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I had already taken in three parakeets, and I wanted to have a larger bird that I could teach more to and teach to talk and sing. I thought that would be so cool. So my husband Andy and I went to the local Pet store which had all types of birds and I just fell in love with him the most, so we took him home. I didn't know much about that species per say but the more I learned about Quakers, the more I loved him. He is my pride and joy :)

***On September 7, 2008, my precious Skyy, my little blue bird, passed away suddenly in the night. I just have finally been able to put this out on the website. I miss her so much. She was my first bird, my little blue bird.***
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Hi! My name is Limestone

I am a Quaker from New Castle, VA.

Dimeytone, Mr. Stone, Mr. Tone.

9 years old   M


Nutriberries in all flavors and dried pineapple.

At his bell, on top of our parakeets cage, on my shoulder, on his cage top circus play toy.

The color Red, my daddy, and cell phones. He is also very picky about his food.

That she gives me lots of love and treats when I'm a good birdy!

He will take his food from his bowl and if my cat walks by on the floor, he will throw the food at him..

"I love my Mommy!".

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01/27/2010 01:01.16 PM  
  your sooo cute limestone, you look like me , please vote for me budy and pepper

Come visit me, Cloe & Perseus.

10/11/2009 05:51.52 PM Report This Comment  

Now I lay my beak to sleep, tucked down inside my feathers so neat.
But tonight before I close my eyes
I want to pray for ALL MY FRIENDS WHO FLY...

Hey, Big Bird up there -- please watch over all my friends and extended families and give them comfort in their losses.

We have lost two in a row and that's quite a shock.
Please care for us all, Big Bird and keep us safe in our flocks.

I know, I know, when you wrap your big feathers around them they're safe and warm again....

but Big Bird, Big Bird -- we all miss them so much -- they were our friends.

Tell them we all said hello and sorry they're not here with us. Take good care of them Big Bird, they're special.

Now Big Bird, please help those of us still here.
Please keep us calm and help ease our fears.
Help us remember with smiles and laughter those who
have left us to be with you in your Feather Hereafter.

Thank you Big Bird.
Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Captain Tatorhead" for the Dragons.

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

07/28/2009 07:47.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Oh, my goodness, now Limon?
My gracious! First news about Lattie now Limon...I hate this! Limestone, we need to bend our heads and say some prayers for the rest of our friends and relatives 'cause I think we all need some prayers, this is fearsome. We take so much for granted. This is awful. I'm getting up there in years myself and this fears me. I'm 15 now.

I am so sorry about Limon and my heart breaks for your mom too. Please tell her we are thinking about you-all. Had Limon been sick or anything? I am so sorry. You take care of yourself, Limestone, promise?

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

07/28/2009 06:59.43 AM Report This Comment  
Well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes! Where ya been buddy? I've missed you. Every time mom moves that blanket around that is on the top of your cage she says she thinks about you since we have the same one.
I know what you mean about nite nite and conning mom into more out time...I do the same thing. I'll say, come 'ere wanna give mommy kiss. She falls for it every time, heh, heh.

Hey listen, tell your mom my mom went to specialist for her thyroid and when mom told her about the fibromyalgia the specialist told her studies have shown that the thyroid causes the muscle disease.

Now Limestone, I have NO idea what I just told you but I was told to say that and now I'm telling you to tell your mom and just between you and me......I think they're nana-nana, nana-nana -- if you know what I mean? But you gotta love 'em, huh?

You been outside yet? Did you see how cold it got here? FREEZING but I was nice and cozy. I've been out but not lately. Mom said maybe tomorrow. Yep, I still got my wings by the feather of my chinnie chin chin...I have been a h'monal terror lately. I'm lucky I still have my neck much less my feathers!!! She keeps threatening 'cause she says when I'm flighted and h'monal I am even more wicked and mean....can you believe that? Me?

Hope you and your mom are doing far I don't think mom has gained any weight .. at this point though I wouldn't tell her 'cause I am living at the foot of the perch here lately and have to watch it. Pay no attention to the time mom said and she won't tell about that either...

Got to go. Talk soon? Come to the game Thursday.

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

05/19/2009 08:05.10 PM Report This Comment  
It's Limestone! Wow! I am so glad to hear from you...I honestly thought the Bird Monster grabbed you and flew off with you...where have you been? Geez, miss talking with you.
Mom is doing lots better because they put her on Cymbalta for the Fibro pain and Limestone, in 2 days POOF, her pain was gone! First time since 10th grade and she's gonna be 65 in month. She keeps saying, what pain? Unreal.
Her thyroid shut down again and specialist told her yesterday that the Thyroid which began in 10th grade was undoubtedly in mom's case the cause of the Fibro problem. She'd never been told that before. This was Thyroid specialist she saw.
Mom is so happy...course her sugar was 325 and that could cause koma she said so they reamed her for that but she's doing better since NO PAIN.
Now about you Limestone, how goes it? Are you molting? I no more than finished and here it is again, yuk.
How is your mom and skin family? Mom was gonna clip my wings couple weeks ago and had me wrapped in towel and wint to clip and down deep inside the towel I let out this little voice "I love you"....guess what, Limestone? I still fly.
Later. Peter come back when you can.

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

04/30/2009 06:26.14 AM Report This Comment  




Robbyn, Modesto, CA.

04/13/2009 12:30.08 PM Report This Comment  
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01/27/2009 04:02.27 PM  
  Good morning !
Hi, Limestone, good to hear from you. Yeah, mom is FINALLY as of day before yesterday, finally feeling more like herself. Her sugar went beserk, her thyroid shut down, her heart messed up and the pneumonia all at one time. I really had to keep her spirits up. She would come in my room and just sleep in her recliner and I would keep her company. She told me she felt so bad she just wanted to stay with me so I wouldn't think she was neglecting me. She's back now though. I was good except for one time and I bit her on her cheek. I was sorry and now I keep saying, "boo boo" and I kiss it. It's going to leave a scar 'cause it was my "pitt bull bite" I don't know why I do it the devil bird in me, I think, comes out. Yeah, I like yogart. We've had it since she was on the antibiotic lately (2 rounds) Hey, won't be long till it will be spring, Limestone, I can feel it coming. How you been doing? Tell your mom my mom said the ONLY secure job these days is in the undertaking business. Mom told me she was going to try and grow millet for me. She can buy the seeds from catalog. Just keep the sweet tators coming is all I ask. We're gonna have macaronni tonight I think. I usually am allowed 1-2 pieces since it is too rich and unhealthy the way she fixes it. I like mine with a couple of baked beans too or green beans. I love to eat with mom. I scream at her if she doesn't share. I can tell when she's fixing her food far away in the kitchen cause I recognize the sounds and smells and I holler mom, mom, whatcha doin, mom? Then I do my jungle calls for PEOPLE FOOD. I can fly now and because of that I don't get to leave my room as much. I want to be clipped so I can go with mom all over the house like before. I don't need to fly -- I don't like to fly. Well, guess I'll get busy. Come back any time. I'll be chatting more since mom is better now. Take care. Peter Tatorhead

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

01/05/2009 05:47.51 AM Report This Comment  
  Merry Christmas Limestone!
12/24/2008 06:26.42 AM Report This Comment  
  Psst, psst, tap, tap
Psst, Limestone, you still peaking? Boy, we GOT snow last night and still snowing and supposed to all day. Not sure how much is out there but enough. Mom will go out later to store for stuff she says. No, not me. I'm staying in with my feathers a friend sent me. Big feathers with bright colors. I love feathers. Tell your mom we hope she feels better. My mom woke up one day couple years ago and couldn't move her left arm but just a couple inches. Went to doctor and told she had "frozen" shoulder. Excruciating pain and 1-1/2 years 2-3x a week of physical therapy to be able to raise it. Mom was crying yesterday and day before from shingles on head and spine. Stayed in bed both days. All she did was get excited and stressed about helping her son order for HER a new computer. She told him she just knew it would happen because she got stressed and tired and sure enough 3 days later whammy. Stupid stuff triggers it. It was good to hear from you. I wondered if you were doing ok. Are you being good for Santa? Boy I am! I got sweet tators and noodles yesterday -- good day. Day before I had potato soup. Yup. Umm, good.
Well, got to go mom wants to take shower. PU...glad she's going to, t-hee. Talk to you soon. Love, Tatorhead

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

12/12/2008 05:45.11 AM Report This Comment  
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12/10/2008 05:18.00 PM  
  Good morning!
Hello pretty Limestone. Yeah, I know what you're talking about with your mom. I'm not sure but there are times when I react to her because I think her body gives off chemicals or electricity or something and I just don't want her to touch me. She told me she is trying to keep a record to see if it happens on days she feels the worst. Mom went to friends for turkey day, a change in routine, etc and she has paid dearly for it every since then. Muscles thrashing, twitching and charlie horsing, extreme exhaustion and now shingles again. Mom says her body attacks her whenever she does something different, tiring or upsetting. Mom told me to have you ask your mom if they keep close check on your sugar because it has affected hers also if they check her thyroid levels because they are affected by this disease so easily....usually low thyroid which adds to the extreme exhaustion, very important both of them. I get mad at mom too when she wears certain colors or shirts I don't like. I'll eat her up. She'll go and change, come back and I walk out on perch saying, "come'ere, give me kiss" and I go to her for kiss. Sometimes she puts this stinky stuff on I smell too and fingernail polish oh, I hate that stuff. We constantly argue over clothing colors though the most, constantly. I'll attack the clothing if she hand picks me up...I try to shred it. She told me she's SINGLE and has been for years and does not appreciate me acting like an old man around her bossing her what to wear, etc. I just laughed at her. Did your mom order the Foster Smith catalogue? They'll send you free ones for JUST birds, or dogs or cats. Well, got to fly we're having oatmeal this a.m. Talk to you soon. Bye, Peter Tatorhead.

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

12/02/2008 05:32.43 AM Report This Comment  
  Wake up, Wake up
Hey, Limestone, u awake? Mom told me to hurry and try and get you before bed can go to Doctors Fosters and Smith on our home page and they have the heated perches for about $30 and we get extra points for ordering from them also !! Check it out. Mom has ordered several things from there and gotten extra points but you have to keep after them. They have good products also. She's used them for dog/cat and now me. Just wanted to let you know. C-ya. Peter

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

11/29/2008 05:04.35 PM Report This Comment  
Hey, Limestone, good to hear from you. Glad you're doing ok and looking out for your mom. I think everybody's moms and dads are up tight right now something to with money nationwide whatever that means. Mom was telling me about a little but she said not for me to worry she would never cook me for food !! I don't really know what money is but I can tell that everybody needs and wants it -- kinda like sunflower seeds, I think. Sure, Limestone you could work there and help people out. Like you, I do not understand why some people are so against us. I think we have got to be the most mis-understood bird. Yeah, I like snow kinda....but it means I can see the Hawk more now since the leaves are down off the tree in front yard. He scares the poop out of me and now, now there is this stray black cat hanging around out there after the birds. I hate that cat. He even killed one of my cousins and left it at the front door for mom. I told her please don't feed the cat, please. So far she hasn't. He'll sneak up on me this summer while I'm in my new aviary mom got me. Yeah, she found for free this thing that had been used in a float made of PVC pipe hooked around in large bottom and gets smaller as it goes up, shaped like an Igloo and covered with tiny hole chicken wire. She asked for it and they gave it to her. She plans to use it for me this summer on the back deck and put couple tree branches in it with me. Well, got to go. Tired. Glad you're back. Keep your feathers clean. Peter

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

11/25/2008 05:42.01 PM Report This Comment  
Tap, tap, tap....this is Detective Tatorhead searching for Limestone. I have waited and watched and haven't seen or heard from Limestone in quite a white. I've got my Quaker trench coat all cinched up and the little flap in the back open for my tail and I am flying around looking. If you find any leads, contact me at Dect. Tatorhead, thanks.

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

11/22/2008 06:27.04 AM Report This Comment  
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11/13/2008 12:00.00 AM  
Hey, dude. Thanks for stopping by and checking on mom. She's out of the severe pain now and we get to stay up later now. I was going to bed a 7 p.m. for 2 nights. She'd say, nite nite and I'd scream GOOD MORNING!! She goes back tomorrow for another exam. Is having some trouble with vision but not bad. Still very very dilated..whatever that is. Light hurts her a lot but not as much as before. Bleeding is stopped now too. Coming along excellent when you consider it all. I told her to eat plenty sweet tators for her eyes. She said ok but she thought it was supposed to be carrots. How you doing? You vote today? Did you pretend to vote? You friends here were so nice to mom. Did you get any snow? Nup, me either. Mom even turned down the heat here. Well, guess I'll let you go. I am still trying to cut back on my lengthy pages. I just can't stop chattering though. Thanks for stopping by and checking on us. Tatorhead and PJ

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

11/04/2008 01:50.29 PM Report This Comment  
  Mom hurt
Can't be talking for few days mom hurt. Her head was on pillow and dog jumped up on pillow, slid down her head and eye hurt eye real bad. Dr. said 35% of tissue over eyeball is gone and has puncture hole where he stopped sliding. See doc again tomorrow. Very serious. i'm tellin Coco then will not be talking. Pain drops is wearing off and pain is unreal now. Peter tping for my mom.

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

10/29/2008 02:42.57 PM Report This Comment  
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10/29/2008 10:20.43 AM  
  Hey, buddy!
Yeah, mom has some of that beak food. I usually don't eat it but I might now since I am so "grown up" now with my eating not just seeds, heh, heh. I'll tell mom to get mine back out. I remember eating the pasta in it. We ate new potatoes and green beans other p.m. for supper. She mashed mine up and umm, good...bacon grease and all! She said just enough for flavor and not enough to kill me no more than I ate. What's bacon grease, Limestone? Not anybirdy we know is it? My feet are cold tonight but rest of me is fine. Do I need heated perch? Nah. Maybe some feathered slippers, t-hee. We had snow off and on and still now this p.m. and lots of wind. Cold too. We're cuddling when I say night to you. NIGHT. Cuddle now before lights out. Be good, Limestone take care of mom and keep you feathers clean. Tatorhead Peter.

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

10/28/2008 05:23.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Limestone!
Guess who came to see me today? My previous owner came by and we visited and I tried to bite him, yep. He was glad to see me and I did recognize him and call him by his name but I still wasn't with him like I am my mom. But he told mom even though he was the only one who could handle me before I still was not lovey with him. It was nice though to see him again. Mom said that she thinks the pain from fibromyalgia is the same for everyone, she thinks the intensity and the "never-ending-ness" of it is the same no matter the age or sex. Guess what? I got a jump in bath. Haven't done that in long time usually just mist but this was the jump in kind where I can go under the water and lift my wings and flop. Love it!! Wish mom would fix me a slide to it. What are you doing today? Up to anything good? Exciting? Bad? Well, best be short. Later. Peter

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

10/27/2008 12:24.57 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Limestone
I know I have got to stop chittering so long. I get started and can't stop..I think it's the sweet tators myself mom says no, she has a feeling it's her fault??? Mom says how it works on her is...she has a few days where and when she CAN DO or DO MORE and she does and then she pays for it dearly for twice as long as it allowed her the ability..make sense? Says it is all about adjustments, timing and limitations and SHE hasn't conquered it in all these 47 years. She struggles as hard with the frustration of limitation almost as hard as with the pain until she thinks of those who can't move at all for whatever their reasons and that helps her snap back. It's the only way she copes she said because of the length of time she has had this she is less and less functional and socially interactive just too much pain it is finally taking its toll on all her body but not ALL of her SPIRIT. They'll come up with cure or better treatments in your mom's lifetime. Got to quit. Peter/Tatorhead

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

10/23/2008 06:07.03 PM Report This Comment  
  Good morning!
Good morning, Limestone and family! Beautiful fall a.m. here but cold. My feet did stay warmer last night though 'cause mom has re-circulating oil heater in my room now. If your mom uses one tell her to BE SURE use it first in different room put it on high to burn off the chemical smells that come with some of them. Mom learned the hard way BUT IN TIME. Boy, Limestone sounds like you were riding a roller coaster of problems there, buddy. So you gave her the Pitt Bull bite, huh? That's why I missed Sprout's party 'cause I had biten mom and I was punished. Mom very rarely lets me sit on your shoulder because I am so unpredictable. She NEVER walks with me on her shoulder. She always talks to me as we're walking through the house explaining what we're doing and it helps and I mumble to her as we go along. Mom says on my "bad days" I'm like a PMS-ing rattlesnake. Not sure, but that doesn't sound like I'm something good. Speaking of CVS mom was pharmacy tech there for years and floor worker before that about 10 years total. Yes, mom says the tummy and "associated" parts can be VERY embarassing as you get older because of the fibro is 64 with couple of "close calls". This a.m. she is doing fine so far she says and she is singing and moving around really well. It makes you much more appreciative of "good days/hours/minutes" that we normally take for granted, for sure. Did you read the article in Bird Talk about winter weather and are preen gland? Since mom put me on Sweet Tators and Harrison high protein mash my gland has been super duper A-ok. Mine had clogged before and wasn't working because of lack of carotene. Mom cleaned it out and did the better diet. Tell your mom if you're having trouble she can tell if you're CONSTANTLY rubbing with your beak on the top and sides of middle of your back -- I mean, you have to rub it to make it work but if it is clogged you are doing it more aggressively and more frequently and your feathers still look crappy -- it's above tail on lower back -- there is a "rubber-like" when clogged --area that is supposed to be soft and gooie with wick feathers we use to preen with when we touch that oil comes out for us to use. Really neat. I liked it when mom worked on mine. She even made warm compress to help open it up and then gently rubbed it until she got it fixed took few times though. It felt good though and I was very relaxed once she got started and was very gentle. Too much writing, sorry. Peter Tatorhead. PS.. In your picture at bottom where you have something in your mouth -- just above your wing that shows and before your tail -- on middle of back is preen gland. Not all bird species have this..we're special!!

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

10/20/2008 06:03.01 AM Report This Comment  
  Great pictures!
Wow, good pictures of all of you! What do you have in your mouth? Must be one of your favorites because you have that "come near me if you dare" position I take when I have something I really like. Mom said she is ordering the shirt from Fibromyalgia that shows the five fingers with the clothes pins on each finger tip explaining some of the pain. Not sure if she told you but CVS RX is going to begin stocking the Fibromyalgia magazine regularly. My mom can hardly walk right now she is is terrible flareup and huge "speed bumps" all over her body where the muscles are "rocked up". She's been rubbing and rubbing trying to get relief and then when they break she gets so sick to her stomach as they dissolve out. I'm glad I don't get speed bumps! I just get hateful pin feathers and that's bad enough. Well, gotta run but wanted to check in with my buddy. Take care of yourself, Limestone. Tell mom hang in there and if she wants to cry sometimes it is ok. Mom knows how bad she hurts so she said it's ok with her, for sure! Later. Peter "Tatorhead"

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

10/15/2008 01:26.13 PM Report This Comment  
Limestone, you've been tagged by me. That means you're one of my sweetest, bestest friends and I tagged you that. Now you have to tag 5 of your sweetest, bestest friends and let them know how you feel and tell them to do it too. You're tagged. Thanks for being my friend. Peter

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

10/04/2008 07:12.26 AM Report This Comment  
Limestone, you've been tagged by me. That means you're one of my sweetest, bestest friends and I tagged you that. Now you have to tag 5 of your sweetest, bestest friends and let them know how you feel and tell them to do it too. You're tagged. Thanks for being my friend. Peter

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

10/04/2008 07:11.12 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi there Limestone
10/03/2008 06:29.38 PM Report This Comment  
You still awake? Mom was surprised when I hollered radar. I kinda sing the theme song by going dah,do,dah,dodo,dodo,dodo,dah,dah,dah! I know what you mean about traveling to vet long distance...but mom is guilty, she has never taken me. Nope, never has. About 20 miles to nearest who works with birds -- well, no so, there is one within spitting distance and that what she does to him she pretends to spit when she hears his name because she used to work for him and won't EVER take another animal to him. She reported him to state vet's society and well...he is not a good friend to animals people just think he is. Hey, mom ordered some free samples from Harrison's bird food and there is this high potency "mash" she mixes with my #2 or #3 sweet potatoes to give me even more umph! I love it. She had tried slipping other stuff in them but I spit them out but I like this stuff. I grab the spoon or the clip dish and HAVE AT IT!! Honest! I grab and hold the spoon or clip dish for myself 'cause mom doesn't move quick enough. Don't know if you would like the baby food tators or not since you don't like squishy 'cause they're not solid but mom nukes 'em for me. How about oatmeal? You like oatmeal? I love it too. I eat pretty good stuff, really. At least you're trying new stuff. I have this thing though...if I really really like it, I want to hold it myself, PERIOD. Well, thanks for the credit card tip. Telling ya, skins are really gonna have to be careful 'cause --- whoa, wait for I forget -- we saw a Turkey Vulture today! You talk about run over by ugly truck this thing is WORSE THAN THAT! Good grief it is UGLY!! Shoot me if I ever get ugly like that, please! Well, got to go. Talk later, Tatorhead.

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

10/01/2008 04:41.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Good evening, Limestone
Hey, buddie, everything okay now? Gosh you guys were lucky. Mom said that things are really going to get bad everywhere because of the economy and that person was probably after your fuel from tank or gas tank. Mom read in magazine that sunflower seeds are scarce now for birds because farmers and planting them for fuel, yep. Said that quantities for pet stores and grocery stores will not be as plentiful as they had been because some areas use them for fuel. Things are really changing. But mom told me not to worry 'cause long as they keep #3 or even #2 sweet tators in baby section and mom can still find her foods I'll be ok, I won't go hungry 'cause I'll eat more of her foods...she wants me to anyway and less sunflowers but my cousins outside said SQUAWK, SCREECH, NO, NO, NO!!!! People are stealing gas from cars in different areas here and even guard rails along roads to turn in metal for $$$. Times are changing. Well, guess I will get off here 'cause I have one more letter to send out and mom said hurry. Glad you stopped by. I hadn't talked to anybirdy for so long I thought I had birdy-BO or something. Mom watches re-runs of M.A.S.H all the time and I delighted her by saying Radar a few minutes ago. Oh, I've been able to for about a week but was saving it. Don't want to spoil her. C-ya. Peter

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

09/30/2008 03:31.15 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Limestone,
thanks so much! I'm so glad you still had a good time!
I'm also very happy that you made it back home safely!
Meanwhile, i'm continuing to enjoy my new mansion, feels a bit empty now, that you've all left!
Have a great w/e & enjoy whatever you're doing!
V4u & a big hug,
Jivu ♥

Come visit me, Hi everybirdie, i'm back!!!!.

09/26/2008 03:35.08 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Limestone,
mum's really sorry that the party was a bit of a flop! She didn't know there was that much to it. She thought it was just normal blogging!! We have never been to a party like this before!
Mum would love to know how to do it properly! Jack's mum tried explain it to mum, but she can be really thick headed sometimes, (don't tell her, i said that, please!)
Of course, i hope that you still had a bit of fun! Thank you for coming & liking my new cage so much!
Hope you got home alright & that you're not too tired today from the long flight!
V4u & a big hug,
Jivu ♥

Come visit me, Hi everybirdie, i'm back!!!!.

09/24/2008 05:12.33 AM Report This Comment  
  Good morning!
Hey, there, Limestone! Have you got your cage back to where you had it before yet? I hate it when mom changes mine around. Yesterday she left my fleece blanket on half of my cage and that was fun. I was climbing all over it and snuggling in and on it and having blast but THEN, then it started sliding off the cage. Yep, it was sliding down the side of the cage with me hanging on it and then it kept going and going. I'd grab a beak full and climb up and it would slide down and I finally squawked STOP, STOP, oh my g--d, STOP so mom came running and helped me. I was feared!!! It just had a life of its own for a few minutes!! I got to fly 'cause mom needs puter. Check with you later. Peter

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

09/23/2008 06:17.03 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Limestone,
yeah, my cage is really nice. Can't wait to show it to you!
The party just started, but take your time. It's an "allnighter!"
Fly carefully!
V4u & a big hug,
Jivu ♥

Come visit me, Hi everybirdie, i'm back!!!!.

09/23/2008 03:14.07 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Limestone,
my cage warming party will be on Tuesday, 9. 23., at anytime, b/c of the time difference you can pop in anytime! It'll be a big bash, which goes all day & night!
I love my new cage now & i'll be very proud to show it to you!
Have a safe trip! Just bring you b'ful self, everything else will be provided!
V4u & a big hug,
Jivu ♥

Come visit me, Hi everybirdie, i'm back!!!!.

09/21/2008 10:14.47 PM Report This Comment  
Well, starting with tonight grilled cheese and tomato soup YIPEE!!! Yep, I get small portions and I love it! Mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, rice, mac/cheese, baked beans, green beans, cauliflower, SWEET TATORS!!!, eggs, toast, oatmeal, umm!! peanut butter small amounts not often, pizza crust only, pancakes, 2-3 ice tea sips, 2-3 pepsi sips, chips, ANY CHEESE, grapes, spaghetti noodles!! corn bread, biscuits, bread crust, noodles from chicken noodle soup with cracker. Can't think of anything else right now..these are my favorites!! I can tell what she's fixing even though I'm in another room usually and I holler, whatcha doin, Patty? Wanna bite! Come'ere, wanna bite! Mom, mom, come'ere, wanna bite! She says is like have a 2-year-old all over again. We talk back and forth all the time like that. Well, I hope you have a good meal too. Talk later, ok? C-U. Peter.

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

09/17/2008 01:54.50 PM Report This Comment  
Hey, Limestone, how goes it? We've just been chillin out around here, nothing special going on. My cage I have now is flight cage that goes side-to-side not up and down and it's huge and the other one is flight cage that goes up/down. Mom said she got up to watch that stupid program about fibro at 6 a.m. and it wasn't on!!! We snuggled a lot this a.m. and I'm doing better with my new feathers..most are not at that hateful stabbing stage now and I'm calmer. Was good to hear from you. Mom is almost unable to walk now from her fibro. While in therapy they would have to stop and massage down her muscles because some got so knotted and large she just can't move. They were so shocked to see it. It's bad, really bad but it's been going on since Well, anyway I make her happy. Got to run. Take care and keep your feathers clean. Peter.

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

09/16/2008 11:33.03 AM Report This Comment  
I think I've got mom's fibrofog...I forgot to tell you that mom was going to order one of those paper things and forgot so today when she hooked the one cage to the other she put white tissue papers through bars of one caaage and I go in shred it off and run with it into the other cage where my nest is. I was busy today. i also forgot to tell ya that no, no powdered egg found yet so this a.m. me, mom, dumbdog shared scrambled egg, ummm. Wish there had been oatmeal but that's ok. Are those pictures of beloved Sky on bottom of page? I'm gone again, bye, bye. Peter/pj

Come visit me, Hi, I'm Peter"Tatorhead".

09/11/2008 04:11.23 PM Report This Comment  
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