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Congo African Grey from Y, CA

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Mama has always wanted a grey, the time was right and she found me in an ad in BirdTalk. I came here at 12 weeks of age.

My hatchday is March 24 2004.

If you would like to see me in action, talking, whistling, dancing and being my crazy self, you can find on youtube. Search for Poirot African Grey, or the user name PringlePoirot

I have movies, here on the BC, "I'm a Grey Penguin," and others.
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Hi! My name is Poirot

I am a Congo African Grey from Y, CA.

Mr. Fluffy to Kelly, Baby Boy, Penguin, Baby Pie or Penguin Pie (He made these ones up himself.)

I joined the channel, 11 ~ 23 ~ 06

11 years old   M

Congo African Grey

This list could go on for a very long time, but I've narrowed it down to:

Oatmeal, papaya, popcorn, cheese, egg, millet, carrot kiss, ( juice,) and any tasty fruit or fruit juice. I almost prefer drinking to eating.

Going on rides in the car and being taken on walks in my carrier.

Sitting on the window sill watching people go by and calling them if they ignore me.

I love to sit in my cage for quiet time, when no one is around and have a wonderful rope perch/swing above my cage, when I'm out.

I'll sit quite happily on a knee when it's available.

I enjoy testing and retesting forbidden areas. You never know when you can gain more ground to call your own. Oh, why can't I have the phone?

Cookie sheets (they are terrifying) and gift wrapping paper, or wrapped gifts. Even gift bags are, "so (s)cary." Otherwise that's about it.

I won't eat nuts or seeds except millet.

She provides me with an environment that keeps me busy and tries to keep me well socialized, though I love telling visitors,
"Bye, bye," only a couple of minutes after they've stepped inside. I'll even say it to a stranger who is holding me. At least I don't tell them to be quiet anymore.

Flying with anything light enough for me to carry, either in my foot or beak, letting it go in midair, or reaching my destination, triumphant that the object is still with me. Then it gets a good beating before being tossed to the floor.

When I bathe, I have two bowls, one inside the other. I surf on the inner bowl, by lifting it all the way up on it's edge, jumping onto it and splashing back down into the water.

I am determined to eat the phone.

Grab each day by the beak and proceed without caution!.

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  Hi Poirot
Howdy, Mikey D here, at the camp readying to head into Widow's Creek. Cappy the tunnel-bird champ and his crew are already heading towards the Ghost Town, digging their tunnel quickly under Black Bart's beak, and moving in to place to rescue Jesse from their felonious grasps.
Ms BB rides back quietly into camp, unseen by the busy birds, it isn't until she speaks they realize she is there, " the tunnel birds are gettin' near the saloon! I seen a big pile of dirt outside of camp. Black Bart still has not shown himself. Some of his gang are still at Widows Creek waiting for the surprise you have planned for them. The group have got the horses away unnoticed and should have them here in the remuda any minute."
"It's time everyone!" Mikey D says loudly enough to be heard by all, "OK drivers, carporals act real casual-like, and don't let them know anythings up! Gun-birds, stay safe, wait for the signal, " Where's that feather-plucked rat?" before you come out shootin' and may God be with us!"
"The horses are stashed safely among the herd of cattle and mules, " Peppino reports to the others.
"Everybirdie knows the part they must play to successfully rescue Jesse and keep us and our cargo safe. Black Bart will regret messing with us again." Silver exclaims, as he and Pepper check their weapons.Pookie says "I'm all ready lets start heading out. I've got my rifle along with a night vision scope attached. I never leave home without it." he climbs up into the wagon. Peepers,Celine and the rest of the Dixie flock are all eager to help dig and be tunnel birds!They all grab a shovel to show Mikey D just how strong and fast they can be! Cappy directs the work, as dirt flies quickly out of the tunnel. Kaji takes a quick look of the work and reports back to the others that the tunnel is nearly finished.
"Let's move'em out!" Mikey D calls as he snaps the reins of his team and pulls them out onto the rough, rutted road. Kiddo spins around and draws his gun to show he is ready for Black Bart before jumping up onto the back of one of the empty wagons, joining the others hidden away in the beds of the Schooners. They move along at a slow walk, no birdie eager for what is to come. In the distance Mikey D spies Widow's Creek and can just make out a small figure of a bird watchin' them.
The Tunnel completed, Cappy waits for a few minutes to regroup his team before them head inside to make their way towards the saloon. They check their guns, and follow into the darkness. They wait to hear the signal shot from Sky at the Widow Creek. Then they will bust through the final inches of dirt and bust into the back of the saloon to save Jesse. Falco and Chyna take a deep breath as they wait. Very bird's nerves are on edge, ready to swing into action......
Mikey D holds up his wing, as they pull carefully into the opening at Widow's Creek..
see ya tomorrow, MIKEY D

Come visit me, MIKEY D, Steppin' back in history for BOTM April, birdie haven park, chuey, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

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  Hi Poirot
Hello everybirdie, Mikey D here on the Old Spanish Trail. As we push on past Abiquiru we urge the teams into a fast trot, trying to put some distance behind us, and Black Bart. Leaving behind Kaji, Lizzie, Peppino and Zippy to re-stock the supplies, with Sugar, Apache, and Flitzer, agents from the Beakerton Security Company, to escort the wagon and supplies as they hurry to rejoin the wagon-train Mikey D sighs in relief. The day has turned out sunny and warm, and a soft breeze blows bringing promise of better weather to come.
Way out in front of the wagons scoutin' trail BB looks back & sees a mule being led by a horse. The mule has a slight limp. She thinks to herself, as she watches from a long distance, "That will slow down the remuda some. Think I will do a round about & look for track & sign on the sides. Dont need to lose any of our extra mounts & pulling stock to Black Bart." She wheels her mount, Sun Dancer around begins to move off, but stops suddenly and turns. Taking out her binoculars she watches the pair of animals as they move towards the remuda. Then she sees what had caused her to turn around. she hadn't been imagining things, "there's no rider on the horse." BB clicks to her horse, and urges her into a gallop as she covers the ground between herself and the incoming horse and mule.
Pepper and Sweetpepper see BB racing towards the remuda and ride in her direction before they too spot the incoming riderless horse. BB catchs the horse who is walking at a slow pace due tot he limping mule. Pulling on the reins that are looped over the saddle-horn, bringing the pair to a halt. Then BB sees it. A note, tacked crudely to the saddle. Checking out the surrounding area carefully first, she takes the note in talon, as Pepper and Sweetpepper pull up beside her. BB unfolds the note and reads it out loud.
"IF ya ever wanta see your driver Jesse again in the feather, you' ole best be plannin' on meetin us at Widow;s Creek at sundown tomorrow."
Sweetpepper whistles loudly, shaking her head in disbelief. The color drains out of BB's face as the impact of the note hits home. "Black Bart has Jesse for ransom. " She shakes her head slowly, " this ain't good, ain't good at all. I have to get word to The BIRD somehow, somewhere."
Leading the horse and mule into the remuda, Pepper unsaddles the horse and let's it go to graze. The three look at one another for a long minute in silence. " I'm goin' head to the wagons to tell Mikey D, and then go in search of the Bird. We have to try to get Jesse back without handing over everything to that low-life scoundrel. We have only one day to come up with a plan and save our friend!"Miss BB spurs her horse into a gallop, dust rising behind them in her need to get back to the wagon train, and pass on the note to Mikey D, Wagon Master.
see ya tomorrow, Mikey D

Come visit me, MIKEY D, Steppin' back in history for BOTM April, birdie haven park, chuey, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

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  Hi Poirot
Hi fellow adventurers, Mikey D here with our Friday post on the trek across the USA with our special cargo. With BC actin' funny again, I sure hope we make it there safely. With Sweetpepper and Kacey's message about Black Bart, the whole future sure looks dark and ominous. Many of ya will recall Black Bart and his gang of thugs from our Cattle Drive last year. HE sure tried his darnedest to side-swipe us cow-birdies, but thanks to Jenny-Lynn and her group of scouts, his plans were squashed like a bug, and the cattle arrived safely in Wyoming.
"Kacey, can ya please go round up the Drivers and Carporals, we best be havin' us a meetin' and make some plans so's we can make it to California safe and sound."
"Sure Boss, be right back." Kacey races off to gather everybirdie for the meeting, while Mikey D paces anxiously. " I wonder what we can do to foil his plans?"
" What's up Boss?" Pearl asks as he and Silver hurry to join him outside the Livery.
"Black Bart" is all Mikey D can reply, as he thinks of a plan for action.
It isn't very long before all have gathered back together, a worried look on every face. A whisper fills the air as the concerned birds try to figure out what's happened.
Mikey D stops suddenly, and jumps onto the back of the nearest wagon so everybirdie can see and hear him better. He looks intently at his friends, he feels a sense of happiness to be with such brave, heroic birds, when faced with such a big problem as Black Bart. He shutters, then slowly he begins to explain what Sweetpepper and Kacey's search has exposed.
"Well, I hate to bring us bad news, but indeed bad news it is. Our Night riders, while watchin' over the remuda outside of town have uncovered Black Bart and his gang of hoodlums. The BIRD has sent back word, that Black Bart has set his eyes upon our wagon train and even now is makin' plans to ambush us along the trail. Accordin' to the BIRD he will attack somewhere between here, in Santa Fe and Abiquiru where we pick up the Old Spanish Trail. If the opportunity fails for him, we will be at his mercy as we begin to travel through hostile and formidable territory." Mikey D stops to allow the news to sink in, before finishing. "we will have to drive hard, every-bird on alert, guns at the ready."
It remains quiet for a few minutes, then a cheer rises from the gathered travelers. " We will beat him at his own game once more!" the BC friends high four one another as they agree to stand together against Black Bart and his thugs, or anybirdie else who might mistakenly think they can steal their precious supplies destined for needy birds in the sunny south-west. Mikey D sighs a relieved sigh as he smiles to himself. These are brave and fearless birds he has along with him on this dangerous trip.
"Ok, let's hitch up and get movin', we want to cover as much distance as possible by sun down.
See ya tomorrow, MIKEY D

Come visit me, MIKEY D, Steppin' back in history for BOTM April, birdie haven park, chuey, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

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  Hi Poirot
Howdy all, Mikey D here, on the Old Spanish Trail as we head towards sunny California. At the short stop over for rest Norman comes quietly to Mikey D who is sitting by the warm fire, sipping some of Lizzies coffee.
"Boss, there's a short-cut to Santa Fe. If we cut off ahead an' take the El Camino Real Trail, we'll cut off a day's drive then we can head back over to the California Real Trail to San Diego. We might even miss Black Bart by foolin' that scoundrel."
Mikey thinks for a long moment then rubbing his beak, " We'll do it. Ya know the way buddy?"
"Nope, but it won't be difficult to locate the turn. There's markers up pointin' the way."

Mikey D heads off to talk to the drivers, wakin' them up for a brief discussion of the change of route. Before long, everybirdie is made aware of the change and Bon Bon who had ridden in to pass the "all clear" message, has headed off to get Finnegan and Sugar and the Beakerton Agents moving off towards the El Camino. As the very faint light of dawn touches the sky, the teams are already hitched, and shifting anxiously in their traces.Mikey D jumps up onto his bench, taking the reins in wing and with a shout and a crack of the whip over their back into the air, the mules lean into their harnesses, and the wagon train is on the road once more. After a quick three miles, the El Camino turn appears ahead, and Mikey D directs his team to switch routes. The road is a simply dirt trail, and perhaps in places no more than a footpath. Heavily used by cattle herds it is pitted with ruts and turned up sod, making for a very jerky and rough drive.
Norman rides up to speak to Mikey D in the lead wagon. " Boss, I'm riding ahead some to check the road". With a tip of the hat, and a spur to his mount, he trots off over the hills ahead. Mikey D watches Norman disappear and wipes the sweat and dust from his face. Just as he clicks to get the team moving a little faster, he hears a loud scream and a crack, that echos like thunder. Pulling back on the reins, he stomps down on the wooden brake stick to bring his team to a halt. Once stopped he ties the reins to the bench and springs down as fast as he can move.
"What happened?" he yells as he hurries back among the stopped wagons. Then he sees it. the fifth wagon has tipped to the side, dumping cargo and supplies on the ground. He rushes to check that Buddy and Pedro are ok. Seeing them working to unhitch the team he races to offer help. Sky and Cappy also hurry to their aid. " What happened?" Mikey D asks bewildered. Then he sees it. The right rear wheel is split into pieces, causing the wagon to tip over. "Thank goodness you both are ok."
see ya tomorrow, Mikey D

Come visit me, MIKEY D, Steppin' back in history for BOTM April, birdie haven park, chuey, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

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  Hi Poirot
Hello everybirdie, Mikey D here with today's update on our Mission to deliver supplies to California. Mule trains were the norm in the early to late 1800s. Due to their sturdy, rugged nature, and incredible intelligence mules became extremely popular as farmers, freighters and cartage companies began to see their incredible worth and value. Unlike horses or oxen who required large pasturing and tired easily, the Mule, could work long, grueling hours in dry, sparse areas and tended to do very well with less or poor quality water. Not saying that they could survive indefinitely under these conditions. Mules are stockier, more muscular and have powerful front structures better adapted to weight pulling, making them able to bear up to four-times the weight that a horse can.
Mules are less temperamental than horses and easier to train for any type of work. Mule's skin is harder and tougher. It can withstand extreme temperatures better than a horse and can go longer without water. It has harder hooves and is more sure footed on rocky terrain. A mule needs only 4-5 hours of sleep a day and goes just over 3 mph or about 50 miles in a day. So it is easy to see why stealing mules became a priority to "highway-men" thieves who preyed on wagon trains and lone riders. The mules often fetchin' them more cash, then the contents they carried in the wagons.
Some of histories famous Highwaymen included, James Ford, Ford's Ferry Gang, river pirates and highway robbers. Robert H "Three-fingered" Birch, Birch Banditti of the Prairies, and The Prairie Bandits Gang, famous for attacking wagon trains belonging to freighting companies. The American West was filled with legend and adventure, as up-right, honest men turned to a life of robbery and killing. Raiding the trains of wagons being an "easy" income for the ruthless. It became a necessity early into the 1800s to employ Security Agents for protection, and all drivers and Carporals worked with a long-riffle at hands reach. One of the most famous Security Companies was founded in 1850 by Allan Pinkerton, who started the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. As robbery along the various trails ran ramped, agents were hired by freight companies to give protection along the routes. In certain situations the US Army Calvary was sent to ride escort with the cargo wagons to their destination. Shipments of gold, ammunition and other precious cargo, such as the first ice-boxes ( refrigeration units) heading to California were watched over by soldiers lest they be stolen mid-trip.
The wagons and teams would be on the trail for twenty-hours a day with only two brief stops for food, and rest for the mules and teamsters. They needed to make Santa FE by sundown Tuesday, and over 140 miles left to cover, there was no other choice. As Mikey D talks to the drivers he smiles to himself. They are ready and willing to make the push to cover the distance ahead." What a great group" he says " see ya tomorrow, MIKEY D

Come visit me, MIKEY D, Steppin' back in history for BOTM April, birdie haven park, chuey, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

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  Happy Easter from Mikey D
Happy Easter to all our BC friends and families. Hope each of you have a very special day today, as we celebrate the Risen Savior. Easter is always a special time, as it also heralds in the spring, with sun, greening grass and the birth of flowers long dormant under the snow.
The wagons arrive at the camp, Kaji and Lizzie and their helpers have set up along side a clear running river. The perfect spot to graze the herd, and fill up on some of Kaji and Lizzie's awesome grub. Kaji takes a look at the beef that is simmering over the fire. It smells heavenly. Lizzie is busy making sure the bread is rising, and she pauses to stir the first pot of beans.
"I know those birdies are gonna be super hungry when they pull in" she says to Kaji. "And we will have a feast for them, that is for sure! "
Kaji nods, and checks the next fire with even more beef."Yup," he thinks to himself. "Can't wait to sink my beak in some of this!"
The smell of beef and bakin' bread fills the air, making beaks water as the drivers and Carporals tend to their charges. The mules remain hitched to their wagons, a feed-bag placed over their long satiny nuzzles filled with oats, barley and a little molasses for extra energy. The remuda is corralled quickly within the make-shift fences. The air is grey with the dust stirred by the one hundred sweaty mules. Though Pearl and Silver had never worked with mules before they are eggspert with horses so they were quick to adjust to the team on wagon #2. Kiddo and Pookie arrive last, in wagon number ten. They quickly tend the team, before rushing to the river for a long, cool drink of clean water. Driving the last wagon is tough work, the dust stirred by the previous ones making it difficult to see and breath.
As the Hungry cowbirds and teamsters dive into the hot meal, Miss Ronnie, Lucy Blue and Lizzie dish out baskets of fresh, baked bread and butter to the camp. Timmy and Toby ride into the camp with Susan to bring word from the Beakerton Security Agents that the trail ahead looks great, clear of fallen trees and no signs of troubles layin' in wait. Picking up a basket of hot bee, beans and bread, they gallop back down the trails. Apache and Finnegan standing watch on a hill top, see their riders comin' and begin to work their way back into the camp they'd set up earlier.
Pulling an old map out of a leather bag, Mikey D rolls it out onto the ground, studying the land shown ahead. His hopes is to reach Santa Fe by mid day Tuesday, to pick up the original Old Spanish Trail to California. To succeed will mean drivin' late into the night, sleepin' for a few hours of shut-eye then movin on again. It's gonna be difficult for the newly trained teamsters, workin mules for twenty hours a day is tough business for anyone, but these newly trained drivers will be pushed to their limits to keep that hurried pace. Sighing he packs up the map and begins to wander from team to team explaining the plan.
See ya tomorrow, MIKEY D

Come visit me, MIKEY D, Steppin' back in history for BOTM April, birdie haven park, chuey, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

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  Hi Poirot
How's it going in your neck of the woods? Hope all is well, and you are enjoying the same kind of lovely weather we are. It is supposed to cool down again next week, so I am trying to get all the sun I can.

Do you think you could talk your talented Mom into doing a Springtime avatar for the milonga page? The milonga will be on the 11th this month. We wanted it early to allow time to get ready for the Derby in May. The theme is Spring, so anything flowers would be fine.


Come visit me, THE DERBY IS COMING!!!!!.

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  Hi Poirot
YEEEEEHAWWWWW, we're headin' on out today. The wagons are packed, the loads tied down securely in the beds of the Schooners. The sound of bawling cattle can be heard from outside the city of San Antoine. The dusty roads now turned to thick sticky mud after the heavy rains overnight. With the crack of whips, the stocky mules fall into place on their line-ups as traces are fixed into place,and lines are double checked.
Chipper and Moggie ride into the midst of the wagons looking for Mikey D. "BOSS, we're all set to get movin"" they tip their stetson's and spin their horses to race back to the herd of mules, horses and cattle waiting to fall into place in the wagon train to California.
"SPOT!" Cookie yells out from his wagon. "Getta move on, we're set to move out" Spot grabs one final bag of grain and tosses it into the back of the wagon, food for the mules ont he trail"
"Ready," Spot leaps into t e driver's seat and pulls the reins free of the brake. Cookie, steps onto the long wooden handle, keepin' the team from startin too soon."
"OK, Let's go, mover on out" Mikey D yells, lettin' out a sharp whistle, followed by the crack of his whip into the air. The ten mules lean forward intot heir harnesses and the heavily loaded wagon lurches forward. 7000lb for cargo begins it's slow trip towards the southwest. The other wagons start to pull up into line, leaving the distance of two wagon lengthens between each one. Outside of town Pedro yells out to stop for a moment. The others tramp down onto their wagon's brake, as Buddy the driver pulls back on the lead traces with all his might, stoppin' the head-strong animals from continuing. Pedro jumps down, running out in front of the team, grabbing the lead mules by the head gear.
Finally stopping, he runs towards the rear pair of mules, and points to a damaged coupling. He works on it quickly, and leaps back onto the wagon bench beside Buddy. Buddy stands up, using his wing to show he's ready to move onwards, he snaps the reins, and the wagon starts to roll again.
As the final wagon leaves the city, the remuda is gathered up close, and started off following up in the rear. Chipper, and Susan race after a few stray steers, moving them back into the herd. The herd walks along calmly, the out riders keeping them bunched up and moving slowly. Kaji and Lizzie had started ahead the evening before, accompanied by Bon Bon and Parker, Beakerton Security Agents to set up the mid day stop over and get the grub cookin' before the heavily laden wagons arrive. The wagons creak and rumble as they travel along the muddy ground. The sun rises hot, drying the road quickly into a cloud of heavy dust. The smell of sweaty animals and dust hanging thick as fog as the BC team covers the first ten miles of territory.
The dust cloud shows on the horizon a good hour before Kaji and Bon Bon and the others see any signs of the convoy of wagons cresting a distant hill top.
see ya tomorrow, Mikey D

Come visit me, MIKEY D, Steppin' back in history for BOTM April, birdie haven park, chuey, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

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  Hi Poirot
Hello, Mikey D here with our Good Friday BOTM post. May you each have a wondrous, and blessed Easter weekend, and enjoy the blessing of family and friends. As preparations continue for our departure I must warn ya all that things will be tough out on the trail. Mules are rugged, strong and determined, but at times can be stubborn. Now some might say that Mules aren't actually stubborn, rather head strong and set on doing things their way.
Before we head out we need at least two more teams to bird-wagons. The Carporal is required to care for the team, to harness them in the mornin' and release the team into the pasture corral in the evening. He or she also makes sure each mule is healthy, checkin' for hoof damage etc daily. The driver is going to do just that, drive the teams on the trail. Drivers work from two positions depending on the terrain and pace the train is moving. On rough, steep or dangerous parts of the trail, the Driver sits on the lead reins between the two rear mules for better control of the animals. On flat, safer ground the driver can sit up on the wagon bench and control the team from there. Driving can be dangerous at times, especially descending steep embankments to rivers and down hills. The Corporal is called upon to " ride-the-brake" in these precarious positions to slow the wagon and teams downward movement.
We will also be moving one hundred head of cattle and extra mules along the trail to California with us, so riders are needed to keep watch over them day and night. Because of the valuable nature of our cargo Finnegan and his Beakerton Security Company agents will ride along for protection. " Blackbart has been kickin' up trouble along the trail lately, and we don't want to get caught unprepared so polish them guns and saddle up your trusty mounts, we move out at day break"
In a separate post I will post on MY page the list of drivers and carporals, as well as the security agents so we know who is taking charge of which wagon and team of ten mules. Remember you can still be added to a position but some have already signed up so it'll make it easier for us to get on our way with some organizin'. I trust you will enjoy our interactive adventure this month as we learn a little American History, and deliver the load of Nutri-berries and treats to our feathered friends on the Southwestern coast.
"Kaji, I see you and Miss Lizzie have all the provisions loaded up and ready to go" Mikey D exclaims happy to see things fallin' together so quickly.
" Yes sir Boss, we have everythin' ready for sun-up' Kaji replies with the tip of his stetson hat.
"We better check that we have a few extra crates of shoot on board, just in case we gonna need be usin' it" Mikey D adds before heading into the General Store to secure more ammunition.
Finnegan hurries across the dusty road from the hotel, " Mr Mikey D, our agents are ready to move out.
See ya tomorrow, Mikey D

Come visit me, MIKEY D, Steppin' back in history for BOTM April, birdie haven park, chuey, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

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  Hi Poirot
Hello everybirdie, Mikey D here with today's BOTM post. I am happy to see so many of you have already got your bags packed, and your trusty steed saddled up and ready to go. It's going to be a difficult, sometimes grueling month getting these precious Nutri-berries and Birdie Treats across hostile and dangerous ground to those hungry beaks in California. We begin our journey from San Antonio.
This whole Adventure began when I received a message by Telegraph asking for my assistance to move ten wagons filled with a treasure more valuable then gold. I knew it was dangerous, but with the help from my BC friends, we'd safely reach our final destination. After your awesome Cattle Drive experience the BC cowbirdies had become expert horse-birds, bulls-eye gun-birds, and well, I just knew we could handle this job. Blackbart, that dirty scoundrel had disappeared from the West for a short time, to reappear robbing the wagons en-route to California. Now for a little history of the trail we will be using.
The Old Spanish Trail was primarily a horse and mule route linking the Southern States to the Pueblo of Los Angeles (changed to San Gabriel by the Spanish). The trail evolved from a network of indigenous trade routes and exploratory routes that crossed the modern states of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California. Forged in 1829 by Hispanic traders, the Old Spanish Trail was the first successful Hispano trading effort. This overland trail linked the burgeoning ranch economy of the pacific communities to pastoral villages of the inter-mountain Southwest. In the early 1800s, the Old Spanish Trail was a vital economic trade route that linked the South and California. The trail symbolized much more than just a line on a map; it became a conduit for change throughout the vast, arid, expanse of the American Southwest. Its origin did not owe allegiance to nationalism for the trail was neither Spanish, Mexican, nor American.
After the civil war the "Prairie Schooner" was introduced. Usually painted blue with white canvas tops that were said to resemble sails from a distance. The wagons were built for hard use over tough terrain. Unloaded, they weighed 4,000 pounds. They had five feet ten inch diameter spoked rear wheels and four feet ten inch front wheels both with thick, wide, iron tires. The beds were twenty-four feet long and four feet six inches wide with sides that were five and a half feet high.
The Beakerton Security Company will ride with us for protection. We will need twenty strong birds to bird these wagons in pairs. Each wagon has one driver and one Carporal, together these birds are known as Teamsters.
Once we have our teamsters in place we'll head out at dawn for a month of fun, and serious challenges.
See ya tomorrow
Mikey D

Come visit me, MIKEY D, Steppin' back in history for BOTM April, birdie haven park, chuey, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

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  Hi Poirot
Hello everybirdie, Mikey D here to introduce myself to you and our upcoming BOTM campaign. Most of our BC family will remember my beautiful wife-bird Chuey and her BOTM Cattle Drive. After giving my campaign greyt thought I have decided to step back into the history of the United States. It was made easier for me when I recently received a message that the Beakerton Security Company asking for help with a special, secret mission.
It appears that that rascal Black Bart has popped his head back up this time robbing stagecoaches and wagon trains owned by the Beakerton Security Company. Our mission is to take a special load of Parrot Treats from Texas to the sunny state of California by Mule Train. The convoy of wagons will leave Texas and travel through some mighty dangerous, formidable territory. That is where you come in. i need your help in driving these ornery sometimes stubborn long-eared mules, in driving our herd of cattle and replacement horses and mules, and most of all guarding our precious cargo of Nutri-berries and other treats safely to those hungry beaks in California.
Most of you have your saddle horse already, so you'll "ole need be catchin' it up, and pack your saddle bags fer our "Wild West Adventure." Might I add you'd best be polishin' yer guns too, with Black Bart and his band of dirty low-down scoundrels on the lamb you just might be needing it pretty soon.
Now for a wee bit of history on the Wagon Trains of the USA.
By 1836 when Texas gained its independence San Antonio's population had fallen from a peak of around six thousand in 1800 to under one thousand. When Texas became a state in 1845, two very important factors revitalized the city and the surrounding area. The US Army arrived and soon established a series of ten forts to the west of the city, and the second influence was the US Postal Service who began the slow process of building roads across the state into adjoining states.
Mules had advantages over both oxen and horses. Bred from a female horse and a male donkey, the animals were about half way in size between the two. They were strong and sure footed. They lacked the free spirited nature of horses and were, indeed, creatures of habit. A good CAPORAL, the name given to the person in any wagon train in charge of the animals, had only to crack his whip in the morning for the mules to line up not only in front of its assigned wagon but even its assigned place within the team, which could consist of between six and eight animals. Unlike oxen, they did not rely entirely on foraging for the food but had to be fed from foldaway troughs at regular intervals. Their skin could withstand a lot of chafing from pulling heavy loads but was not water proof. They did have one huge disadvantage over oxen. The Oxen interested thieves not at all while mules were highly prized plunder.
See ya tomorrow
Mikey D

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  Hey Poirot!
Happy Hatch Day buddy! Hope you have an awesome day!

Come visit me, Raffi, Cydney, Pumbaa & Max say..Happy Springtime!.

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  Hi Poirot
Wishing you a very HAPPY HATCHDAY and many more. I hope you are enjoying your special day.

Come visit me, Derby Farms, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

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  Happy Hatch Day
Happy Hatch Day To You!
Happy Hatch DAy To You!
Happy Hatch Day To Poirot
Happy Hatch Day To You and Many Many More!
We are wishing you a greyt hatch day filled with lots of new toys and special treats and of course lots of Mom time with lots of those wonderful head scritches too!Loving you always,Dixie,Kallie and Peepers

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

03/24/2015 08:41.33 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Poirot!
Been a long time, bud!

Stopping by with this very delicious and very large Hatchday cake made just for you by the lovely Lizzie herself! Plenty big for everyone of your flockily and friends to share in celebration on your special day! And it comes with big wishes for everything you could ever want and even more! Head scritches, treats, toys, and most important...lotsa love!

Happy Hatchday!
Your buddies,
Kaji and Lizzie

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote MIKEY D. #247164 for BOTM in May!.

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  Hello My Grey Friend~~
A very Happy Hatchday Poirot from me to you! I know your day will be very special because your mama will make it that way!
Thinking about you today as I often do!
Enjoy your special day!
Love, hugs and a vote ~ Sugar ♥

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  Hi Poirot
Have a very HAPPY HATCHDAY today! We hope you get lots of treats & attention from your human!


Angel & Pepper


03/24/2015 07:34.35 PM Report This Comment  




03/24/2015 07:33.38 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Poirot
Sending lots of hatch day wishes your way
On your special day. Hope you have the best one yet and many more!
Your friend, Gus (Rip Chi chi)

Come visit me, Gus--Chi chi ♥ RIP & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

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  A Very Happy Hatch Day, Poirot!
Wishing you the best day on your hatch day! Filled with love, treats, toys and scritches! Enjoy! High 4 from Picabo and hugs from Squeaky

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  Happy Hatchday!!
Hi Poirot!

Here's a vote and a nice nearly full bag of almonds to help you celebrate your special day. Sorry I ate a few on the flight up here, but a guy does get hungry even when it's not that far. And please thank your mom again for the lovely Irish avatar for the Milonga page.


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  Hi Poirot
flying by to wish you a most happy hatchday. hope you are having a ball celebrating on your special day.

love Cori and Boo Boo

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl, CORI reigning champ on feed the birdie & QUEEN BOO BOO vote Mikey D 247164.

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  Happy Hatchday!
Hey Handsome Poirot, it's been awhile! We all hope this is your best hatchday ever, and that you get lots of attention, toys, and treats today! Have a wonderful hatchday. Hugs, Falco and the boys

Come visit me, Gizmo, I miss you, sweet boy, Willie, Peppino, in the KB until 4/20, Divo & Falco.

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  Hi, Poirot
Happy 11th Hatchday. Hope it's your best ever. Here's a vote in celebration. May you have lots of treats, toys and attention. Wing hugs, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

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  •H•A•P•P•Y•  •H•A•T•C•D•A•Y•!!
... to my wonderful, sweet, talented, funny, handsome Poirot!!!!

11 years old — that's an impressive number you've achieved. It definitely calls for a party, a celebration, a high-flying wing flap! Wooo-Whooo! (Something I say at the craziest times these days.)

I know this special day will be an All Poirot, All the Time sort of day which guarantees you're going to have a perfectly wonderful hatchday celebration. I send along my love and kisses to add to the showering of affection you'll be receiving today.


We'll talk more after the party.

Come visit me, Kelly *v*.

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  Happy Hatchday handsome fellow
I know it'll be greyt ! And filled with all your favorite food, friends, fun and family :)

Come visit me, Cookie and Goldencents, BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

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  Happy Hatchday!!!
Just flying by with good wishes on your hatchday!! I hope Mama has a big piece of carrot cake for you with a side of papaya for your special day!! Leaving you a gift wrapped vote!!
Love and wing hugs,

Come visit me, Sissy & Grady.

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  Hi Poirot
Poirot, I have in my notes that tomorrow is your Hatch Day so have a great one! Its been way too long and we all hope you and the flock are doing great

Come visit me, Sunny(RIP) and Haley, Romeo and Julie(loving memory of Maxi ) & Tahoe and Pearl.

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  Hi Poirot
Well, a faithful few (and you all know who you are) came and voted yesterday and today in the Irish Milonga Contest, but there are lots of birdies out there (and you also know who you are) who have not showed up at all to vote. This is kind of like donating to NPR or PBS, but way more important! (Whoops, Mom says I can't say that, but hey! I'm a bird!). If you haven't come by the milonga page #165848 to cast your votes, please do. And do it every day, PLEASE!! Heck, at least come vote for yourselves. We aren't even getting as many votes as we did entries!


P.S. Perhaps if the avatar was Irish it would help the birdies navigate to the Milonga page. I can ask Sugar to put the avatar in the Calendar Page aviary. If you have time, that would be greyt. Just a shamrock would be sufficient. Thanks!

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  Hello Poirot!
It's your Kelly~Bird! I trust life is treating you kind and that your happy, healthy and loving life. The last I heard, you were jabbering away like crazy, playing and taking and just being POIROT to the fullest. That's the sweetest news this Grey~Girl could hope to hear.

I'm my usual silly self now that I'm a fully flighted bird once again. There's no keeping me still and in one place for more than a second. Mom has threatened to put a leash on me so I'll at least stay near her desk but I doubt that would slow me down — I'd just pull the desk along! We've had one day in the 70s so got to go out to the parrot pen after some perches were hastily hung up. I didn't fly at all while out there, preferring instead to sit and study what might be new (and dangerous) since the last time I was out there. It looks as though you've had some very nice weather yourself so I wonder if you've had the chance to be out in the sun, or even out for hikes already. I think going for a hike would be the most interesting thing.

Other than the flight feathers, not much has changed for me. I haven't really added any new words to the vocab. I'm happy to ramble on with the ones I know tho. Oh, I guess I've picked up several things that Art says. I even say them like he does so Mom's always confused about who's saying what.

Well, just wanted you to know you're in my thoughts, far more than the frequency of my notes would indicate.

Lucky you're my friend~
K *v*

Come visit me, Kelly *v*.

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  Hi Poirot
Just checking in with you about the Milonga Avatar for March. Lots of time to get it done, since the party is not until the 28th. Anything Irish is fine from a simple shamrock to whatever your talented Mom decides to do.

How did your mom do in that contest? My mom went in and voted several times, but she never got the acknowledgment email. So we don't know if our votes counted or not. That drawing was absolutely lovely, and it certainly deserved a 1st prize.


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02/16/2015 09:33.32 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy Valentine's Day Poirot

There's a greyt big Sweetie's Day kiss for your handsome beak.

And Happy Anniversary to us as well. How many years has it been now? Oh my, I'm not even sure. What I do know is that your friendship has been a most wonderful part of my life. Knowing there's a handsome Grey Guy across the country who cares about me and what my silly beak is up to makes life extra special.

Here's wishing you a lovely day of Love and Happiness~

Yours Always,
K *v*

Come visit me, Kelly *v*.

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  Hi Poirot
Hey! Giving your wonderful mom plenty of notice about the milonga this month! Thought I would give being considerate a try and see how it feels. It will not be held until the 21st, and the theme is "Love in the Rainforest" to celebrate King Amando's wonderful adventure last month and February being Valentine's month. So whatever your mom's creative mind comes up with will be terrific.


Come visit me, THE DERBY IS COMING!!!!!.

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  Hi Poirot
Hello BC commando's, Amando here on this final day in the Brazilian Rainforest. We we took a bite out-of-crime, Sugar and Dory watched baby Armando. He was very restless and alert as he listened to the screams and calls of the angry birds. Suddenly he hears a familiar call echoing over the treetops. He replies happily. The calls continue as baby Armando replies over and over again. Captain Finny appears over the edge of the clearing, and there, following close behind are two beautiful adult Blue-fronted Amazons. The three land close to Sugar. Baby Armando stands up as tall as his tiny legs will allow him to and chirps non-stop. A lovely Zon moves closer, chirping softly in reply. The baby gets even more eggcited.
JL and Amando whistle in loud short Zon calls and the attack comes to an end. The birds leave their prisoners lying entangled in the nets and rejoin them near to baby Armando and the two wild Parrots. The wild Zon reaches forward to touch the baby gently, not certain if it is their chick after so long. The baby responds with happy chirps of happiness, "Momma? Poppa? it is me baby Armando."
The two Parrots grin happily and snuggle their stolen offspring to them. "How do we ever thank-you for saving our baby, and freeing our flockmates from the cages those evil poachers had them imprisoned in? Our flock was once very large over 80 adults but the poachers come again and again stealing them away, taking our chicks from our homes. They cut down our nest tree and stole Armando and our two other babies. We now have no home to take Armando to."
Gus speaks up happily, " we have a nest for you. BB built it to trap the poachers but we didn't have to use it. It is solid, and warm and we will put it high into a tree were you and your family will be safe."
The BC Commandos cheer as they watch baby Armando with his Momma and Poppa. The family is so happy to be together once more. "Sadly this is not the true outcome of poaching. Humans can help stop this awful trade in wild-caught Parrots by becoming our voice in the World. By NEVER buying Parrots without bands or documents showing where they originated from. Remember that many wild Parrots are sent to Europe to be shipped back into the USA. Encourage Eco-tourism as an alternative to poaching. HELP US STOP THE UNNECESSARY TRAPPING OF WILD PARROTS THROUGH OUT THE WORLD!"
Remember Paoo, what he suffered because of human greed, and also remember that many former poachers now fight on the other side of the law because of their intimate knowledge of the area and of bird habits, these poachers-turned-rangers are undeniably the most able bird conservationists available.
your pal Amando a wild-caught Parrot

Come visit me, jesse, KING Amando, thank-you for February BOTM, Little Angel, Jack,, sarah little bird, Rally and Lacie, angel girl,, Zeena, I'm 18 today!!!!!!!!, SKY, zeke, thank you friends for BOTD, Sky Flock Rainbow Bridge Memorial page, SWEETIE,, Poncho, Thank-you for BOTD everybirdie, casey, broken wings, broken promises & Flynn,.

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  Hi Poirot
Hello to all my Amazon Adventurers, Amando here with an update on events as they unfold in the Tropical Rain forest. Some of asked about those blue-fronted Amazons in the cages in my gallery. That is where our Armandos family will end up if we do not stop those poachers from trapping them for the PET TRADE. I have no doubts we will put a stop to their plans.
BonBon, Boo Boo, Pepper, Angel, Chyna, Polly, Zippy, LA and Dixie sneak off through the undergrowth to get a better look at what the poachers have been working on. Being very careful and quiet they work slowly towards the opening where the Green Angels have observed their enemies devilish work. Taking note of the area, the nets and where each poacher waits, hidden in the trees for the unsuspecting Blue-Fronted Amazon flock to arrive at their feeding grounds. Returning to the others they explain in detail the whole scene. After listen quietly, Cappy's anger grows to a frenzy of temper, "Today would be an eggcellent day to kick some poacher tail feathers." Cappy ruffles his feathers in anticipation and the look in his eyes would scare anybody.
Kaji grins,"Gotta say, Lizzie is so ready to torch those guys if you want her to. More than happy! She could do a slow roast, good fire power control." Lizzie smiles sweetly and puffs a small flame from her mouth to emphasize Kaji's point.
Ipo is more then ready for battle against the poachers. Ipo whips out her sword. "This is getting too much!!" She gets ready to fly when she feels Sophie's wing on her shoulder "this isn't your time, Ipo. We must await the other rescuers. Your turn will come soon. Now put that away." Jenny and Amando consult together with Sky, Cappy and Kaji, then standing on a rock JL clears her voice and begins to outline the plan for attack. "we will sneak up on them. The Special Forces will tend to the nets, cutting them down from the trees. Silver, you and Chuey are in charge of rope chewing, pick helpers and remove every rope you see. The rest of us will wait for the nets to drop and begin our attack. We are going to bite, scratch, chase, net, warm-up ( she grins at Lizzie) those poachers like they have never dreamed possible."
The birds cheer and high 4 one another, "Then we will return Armando to his flock safe and sound. We have to deal with these thieves first. This poaching happens everyday around the world. Innocent Parrots are stolen from nests, their flocks, many die, many suffer untold abuse and neglect just so people can get "cheap" Parrots. ENOUGH!" AMANDO YELLS.
Sky grabs BB's nest box and carries it under his wing as the BC Commando troops move into position. With the help of Elvis, Willie, Oz and Chyna they get the trap high in one of the trees.
"OK TROOPS Let's go get us some poachers" JL calls with determination as they move as one and begin their plot to stop their unsuspecting enemies.
your pal Amando 226029

Come visit me, jesse, KING Amando, thank-you for February BOTM, Little Angel, Jack,, sarah little bird, Rally and Lacie, angel girl,, Zeena, I'm 18 today!!!!!!!!, SKY, zeke, thank you friends for BOTD, Sky Flock Rainbow Bridge Memorial page, SWEETIE,, Poncho, Thank-you for BOTD everybirdie, casey, broken wings, broken promises & Flynn,.

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  Hi Poirot
Amando here with today's Amazon Adventure update. We have located the flock of wild Blue-Fronted Zons who had been attacked by the same group of poachers earlier this year raiding countless nests for babies. The poachers have been secretly laying nets to trap Armando's flock at their daily feeding grounds just ahead of us. We must move with extreme caution and be on the ready from here on.
Capt. Finny, Chuey, Kallie and Pearl return to the group for a quick briefing. "Since spotting baby Armando's flock, the Green Angels and I have been flying from tree to tree trying to locate his Momma. At the same time we are warning all 38 blue-fronted Amazons of the danger lurking beneath them. We are warning them to stay as high in the tree canopy as possible since the poachers cannot get too high where the branches turn into twigs, and watch out for nets. We told them that we have an entire company of parrots coming to their aid and told them to stay hidden until they hear JL's command to attack. Then they can join in the fun of ripping those poachers to bits and wrapping them in the very nets they had intended for the birds. In the mean time we'll continue our search for his Momma. Only 11 more trees to go..." off they fly to continue their search.
Kiddo whispers to Susan and Polly, " Nothing makes me madder then poachers, and they are just lucky my mom isn't here.."
Kaji tells Amando his idea, "We gotta get to the flock before the poachers do. I still say Lizzie could torch the dirty jerks, no problem. I bet she would scare the living you know what out of those evil people." Amando laughs at the thought.
Sweetpepper plays with baby Armando, she tells Sugar and Dory" It's very sad that 17 babies died. We will give baby Armando back to his parronts and save them from those rotten poachers." Sugar smiles but the anger in her eyes tells it all.
Cori and Boo Boo sigh, we have an idea, "we say lets get rid of these poachers once and for all. ,hey are only doing it because they need money. lets show them something they can do that doesn't harm anything and makes them lots of money, turning their poo into bio fuel." Sky can't help but grin at that thought. Jenny-Lynn nods her head in agreement then suddenly raises her wing for the group to halt, making the "be quiet" sign at the same time. Leaning close to Amando's ear she says, "your plans for Armando's return is a good one, we certainly have the parrot power to succeed! I almost feel sorry for those poacher folks! Somebody will have to hold Cappy back, I think that dude can get violent, LOL!"
They watch Cappy sharpening his beak. Cappy speaks up," if there are 5 poachers then I suggest a two fold trap ... the net and also a deadfall ... a hidden box with a fake nest and bird to attract them poachers in and as soon as they reach for it ...baaam ... the box slams shut ... effectively trapping them and making them vulnerable to our attack. What do you think ."
your pal Amando 226029

Come visit me, jesse, KING Amando, thank-you for February BOTM, Little Angel, Jack,, sarah little bird, Rally and Lacie, angel girl,, Zeena, I'm 18 today!!!!!!!!, SKY, zeke, thank you friends for BOTD, Sky Flock Rainbow Bridge Memorial page, SWEETIE,, Poncho, Thank-you for BOTD everybirdie, casey, broken wings, broken promises & Flynn,.

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  Hi Poirot
Hello fellow Amazon Adventurers, Amando here with a rather "fishy" situation. After scaring the Hippos away with a Cappy scream and landing safely down River, we soon made the discovery that that the Amazon is home to some pretty "fishy" characters. Red-bellied Piranhas.
Cappy shudders when he sees the bucket and the churning water ..." I think it best to stay away from that water ... Thank goodness those things can't come on shore ... just look at how fast they ate through the bucket ... Faster than I could have ... whew."
The others back away from the water as Jenny-Lynn eyes the chewed bucket, then leans over to look at the fish. "could I get one of those Piranhas with tartar sauce and lettuce, LOL! "
Just as the birds had settled for lunch Capt. Finny flew in at a swift speed, between breathes he related the outcome of the Green Angel's search of the area. "Kacey and Kallie sent Chuey to tell Chipper and I to get up the river fast! Pearl and Silver have been on the look-out with them to see what kind of suspicious activity is going on. We're getting pretty near where we could be spotting Armando's Momma and flock anytime now. So we wanted to be really careful. You're not going to believe this, but we saw more poachers! And this time they were really operating undercover, spreading nets. I think they may be after Armando's flock! You've got to get up here fast with JL and the gang, but be sure you keep little Armando out of sight. We've come so far and we're so close now, but this is going to be dangerous."
Amando looks at Jenny-Lynn and Sky, then at all his friends. He goes to Sugar and leans over to whisper into Armando's ear, " you're almost home little buddy. We're not going to stop now. Soon you will be back with your Momma" he kisses him softly on the head and sadly smiles at Sugar.
Turning to the others he says, " Finny and the Green Angels have found poachers ahead. Armando's flock is in danger. We are BC Commando Birds and we will not give-up, back-down or retreat. Who is with me?"
With one voice the cheer fills the Rainforest opening where the group stopped for lunch. "We will not be defeated. Together we shall win the war over poaching!" Amando's heart filled with hope and courage as he returned to Jenny-Lynn and Sky. Sitting on an old log, the three discuss with Finny the area ahead, the location of the poachers and make their plan of attack. Little Armando must be returned to his flock. Jenny looks at the drawing of the area and frowns. The nesting site for Armand's flock is close by. "I have no doubt that they are indeed after Armando's flock. " Jenny growls angrily, and glares off into the jungle growth.
"OK Birdie Commando's let's move out. It's war. This time it is no-holds-barred" Amando yells.
Sugar and Dory get Armando ready for the cross jungle trek. With Guards, Taz, Spot, Gus, Cori, Sweetpepper, Kiddo and Pookie in closed formation around Armando they begin to move out.
your pal Amando 226029

Come visit me, jesse, KING Amando, thank-you for February BOTM, Little Angel, Jack,, sarah little bird, Rally and Lacie, angel girl,, Zeena, I'm 18 today!!!!!!!!, SKY, zeke, thank you friends for BOTD, Sky Flock Rainbow Bridge Memorial page, SWEETIE,, Poncho, Thank-you for BOTD everybirdie, casey, broken wings, broken promises & Flynn,.

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  Hi Poirot
Hello everybirdie. Amando here with today's Adventure update. After a frightful emergency with my fister Sweetie and her Pet Store toy, we are back on our trip to return Armando to his Momma and flock. With the Hippos awake things got pretty nasty for poor Cappy and his boat load of Amazon Adventurers. Hippos are not native to South America but were relocated here by someone then left to fend on their own when their owner was killed by authorities. The warmth, abundant water and plant life are perfect habitat for the displaced African natives. A large male awoke by the passing boat lets out a loud roar of annoyance that rouses the others from their afternoon rest. He runs forward, his strong legs moving easily across the river bottom. The others in his pod follow, heading towards the longboat.
Cappy sees the angry hippo coming and let's out a huge Cockatoo SCREAM, crest up, feathers fluffed. The male Hippo comes to a screeching stop and stares in wonder at the large white bird standing on the helm of the longboat. The others stop behind him, not certain what to do. The leader roars again and steps forward. Cappy screams again, this time he is joined by the other BC friends. The sound is deafening as it echos across the water. The Hippos having never seen or heard a Cockatoo before stare for a moment longer then turn on their heels and head back towards the distant shoreline. Cappy screams once more for a final warning, before smiling happily at his friends in the boat. "You just don't mess with a TOO!" he says, grabbing his oar. "OK, let's paddle out of here."
The other boats pass by undisturbed as the hippos keep a nervous watch from the banks. The group sails past Manaus, before BB calls to them to head for shore for lunch. Dixie and Little Angel were so comforted to be in the boat with Cappy as their guard,he sure did scare those hippos fast! They wouldn't want to mess around with that strong big beak.
BB opens her travel bag & gets out the portable kitchen. Out of the storage bins she gets corn on the cob, veggie Kabobs,Soy burgers and Spam hot dogs. Little Bits Best root beer is in the coolers along with Cream & Ginger Ale sodas.
"I am going to call in the supply shuttle for more food. Any birdie have a request for food??" she asks looking at Sky, " yes Pickles, I won't forget. Sky could you and Jesse go bring some water from the river please?"
Sky grabs two buckets as he and Jesse wander back down to the River where the others are playing a game of beach volleyball. Bending over, sky dips the bucket into the river and suddenly the water begins to turn and bubble. Startled Sky yanks the bucket out. "WHAT ???" he yells looking at it. The whole bottom was gone, eaten away. "Stay out of the water, Piranhas!"
Everybirdie stops dead and stares at the bucket, and the River.
"So many dangers to be wary of" Kaji sighs
your pal Amando 226029

Come visit me, jesse, KING Amando, thank-you for February BOTM, Little Angel, Jack,, sarah little bird, Rally and Lacie, angel girl,, Zeena, I'm 18 today!!!!!!!!, SKY, zeke, thank you friends for BOTD, Sky Flock Rainbow Bridge Memorial page, SWEETIE,, Poncho, Thank-you for BOTD everybirdie, casey, broken wings, broken promises & Flynn,.

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  Hi Poirot
Hello Adventurers. As we draw close to Manuas, Brazil, we must be watchful for both human threats and the ever present threat from wildlife both on land and aquatic. Although the Hippo is an African animal, there are now over 50 individuals and counting living happily along the Amazon and other South American Rivers. In the late 1980s, Pablo Escobar kept four hippos in a private menagerie at his residence in Hacienda Nápoles, 100 km east of Medellín, Colombia, after buying them in New Orleans. They were deemed too difficult to seize and move after Escobar's fall, and hence left on the untended estate. By 2007, the animals had multiplied to 16 and had taken to roaming the area for food in the nearby Magdalena River. In 2009, two adults and one calf escaped the herd and, after attacking humans and killing cattle, one of the adults (called "Pepe") was killed by hunters under authorization of the local authorities. As of early 2014, 50 hippos have been reported to exist on the Amazon and it's tributaries.
With Mick Dundee departure after enjoying BB's lunch, the birds begin to wonder how they would get past the Hippos ahead in the River. Amando, Jenny-Lynn and Sky sit close, deep in discussion trying to figure out the safest way past the upcoming danger.
"I think we simply paddle by, staying as far away from them as we can. If we take one boat past at a time it shouldn't disturb them overly" Jenny-Lynn adds, worry on her face
"But if they do attack the boat and it is alone we might not be able to get there in time to help them." Sky adds
"I think we stay close together." Amando replies after some thought, " we paddle as little as we have to, let the river move us by"
"It might be best if we separate and place guards in each boat while passing the hippo pod." Jenny-Lynn directs
Sky and Amando agree, and set about moving guard birds into each boat. The nervous Adventures load their boats, and pushing off from shore, slowly paddle towards possible danger lurking the the River ahead. Finny and Chipper had reported back that the hippos were resting near the west bank of the river in shallow water. The birds move their boats towards the eastern shore, paddling carefully, ever watchful for danger. Rounding a sharp curve in the River near Manuas, JL in the lead boat with Sugar, Cookie, Raffi, Peepers, Laka, Strawberry and RT spots the first group of hippos. Resting submerged below the murky Amazon waters, just their heads exposed. Pointing she let's out a shrill whistle to inform the others that danger was ahead of them. JL directs her companions to stop paddling, and allows the boat to move slowly along pulled by the current of the water. Sky and Kaji's boats pass by the hippos without incident. Next boat to pass is LA and Dixie's group, guarded by Cappy. As Cappy instructs his friends to stop paddling, one huge male Hippo opens his mouth and lets out an angry roar. His sudden call rouses the others in the pod.
your pal Amando 226029

Come visit me, jesse, KING Amando, thank-you for February BOTM, Little Angel, Jack,, sarah little bird, Rally and Lacie, angel girl,, Zeena, I'm 18 today!!!!!!!!, SKY, zeke, thank you friends for BOTD, Sky Flock Rainbow Bridge Memorial page, SWEETIE,, Poncho, Thank-you for BOTD everybirdie, casey, broken wings, broken promises & Flynn,.

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