailing list. I was hollering and I tried to chew the paper up but mom said no, Peter, we'll hang on to it for EH-VA-DENTS whatever that is and said we don't want anyone to get the feathers pulled over their eyes, ya know? Anyway, that's why I left this notice on my page for all my feathered and skinned friends. PASS THIS ON TO YOUR REGULAR FEATHERED FRIENDS YOU CHITTER WITH, PLEASE? Keep your feathers clean. Peter, the undercover feathered agent for the day!
Come visit me, P e t e r.

Come visit me, ~CoCoPuff~, ~Rusty~, ~ Romey~ & Our Angel Wings Toy Shoppe.

05/15/2008 07:30.04 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi from Gimlet!
Well we've been away from the computer lately but just wanted to check in, say hi and peck the vote button. It's getting very busy here in the land of pet sitting but someone's got to bring home the bird pellets!

Come visit me, Gimlet.

05/08/2008 09:25.41 PM Report This Comment  
Just wanted to fly by for a quick visit and say to say hi. Hope you are having a great day. It looks like it might storm so mom is trying to blog before it starts. Leaving votes for you both on the way out.

Come visit me, KOBALT.

05/08/2008 01:00.24 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, Lola and Layla ! (Ö>
It seems as though our ‘Love Struck-est Birdie Couple’ for today is havin’ themselves just one glorious time. Don’t they look swell, all decked out in their ‘formal’ feathers, sippin’ tea like the high society fids? And can ya tell how excited Rocky is?! I guess Miss Fergie really is pretty shy. I haven’t heard a peep outta her the whole day. She just kindov sits there with her fella, grinnin’ and glowin’! Oh to be young and in love…. ~~ WHAT am I SAYIN’?! I ain’t nowheres NEAR ready for love!! Shucks I’m havin’ too much fun messin’ around with all my new friends here on the BirdChannel. Maybe after I’ve been here a year or so, THEN maybe I’ll consider choosin’ just one girl to spend my time with. But, geez, I haven’t even MET all the sweet young things in the BC flock, not to mention all those lovelies yet to come! I’m gonna hafta take my time about somethin’ THAT BIG! ~~ And speakin’ o’ time, we’ve just about run outta time for our Tour of Charleston. Tomorrow’s our last day on the tour. And our guests are “THE LOVE STRUCK-EST BIRDIE COUPLE on the BirdChannel”! At least accordin’ to the way y’all voted when we asked ya to. And, like I said, it’s gonna be the Social Event of the Season! And we’re gonna be havin’ it at one o’ Mom’s most favoritest places around Charleston: Cypress Gardens! ~~ Originally the site of a prosperous rice plantation, Cypress Gardens is a 170 acre tranquil swamp garden that has become a favorite destination for visitors of all ages. Flat bottom boats and nature trails wind their way through the rich landscape providing an abundance of scenic points of view. Images of tall cypress and tupelo trees reflect brilliantly in the swamp’s mirror-like black water. ~~ I just wanna make sure that you take the time to stop by my page tomorrow, and that you don’t miss what we’ve got in store for yas. It’s a really important day, and you’re definitely gonna wanna commit ‘Birdie Hari-Kari’ if ya miss it!!! ~~ Now, tomorrow’s gonna be a bit different, in that none o’ the pictures are gonna be posted until 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. (I TOLD yas that it’s a really special day!!) And we’re hopin’ you’ll ALL stop in to share in the excitement!!! ~~ Mark your calendars…and DON’T BE LATE! I’m treadin’ ever so secretly on your vote button today. (But I’ll make sure it’s hard enough for it to count!) AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö>"

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

05/03/2008 01:07.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, Lola and Layla ! (Ö>
I must say, it’s been a rather quiet day here in Charleston. Givin’ Mom and Dad the day off to relax and spend some time together in honor of Mom’s HatchDay and Dad’s good report from his Back Surgeon just may have been the best ‘Mom’s HatchDay present’ the flockily ever got! When I said it was quiet around here today, I meant MOM was quiet! She and Dad took walks on the Greenway. And Mom had girlfriends take her out to lunch…TWICE…TODAY! And she even said she’d gather all the tour info for our ‘Love Struck-est Birdie Couple’ that’s visitin’ tomorrow, so I don't hafta. (That means Yours Truly gets the night off too!) ~~ Here’s a little sample of what we’re gonna be getting’ into with them tomorrow. Picture this: “Green-yellow tea plants reach into the distance at the Charleston Tea Plantation as a green harvester slowly makes its way down one row, gently cutting the youngest leaves from atop the bushes to make them into American Classic tea. Tea at the plantation is harvested from late April through October, with the harvester gathering in a day what it would take 500 laborers to do by hand.” Does that sound cool, or WHAT?! I hope y’all will make sure and stop by my page tomorrow and say “Hi” to our guests. It sure is fun watchin’ the looks on their faces when they hear that all their f[eathe]riends have been leavin’ messages for ‘em! And, o’ course, if anybirdy has a story to tell about the two of ‘em, be sure and let us know about that too. Ya know how my mom is; likin’ to put that kinda thing on my page so’s all of us can get better acquainted! ~~ Now, about that ‘Social Event of the Season’ that I’ve been tauntin’ yas with for the past few days…Well, it has to do with THE last and most ‘Love Struck-est Birdie Couple’ on the BirdChannel right now. We’ve got somethin’ REALLY…R-E-A-L-L-Y special planned for them on Sunday. And I know that it’s gonna be on a Sunday, and the weekend, and all. But you’re just gonna HAFTA come by my page and see what’s happ’nin’!!! I can’t say any more than that (or Mom’s gonna KILL ME). But, trust me, you’ll kick yourself if ya miss it! ~~ Now, I hear I was MVP of the ‘Toos Vs Sennies’ baseball game yesterday. (And Mom thought I didn’t know anything about Baze Bol!) So I’ve got some celebratin’ o’ my own to get to. So I’m swingin’ the bat at your vote button on my way out! AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon! CR Jake (Ö>"

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

05/02/2008 04:20.38 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, Lola and Layla ! (Ö>
Well, now…I guess that proves it. I’m not the ONLY birdy that likes to play in the water! O’ course, when Patrick first laid his peepers on RubySue, he DID faint. But that was at her house when we picked her up this morning. So I can’t really say that we threw him in the fountain to revive him. That would be fibbin’! But I did have some difficulty explainin’ to him, standin' in that fountain, that any umbrella was NOT gonna help him stay dry when he’s STANDIN’ in water waist deep!! RubySue thought it was romantic, so she was no help either! As a matter o’ fact, Buddy and I had a dickens of a time keepin’ ‘em outta the water ALL DAY. ~~ I’m tellin’ ya, keepin’ up with those two kept us hoppin’ all day long. They wanted to run down the pier, and stroll the beach, and walk ev’ry path in Waterfront Park! Then they had to grace ev’ry bench in the park with their tail feathers!! There was just no controllin’ those two fids. But I can’t say as I blame ‘em. They were pretty excited to be here. And we were thrilled to have ‘em! ~~ As far as where were goin’ tomorrow, I’ve been just BEGGIN’ Mom to make this place a part o’ the tour! I’m so excited about this one myself, I-I-I prob’ly won’t sleep tonight. The first shots of the American Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter. [In case ya didn’t catch the hint, that’s where we’re goin’ tomorrow!] That first shot DIDN’T HIT ANYTHING! [Sheeesh! Even I-I-I’ve got better aim than THAT.] It was a 10-inch mortar shell that exploded above Fort Sumter as a signal for Confederate artillery to open fire on the Union-held fort. ~~ And, wouldn’t ya just KNOW it…Fort Sumter is an ISLAND!!! Ya just can’t avoid the water when ya live in Charleston! (So I don’t TRY…obviously!) ~~ It just tickles Mom and me to death to know how much y’all are enjoyin’ our hometown tour. It’s gonna be really quiet around here once all our ‘Love Struck Birdy Couples’ have had their days in Paradise. But we still have a few to go. So be sure to check in for the next few days still. We’ve got a few surprises left for yas. Including the Social Event of the Season. I promise, ya don’t wanna miss this one!!! ~~ And with that tease, I’m gonna get the heck outta this rain hat, and put on my Union Soldier hat. (I AM a Northerner livin’ in the South, don’tcha know?) I’ll fire my musket at your vote button for practice! AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö>"

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/30/2008 05:40.21 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, Lola and Layla ! (Ö>
Man, you shoulda seen these fids today! Flittin’ here and there…and then BACK AGAIN! Between the teeny, tiny rooms on the ships and the mile high ceilings in the museums, it was harder than the dickens to keep track o’ two birds the color of a shadow and the other two small enough to fit into just about any hiding space they could find!!! Talk about an adventure!! And you guys were razzin’ ME about gettin’ into stuff! But they truly seemed to be enjoyin’ themselves. And I couldn’t tell if it was ‘cause Patriots Point is such a cool place or ‘cause they were a coupla pairs o’ love sick birdies! Either way, to Fawkes & Jango, and SweetPepper (or PepPep, as I like to call her) & Kiddo: Thanks so much for sharin’ your time in Charleston with Buddy and me, and ev’rebirdy else on the BirdChannel! Yas made it fun for us, too!! ~~ Tomorrow’s location is a city park called Waterfront Park, and it’s just a really pretty, relaxin’ place to spend the day. I don’t know ‘bout you all, but I’m ready for a little time to relax. As the name implies, it’s right on the ocean with cool breezes and lots o’ palm trees, sunshine, and (I just can’t RESIST it…) WATER! But it should be tame, and it’s really what livin’ in the Charleston area is all about. Laid back and peaceful…..I hope!! ~~ Now I’m gonna go do some deep breathin’ exercises so’s I can get myself in the right frame o’ mind for tomorrow. You know, “chill out”, and just get ready to appreciate that notorious ‘slow Southern pace’. I think I’ll just blow a kiss on your vote button as I go by. AaaaaaAA!! I mean: aaaaaaa…scream at ya again soon. CR Jake (Ö> PS: Don’t forget to read about tomorrow’s ‘Love Struck-est Birdie Couple’ and Waterfront Park under my [nonexistent] Avatar [Mom STILL can’t get Adobe Flash Player to work on her computer so’s she can make me one!] in the “How we met:” section of my page, and under “My motto:” And o’ COURSE you’re gonna wanna check out all of Buddy’s neat pictures in my gallery at the bottom of my page too!"

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/29/2008 05:31.42 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello from the Konawa Oklahoma Gang
Hi Everybirdie, Cotton Ball here, I missed blogging yesterday.. But Mom had gkids, church and family time...we missed is a vote from us...The Cockatoo's are enjoying all the sweet talk from the Senegals about baseball,NOT! Patrick missed a LIMERICK SUNDAY he mumbled someting about writers block? I don't know what that is but he was back at work this morning.. His LIMERICK OF THE DAY IS UNDER HIS MOTTO. Here is a vote for you... Love, Cotton and the boys. Mom asked how the Finch and Lovebird teams are coming along.. You will need to select 15 numbers 1-8 and post your lineup and numbers before you can play..Fortune suggested to Norman that Finches play the Lovebirds to see who will play the winner of the Cockatoo vs. Senegal game. Let us know what you think. Cotton Ball

Come visit me, St. Patrick D'bird loves Ruby Sue, Lonnie, Slate and Mica, Fortune & Cotton Ball "I'm Tiki's Girl".

04/28/2008 07:30.54 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello from the Konawa Oklahoma Gang
Hey Everybirdie, I guess love is in the air. Since the BC won't let mom make avitar's for any of our bird's but Patrick, we can't go to the Aviary. But, Patrick put his LIMERICK OF THE DAY under his Motto this morning and added the featured Birds to it so you can click on their Avitar and go right to their page.. He and Ruby Sue are enjoying a virtual romance in the aviary. Maximillian is in there with the featured couple...WHO is his girl? HE WON'T TELL. Maybe he doesn't know yet..GIRL'S SOUNDS LIKE THIS HANDSOME HUNK IS AVAILABLE! Check him out. If I wasn't so much in love with Tiki....well, Tiki is the best...(sigh) .......Popcorn..I smell Popcorn...Peanuts and Cracker Jacks...I have to go check on the baseball players....yippee. Oh almost forgot Lonnie is bouncing on your vote button today. Please visit my brothers when you can... Love and teensy feathery kisses Cotton Ball.

Come visit me, St. Patrick D'bird loves Ruby Sue, Lonnie, Slate and Mica, Fortune & Cotton Ball "I'm Tiki's Girl".

04/25/2008 02:59.59 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello from the Konawa Oklahoma Gang
Hi Friend, Cotton Ball here with more news as promised.....The final plans for the Big BC BASEBALL GAMES are being discussed at this time.. We need two parronts of birdies not on the Cockatoo or Senegal teams to volunteer to officiate the game... If you know of some one who would be interested let Fortune know...Patrick's LIMERICK OF THE DAY is about a suave and debonair bachelor who is celebrating a hatch day today.....CHECK THAT OUT....Landing on your vote button are Slate and Mica....They need to put a Lovie team together to burn off some of their energy....hehe LOVE YA SWEETIE, Cotton Ball and the boys...............MUAH OH HUGE PS FROM FORTUNE.............BC COCKATOO TEAM ROSTER.......IF WE MISSED ANYONE BLOG FORTUNE AGAIN AND WE WILL GET YOU ON THE TEAM......... ............. ...................# 1...SAILOR- pitcher. .. #2...VINNIE- catcher. ... #3...ROCKY-first base.... #4...ROCKY PR- second base.... #5...ASHA - shortstop #6...JACKY - third base... #7.. .RILEY-center field and relief pitcher.. #8...CORY- left field... # 9...COCOA- right field... #10...BUDDY - relief catcher #11...JAKE - relief 2nd base and 2nd relief pitcher #12...TRESSA - relief first base #14...FORTUNE - Manager # 15,,,CAYMUS - Bat bird... BALL CAPS AVAILABLE on LETTERS ON OUR CAP MEAN WE "LOVE TO SWING" the bat that is.LOL ....SIGN UP NOW FINCH FLOCK WILL PLAY WINNERS OF THE FIRST GAME....

Come visit me, St. Patrick D'bird loves Ruby Sue, Lonnie, Slate and Mica, Fortune & Cotton Ball "I'm Tiki's Girl".

04/22/2008 04:32.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello from the Konawa Oklahoma Gang
Happy Lord's Day, Cotton Ball dropping of a vote.. for our friends..if more than one bird is in your flock we are blogging only one and hitting the votey button for your fiblings.. Mom has had company or church all day today and we are running out of time..Cya, Cotton Ball and the boys

Come visit me, St. Patrick D'bird loves Ruby Sue, Lonnie, Slate and Mica, Fortune & Cotton Ball "I'm Tiki's Girl".

04/20/2008 07:27.36 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello from the Konawa Oklahoma Gang
Hi Friends, Cotton Ball here, We are getting aroung late today. Mom and Dad are home and I am playing in my new bathtub and mirror. Ellie and I are having fun. We stayed up late last night celebrating with Mom. Patrick helped her make his avitar this morning. He started playing the Coughing Game and Mom didn't notice so he coughed LOUD in her ear. When she said, "Poor sick baby, what a cough" Patrick yelled,"A cough drop would make it better." LOL Patrick told me he didn't know why Mom was shocked...she always says that to him when they play the game... hehe ... Well Fortune just wants to go on another trip.. he is still yelling bye bye and squawking at Mom today.. silly bird loves to travel. HERE IS A .....tiny kiss on your beak...the LIMERICK OF THE DAY IS POSTED ON PATRICK'S PAGE. Lonnie & Linda and Slate & Mica are chirping up a storm.. well we will Vote for you and fly on Cya, Cotton Ball PS Fortune has the team roster updated on on his page.......LET's PLAY BASE BALL

Come visit me, St. Patrick D'bird loves Ruby Sue, Lonnie, Slate and Mica, Fortune & Cotton Ball "I'm Tiki's Girl".

04/18/2008 02:10.42 PM Report This Comment  
You asked for it…YOU GOT IT ! Yes, indeed, Mom and I have been workin’ on a way for me to satisfy my urge to explore AND satisfy Mom’s directive for me to STAY OUT OF TROUBLE ! ! (At least I THINK this will do it…) ~~ Buddy and I have decided that we’d like to ‘explore’ our creative side; try somethin’ new; jump into a new project; STAY ON THE GROUND ! And we thought we’d try our luck at the visual arts. You know…movies, TV. ~~ You might have noticed that I seem to excel at the dramatic. So, having been told I’d be a natural at it, I’m gonna try my hand at acting! And since Buddy’s talents lie in organization and presentation (i.e. his reputation as a ‘Master of Disguise’), AND he has one REALLY WILD IMAGINATION, he’s gonna take on the role of Producer/Director. ~~ Now, obviously, this is gonna hafta be a scaled down version. Since we operating on a scaled down BUDGET ! Each day, we’ll put a scene from a well-known movie or TV program in my main pic (‘cause we just can’t afford a real moving picture production), so you can see what we’ve been workin’ on. BUT…and here’s were YOU come in…I’m gonna be needin’ co-stars. So, you’ll just hafta take a peek everyday to see who’s gonna be in the ‘show’ with me! ~~ And to make it interesting, I’m gonna give you a clue in my note to you each day about what movie or TV program the picture is gonna be from tomorrow! Just a little way to keep havin’ fun with all my new BirdChannel f[eathe]riends. No big deal. Not a contest or anything like that. Just a game. I think I’ll call it “What’s My Line?” (Get it? Movie, script, line…) ~~ Hope you’ll play along. When I hear from you, I’ll send you back a clue! AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö> Trouncin’ on your vote button on my way out…

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/09/2008 09:43.09 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello from Shama!
Hello. I've decided to up my social time on here by saying a friendly "Hello" and a nice vote. You are the cutest bird. I hope we can keep in touch. Maybe we can be friends, too. Well, here's a goodbye and I hope you can visit and vote for me, too.

Come visit me, ? Shama ?.

04/08/2008 05:29.41 PM Report This Comment  
Welcome to Bird Channel. It's a great place to meet like minded people and make new friends....Can't wait to learn more about you..Fly by for a visit. heres a vote for you

Come visit me, KOBALT.

04/08/2008 02:12.59 PM Report This Comment  
It was a good thing Mommy came home early today. Humphrey decided to take a liking to Sophie. He must have forgot that she is Jack's girl. Well the feathers were flying. Jack was plucked on the neck. Mommy has moved him and Sophie to the very special cage and they are in the pink room now. He should be back in a few days. We are all mad at Humphrey and he is sleeping by himself tonight. Fly by to see us when you have time. Peeps and Songs to you and yours.

Come visit me, FINCH FLOCK.

04/07/2008 06:15.58 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello from the Oklahoma Gang
Ugh, Monday, and only 8 days until the Tax Deadline.........Cotton Ball here, I don't know about taxes, but Mom says she has to "git er done" before Dad has a kniption fit. hehe Mom learned to spell that on BC..hehe We probably can't blog but one of each of friends flocks today, but Mom will get the voting done.. Just know that we love you. Remember to check out Patrick's Limerick It could be YOU. Vote for us whenever you can.. Love Cotton Ball and the flock.

Come visit me, St. Patrick D'bird loves Ruby Sue, Lonnie, Slate and Mica, Fortune & Cotton Ball "I'm Tiki's Girl".

04/07/2008 06:11.03 PM Report This Comment  
  hello from woodstock
Just wanted to fly by with a quick vote and to say welcome to bird channel. fly over for a visit. i would love to meet you

Come visit me, WOODSTOCK -IN MEMORY OF-7/28/2009, JJ -#24973, HEDWIG & LEMON & LIME.

04/07/2008 04:07.03 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi from Fuzzy, Boo, and Lilly
Saying hi to all of our friends and pecking at the vote thingy. Fuzzy is singing on his play gym, Boo and Lilly are just as silly as can be~hiding under the blankets on the bed. Fuzzy thinks they might be planning a great big suprise. Splash you later my friends.

Come visit me, Baby Boo Bird, Fuzzy Good Birdie & Silly Lilly.

04/07/2008 11:53.41 AM Report This Comment  
  Happy Monday to ya. We just wanted to come by and give you a vote. Hope you have a good day. Pecks!!!

Come visit me, The Royal Flock.

04/07/2008 09:18.43 AM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, Lola and Layla! (Ö>
Thanks for takin' me up on the invite to come on over and visit! But, ya gotta tell me...which one of you is which?! I try to be polite to ladies like you, but if I call you by the wrong names, now that would be kinda RUDE now, wouldn't it?! ~~ My mom used to have a whole collection of different kinds of finches quite a few years ago (before I was around). But I'll bet you two are as cute as any she ever had! ~~ Stop by again, any time. AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö>

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/06/2008 06:59.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello from the Oklahoma Gang
Happy Lord's Day, Cotton Ball here. I have good tidings of great joy!.. Yes, really, we are doing just great, even though, Mom was away Friday evening and Saturday to a Ladies Retreat.. She brought home another Society Finch. A "Linda" she hopes. Lonnie was way too excited. Ellie or Ellery which ever it is, is not impressed.. Today we got baby tiel number 3. Out of 5 eggs two were not fertile..Everybirdie else got millet and treats....It was just a big party. Here is a vote for you..Patrick has his LIMERICK OF THE DAY posted under his motto. Check out todays Featured Friend and remember to stop and vote for my brothers too.. peep peep later Cotton Ball.

Come visit me, St. Patrick D'bird loves Ruby Sue, Lonnie, Slate and Mica, Fortune & Cotton Ball "I'm Tiki's Girl".

04/06/2008 06:22.25 PM Report This Comment  
  hi lola and layla
hello my mommy still in the hospital but her friend is doing all the voting and blogging for today well thanks for keep voting and writing to lillylou her is a vote 4 u

Come visit me, ROCKY DO & LILLY LOU.

04/06/2008 11:32.42 AM Report This Comment  
  We wanted to come by and say welcome to Bird Channel. We hope you like it here as much as we do!! Heres a vote for you. Come by and see us some time!! Pecks!!

Come visit me, The Royal Flock.

04/06/2008 07:04.41 AM Report This Comment  
HELLO - Our Mom has decided to make a run to get our picture on as BOTW. We are hoping you will help her and fly by each day to peck a vote for us. Enjoy the pictures.
Peeps and Songs to you. Thanks much !!

Come visit me, FINCH FLOCK.

04/05/2008 08:43.19 PM Report This Comment  
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