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Quaker from Brooklyn, NY

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A friend of mommy who has an African Grey purchased me in hopes of having a companion for his bird, Lucky. When mommy I first saw me, it was love at first sight. Mommy's friend was getting attached to me and neglecting his own bird.He called mommy on the verge of tears and asked her if she if she wanted me. Mommy said yes, and I've been with her, my aunties and grandma, since July 2001.

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I am a Quaker from Brooklyn, NY.

Audiebird, Baby, Boo, Booby and Prettybird. My full name is Audie L. Murphy, named after Audie Leon Murphy, World War II most decorated and honored hero.

15 years old   M


Pasta, white rice, bananas and avi-cakes.

On one of upper perches and at the right hand corner at the bottom of my cage.

I don't like to get scolded. I don't like no for an answer and when asked to say quaker, I say hey squawker, booby, my name and STOP IT!

She took me into her home. she showers me, with kisses, spoils me and tells me what a pretty bird I am.

I bite off the ends of straws before placing them between the bars of my cage and getting in my water cup to bathe. I also like to turn my back on my humans when I want to ignore them, as they scold me..

To give unconditional love and receive unconditional love and be the best that you can be..

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  Thanks for your visit!
It was nice of you to stop by and congratulate me on being BOTD! What an honor! I'm doing okay, hanging out with all my angel family, including dear old Tooth.

Left a vote for you.

-- Nunzio :-)

Come visit me, **Scooter--RIP 12/3/2008, **Quincy--RIP 2008, **Minegu--RIP 10/7/2009, Hazel--RIP 7/9/16, **Ivy--RIP 8/7/2012, Dino, **Linus--RIP 6/8/2010, **Franklin--RIP 10/24/2013, Julius, Sebastian, Ruby, Pearl, Molly, and Dot, **Tiberius--RIP 2/6/2015, Phoenix, **DQ--RIP 10/11/2009, **Ella--RIP 11/28/12, Mabel, **Michelangelo--RIP 2007, **Scout--RIP 12/12/2011 & **Nunzio--RIP 10/21/12.

10/22/2014 10:21.13 PM Report This Comment  
  Thank you Audie
You are one pretty Quaker. I have a Quaker fister to she blue Her name is LUCY Thank you all I am very honored to be your BOTD. I have a feeling there's going to be a PaRTY at the CASTLE come on now let's go jump on some leaves , go on hayrack rides pick some Apples and Pumpkins then a campfire. Let's rock this CASTLE till MIDNIGHT have fun and eat drink & the food here is wonderful here is a VOTE for all of you Have a fun day from your Queen SKITTLES

Ron & Dee Ann, Bellevue, NE.

10/01/2014 11:04.29 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Audie
Hello to all my BC friends, Zeena here with today's BOTM POST/ Today we stop for a visit in New Zealand's lush forests to meet the endangered, but beautiful New Zealand Pigeon. Thank you to all who shared their feelings regarding the cross species Galah Too and Cockatiel. The hatching of this specimen may answers years of debt over the relationship between Cockatoos and Cockatiel.

The New Zealand pigeon, arboreal fruit-pigeon found in forests from Northland to Stewart Island/Rakiura, ranging in habitats from coastal to mountainous .[6 The general morphology is that of a typical pigeon, in that it has a relatively small head, a straight soft-based bill and loosely attached feathers. It also displays typical pigeon behaviour, which includes drinking by suction, a wing-threat display, hitting with the wing when threatened, a diving display flight, a 'bowing' display, ritualized preening and 'billing' during courtship. New Zealand pigeons build flimsy, shallow, twiggy nests and feed crop milk to hatchlings.

The mainland New Zealand pigeon grows to some 51 centimetres (20 in) in length and 650 grams (23 oz) in weight, compared to 55 centimetres (22 in) and 800 grams (28 oz) for the Chatham Island variant.[8] The head, throat and wings are generally a shiny green-purple colour, but with a bronze tinge to the feathers. The breast is typically white and the bill red with an orange tip. The feet and eyes are red. Juveniles have a similar coloration but are generally paler with dull colours for the beak, eyes and feet and a shorter tail.

The New Zealand Pigeon breeds in spring and fall, dependent on the availability of fruit, especially figs. They eat both the fruit and leaves as well as flowers from several species of trees, and plants.New Zealand pigeons nest in trees, laying a single egg, in a flimsy nest constructed of a few twigs thrown together. The egg is incubated for 28–29 days and the young bird takes another 30–45 days to fledge. In seasons of plentiful fruit the pigeons can successfully nest up to four times.

The Department of Conservation is involved in educating the public about the plight of the New Zealand pigeon and encouraging local initiatives to save it. In Northland, the Department has been working with local iwi in an attempt to curb illegal poaching by educating young Maori about the disastrous effect this activity is having on the birds' survival rate. On the Chatham Islands, landowners have helped protect the habitat by creating reserves and fencing remnant bush to keep out stock. Numbers have recovered from a low of about 40 birds in the 1980s to around 525 in 2013.

Come visit me, SKY, thank you for Jan 17th, 2016 BOTD & Little Angel.

07/13/2014 01:07.29 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Audie
Hello Everybirdie
Today we kick off my month of July BOTM run with a special celebration. It's Canada Day here with all the food,fun, family and firework displays. I hate fireworks, too noisy, but being a Macaw I'm always up for some food, and fun. I want to begin this month by telling you a little bit about myself. Most of you already know my handsome frother SKY, my mischievous fister Little Angel and my adventurous frother Casey, but some may not know me birdsonally.
I joined the Sky Flock in 2013. It was Easter weekend when Momma Deb received the call from my former owner to "come today and get her PLEASE!!!!!" I am sure glad that Momma Deb did, because it was the best thing that happened to me in a long while. I had lived with my first owners for 13-14 years but it became necessary to rehome me and I was sold to a lady who had a whole house full of very large, very aggressive Pitbulls and Rottweilers. I never left my cage and spent a whole year and some living in fear of being attacked by the dogs. I thought things were going to get better when once more I was resold. The lady who bought me had two large dogs who constantly barked and growled at me. I was so stressed I began to pluck some of my feathers out and I never spoke, and hadn't in 2 1/2 years.
It was my best day when Momma Deb arrived to take me away from there. I'd only been there a short while but I was relieved to be going somewhere I hoped would be better. I am very happy here at the Sky Flock, I get out of my cage all the time and love to yell at the other birds to be quiet. Momma Deb discovered I have a rather extensive vocabulary and know how to count to sixteen, and know a number of songs as well.
Enough about me. Let's get our suitcases, cameras and sunscreen ready as we begin our trip to every corner of the world. We will visit some very rare and endangered species, learn about some interesting and unusual birds, and my favorite take a look at some of the awesome mutations showing up around the planet of some of our most common feathered friends.
I will see every one tomorrow.
with love and scritches
Zeena 255116

Come visit me, SKY, thank you for Jan 17th, 2016 BOTD & Little Angel.

07/01/2014 01:05.15 PM Report This Comment  
  Alex and Audie
Hey Alex went by your page ABD kick your vote off. Cone on you 2 the food and drinks are this way nothing like dipping millet cookies in our favorite drinks right Alex. Audie I saving a dance for you so go pick the song and get ready for a good Twirl around the dance floor. Thank you for helping me celebrate. It was a fun filled day. Kicking your vote off. King WADDLES

Ron & Dee Ann, Bellevue, NE.

04/22/2014 06:56.03 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Audie
I think the way BOTD works is you have to have themost votes for the day. I won with only 4 votes. You can only win it once a year too.

I was not even hatched in 2010!! Ms BB was here but she is getten old (27?)& forgets stuff. LOL

BOTM is the same way. You can sign up for it on the Calander page #190654. Sugar is the bird who runs that page.
I give my Dad all the kisses he can handle & then some.
He gives me all the head scraches I can handle. Its a mutual admiration society.

Weather round here was gorgeous last week end. Then it turned nasty with cold & rain. Today is not bad. Sunshine & in the upper 60s.

Stop in the Kissing Booth #163138 some time and say HI to every birde there. Snowflake is there now. I will be there the mid of next week.

Charley Bird

Come visit me, Mrs BB 4 th of July 2016, TPB&G. & The Kissing Booth is open for all !!!.

04/17/2014 11:35.06 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Audie
Nice to meet you and your flock. I am starting to meet some new birds on BC. When were you BOTD? I am going to post my date in *How we met*.

I am going to be in the BC Kissing Booth 5-12 to 5-26-14. I give real good kisses.

Charley Bird

Come visit me, Mrs BB 4 th of July 2016, TPB&G. & The Kissing Booth is open for all !!!.

04/15/2014 08:05.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Guys
It's Angel Chilli.
Thank you so much for the hatchday wishes and the congratulations for winning BOTD. I had a wonderful time at the Bridge but wished I could have sent it with my family and all of you.
Love from above
and heavenly hugs,
Angel Chilli

Come visit me, ALEX has moved to YouPet., POPEYE has moved to YouPet., SAWYER has moved to YouPet., BLUE & JEWEL have moved to YouPet., GINGER has moved to YouPet. & CALICO has moved to YouPet..

10/08/2013 08:14.18 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Audie
What a wonderful season ! Even though we lost the series, it was indeed an honor to even have made it to the playoffs. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the DRAGONS ! It was a privilege to share the field with you.

Please stop by the team page and pick up your BEAK LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY !

Hope to see you at spring training ! love Coaches Polly and Cookie

Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

09/05/2013 11:41.44 AM Report This Comment  
  Awesome Audie !
You've done it Dragons ! ! !

Congratulations on a great season fellow Dragons. So great in fact we are in the PLAYOFFS against those pesky Phoenix Based Fliers ! ! ! We are proud and honored to be playing with you :)

It will be tough, but we know we can do it ! Best of 5 games - starting Monday Sept 2 and running through Friday Sept. 6 (if necessary). Of course WE know you can wrap it up by Wednesday ! ! ! In preparation there will be practice held on Sunday Sept. 1 - stop by the Dragon's Practice Field to prep yourselves, and then we'll see you at KEVLER STADIUM page 239836 on Monday at 3:00est for our first game.

GO DRAGONS ! We love you ! Coaches Polly and Cookie

Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

08/30/2013 06:55.40 AM Report This Comment  
  Dragon Audie !
This Friday August 23 is our very last regular season game ! We are playing our friends and rivals the TIEL TERRORS ! We want a win ! We're so close to the playoffs we can taste it ! So rest up and eat your carbs !

We'll see you at 3:00pm(est) at Kevler Stadium page 239836 !

Coaches Polly and Cookie

Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

08/21/2013 06:29.03 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Audie
Just a reminder of our game this Thursday, Aug. 15
. . . 3:00 pm Eastern
. . . 2:00 pm Central
. . . 1:00 pm Mountain
. . . .Noon Pacific
. . . 10:00 am Aleutian
We play the Rainforest Raiders--the Zons. Be ready for a fierce game!

Cookie & Polly

Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

08/13/2013 12:45.30 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Audie
Tuesday August 6 is our next game ! It against one of the toughest teams in the league - the Phoenix Flyers ! ! ! We have to be on our toes and strong on our defense for this one !

So take the next couple days to rest, eat well and psyche yourself up ! See you at Kevler Stadium Tues. at 3:00est (page 239836) love Coaches Polly and Cookie


Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

08/04/2013 03:14.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Morning Audie
Coaches Polly and Cookie here with an extra strength protein bar and a gatorade ! Our next game is Thursday July 25 against those great Major League Beaks ! Be ready, rested, and fired up ! We'll see at Kevlar Stadium page 239836 at 3:00 est.


Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

07/23/2013 04:54.55 AM Report This Comment  
  DRAGON news !
Next game is Monday July 15 against the Grey't Grey Wings at Kevlar Stadium (page 239836). Take your weekend to rest up, make sure you eat healthy protein packed meals and be ready ! We'll meet you there and whoop their vents ! ! !


Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

07/12/2013 05:04.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Audie
Coaches Polly and Cookie here with two bits of information - first, the All Star Game originally scheduled for today July 5, has been postponed to next Friday July 12.

Second, our next game is on Tuesday July 9 ! We play those C2 White Hawks - 3:00est at Kevlar Stadium (page 239836) Rest, eat healthy and keep practicing ! ! We need to win this one !


Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

07/05/2013 06:28.49 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Audie !
Birdie BazeBol Kommissioner K, here, to deliver some very eggsciting news!

Your Team has been conferred the eggstreme honor of having had two Players voted by their fellow Players and Fans of BirdChannel’s very own Birdie BazeBol League to play on the Beak League Team for the 2013 All*Star Birdie BazeBol game to be played this Friday, July 5th at, of course, KEVLAR Memorial Stadium (Profile Page Number 239836)!

The Players for the 2013 Birdie BazeBol League All*Star Game are …

Playing for The Beak League:

Pitcher: Quaker Little Dragons’ Quincy
Catcher: C-2 White Hawks’ Taz
1st Base: Silver Sluggers’ SamIAm
2nd Base: Mighty Macaws’ Floop
3rd Base: Wonder Wings’ Gus
Short Stop: Quaker Little Dragons’ Cookie
Left Field: Mighty Macaws’ Jake
Center Field: Kevlar ‘Keets’ Charlie ‘Keet
Right Field: Mighty Macaws’ BigBaby
Short Field: Kevlar ‘Keets’ Paddy Cake

1st Reserve: Mighty Macaws’ Athena
2nd Reserve: Kevlar ‘Keets’ Muffin

Playing for the Talon League:

Pitcher: ‘Tiel Terrors’ Zippy
Catcher: Grey’t Grey Wings’ Arthur Alex
1st Base: CrackerJack Conures’ Popeye
2nd Base: CrackerJack Conures’ Cookie
3rd Base: Major League Beaks’ Reba
Short Stop: Rainforest Raiders’ Sugar
Left Field: CrackerJack Conures’ Peatree
Center Field: Phoenix Base Flyers’ SweetPepper
Right Field: Grey’t Grey Wings’ Raffikki
Short Field: CrackerJack Conures’ Martini

1st Reserve: CrackerJack Conures’ Dixie
2nd Reserve: Rainforest Raiders’ Pedro

The Game will be played according to our usual Game Day schedule: 3:00 pm Eastern time, 2:00 pm Central time, 1:00 pm Mountain time, Noon Pacific time, and 11:00 am Aleutian time.

Join us prepared for a day full of the sheer Joy of Birdie BazeBol, Featheriends and Fans to share it with, witnessing a most challenging Game! We look forward to your presence at this wonderful display of the many skills and talents utilized by The Best of the 2013 Season in the Sport of Birdie BazeBol!

Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

07/03/2013 05:27.40 PM Report This Comment  
Tonight mommy received the following email:

"Hi everyone, I'm here to ask you what your thoughts are on moving our Clubs over to Facebook. We are gauging the idea of starting a loyalty type/activity program over here where you can earn points to redeem for prizes. We are also looking to start a Pet of the Week type program on Facebook also. Nothing is in stone yet, but these are ideas that we are considering and I am here to gather our members' opinions. Feel free to send me an email at If you have an email list please feel free to copy and paste this email into an email and send it out to all Club members (dog, cat, horse, bird, etc.) Thank you. - Crystal Apilado, Web Community Specialist at I-5 Publishing"

I'm pretty sure everyone here will think this is a bad idea. I think everybirdie should email Miss Crystal at the email listed and let her know how much birdchannel means to us. We certainly did. You guys are part of our family, and we wouldn't want to loose you.

Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

06/29/2013 05:17.25 PM Report This Comment  
  Three DRAGON announcements !

VOTING begins at noon [Central] TODAY, Saturday, June 22 for Players for the 2013 Birdie BazeBol League All*Star Game to be played at KEVLAR Memorial Stadium on Friday, July 5. Voting will continue through noon next Saturday (June 29). Teams will be announced on Monday, July 1.

Please cast your vote (only ONE vote PER PLAYER OR FAN, PER POSITION) for Starters and Reserves on either the Beak League Team or the Talon League Team. (In other words, you may vote for each of 9 Starting Positions and 2 Reserves in either of the two Leagues, a total of 11 Votes. But you may NOT vote for any one position in BOTH Leagues—with the eggsception, of course, of Reserves for which you may vote for one in each league if you wish. Voting for any other Position in both Leagues will void your vote for that Position completely.) Teams in each League are listed in the “My motto:” section on the KEVLAR Memorial Stadium Page (No. 239836).

Only current PLAYERS or RESERVES may vote for the Position of PITCHER.

Starting Positions are:
1st BaseBird
2nd BaseBird
3rd BaseBird
Short Stop
Left Field
Center Field
Right Field and
Short Field

If you do not know the Players on a Team, most Teams have established a Team Page which you can find by visiting that Team’s Captain’s Page. Team Captains and their Page Numbers are listed on The Office of the Birdie BazeBol Commissioner’s Page (No. 249453) in the “How we met:” section. If there is no Team Page, I’m sure the Team Captains would be happy to share their Team Roster with you!


In order to avoid anybirdy’s votes being accidentally overlooked in the huge amount of activity on The Stadium Page, please be sure to LEAVE YOUR VOTES ON THE COMMISSIONER’S PAGE.

I sincerely hope that you have all been enjoying the 2013 Season so far. The All*Star Break marks the halfway point in the Season. We are scheduled to bring the regular Season to its conclusion at the end of August. And then we have the Championship Series to look forward to. But at this point, it is time to recognize and acknowledge the great playing that we have already seen on the Field at KEVLAR Stadium and have a Special Day of FUN with Fans and Players alike

2. GAME #6 on Tuesday June 25 at Kevlar Stadium (page 239836) against The CrackerJack Conures - be rested and be ready ! We are on a winning streak that we don't want to lose !

3. Sadly, our friends and teammates, Kiwi (p l82158) and Oatie (p. 181589) lost their daddy to cancer last night. Please keep them in your prayers and thoughts.

Coaches Polly and Cookie

Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

06/22/2013 01:13.54 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Audie !
Game #5 :

Tuesday June 18 against Da Pois "N" Dem at kevlar Stadium (page 239836) - 3:00 est -

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and be ready to show them we're HOT !

Coaches Polly and Cookie

Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

06/16/2013 05:14.23 AM Report This Comment  
Game #4 is Monday June 10 against those mighty little Kevlar Keets ! 3:00est at Kevlar Stadium - rest up this weekend - eat healthy and get some exercise ! We want to continue our winning streak !


Coaches Polly and Cookie

Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

06/07/2013 04:12.28 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Audie !

Get ready for our next game ! MONDAY JUNE 3rd against the Wonder Wings ! We hope nobirdie slouched during this week off !

We want to keep our winning streak going !
See you there !

Coaches Polly and Cookie

Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

05/31/2013 12:11.32 PM Report This Comment  
  Red Hot Dragons fire up Kevler Stadium !
Congratulations DRAGONS !
Once again we have rocked the stadium ! Let's keep this winning streak going ! As Chez would say :

Nutriberries, oatmeal, pomegranate!
The Quaker Dragons are gonna slam it!

Pumpkin seeds, birdie bread, cherry pie!
The Quaker Dragons are gonna FLY!!

Check the team page regularly for updates and stay in shape - our next game isn't until June 3 !

Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

05/24/2013 07:54.22 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Audie
next game tomorrow!
Don't know if we mentioned other bazbol regs besides the no flockmates on same team. So here are some of the other ones:

Be active on BC within days. “We will not allow a Player to participate whose parront has not visited the BirdChannel in weeks or months.”

(We will be playing a Monday thru Friday schedule this Season, posting all game results at 3:00 pm ET each afternoon.) Parronts who work during the day can post prior to and after the game.

Post at least twice on the Stadium page on our game days, once before a game and once after.

Team Rosters will be checked for participation monthly. If Players do not participate as is eggspected by accepting a position on the Team, they will be replaced by a Reserve Player

You are encouraged to post on teammates pages to develop Team unity.

Thanks for being a good player.
Captains Cookie & Polly

Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

05/22/2013 09:18.09 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Audie !
GAME # 2 All you DRAGONS !

Thursday May 23, 3:00EST at Kevler Stadium against the Mighty Macaws ! Let's make our win last week into a streak !

Cheer courtesy of CHEZ :

Go Dragons (shake left)
Go Dragons (shake right)
Number 1 team
Green and mean
We're gonna burn ya with our steam (wingtip on hip) SSSsss!

Go Dragons (shake left)
Go Dragons (shake right)
Yaaaaaaay (big leap)

See you there ! Coaches Polly and Cookie

Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

05/21/2013 11:44.34 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Audie
That was a greyt game, wasn't it?
sorry it has taken so long for me to get to you. Mom had computer trouble, then family funeral.

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

05/19/2013 10:49.58 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Audie
Thank you.
How is your aunt?
Mom has been having trouble with her computer and just now got the emails and note. From my page we can only delete the whole note.
Mom lets me pull her long 'chin' hairs. In fact today she asked me to do that for her. I'd really rather get ALL the hairs.

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

05/16/2013 06:52.04 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Audie
Happy Birthday to your mom ! And guess what ? She's the (almost) same exact age as my mom ! Only my mom's birthday isn't till September !

The images were just googled - then we used to put them together ! Easy :)

love Cookie

Come visit me, Cookie loves his friends !, BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

05/14/2013 11:45.09 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Audie

Our first game is tomorrow - Wednesday May 15 at 3:00pm (est) against the Silver Sluggers ! The Kevlar Stadium is page #239836 or use the link in our team's aviary.

Let's show 'em what we've got ! ! ! GO DRAGONS !

See you there - Coaches Polly and Cookie

Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

05/14/2013 04:00.13 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Audie
Co-Cpt. Polly here. Want to let you know the schedule is up on the Dragons team page. If you will send me your email address, I'll send you a copy of the 2013 calendar of ALL the games. Commissioner asked captains to have email addresses of all players so that there could be contact if BC wasn't working. You can get to me thru:
Thanks Audie.

Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

05/13/2013 10:04.25 AM Report This Comment  
  From SamIAm !
Hey Coach Cookie! Spread The Word!!
!**!**! **!** B.B.Q. And You're Invited !! **!**!**!

WHEN: Sunday May 5th, 2013

WHERE: The Silver Sluggers' Team Page

FOR: All Baseball Teams & Cheerleaders
& Any Other Baseball Enthusiasts!!
Some Fun To Start The Season Off
B.Y.O.B And "Flight Fuel" Will Be

Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

05/03/2013 09:08.23 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Audie!
Mommy went to the bird show yesterday and only got me a fleece snuggle toy, I'm a bit upset about that. The budgies got a bunch of toys so I don't think it's all that fair, but oh well. Mommy said she still has a bunch of toys for me that haven't been put in my cage yet, so I guess it's okay.
I got to go to the park on Saturday. It was very beautiful outside! While we were there, a little girl sat with us and asked mommy a whole bunch of questions about me and the budgies. Mommy thought is was quite adorable. When we got home I got to eat some ice cream. I think that was the best part. :P
Hugs, Peatree

Ps from Mommy: Thank you for your note about how Peatree feels when I feed the budgies. She is a bit of a drama queen and hates if I even spend a second with the budgies. :P She gets plenty of love! (Even if she says she doesn't XD)

Come visit me, Peatree ~ Love you forever, my BC friends!.

04/22/2013 09:15.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Audie!
Thank you so much for voting me Bird on the Day last Sunday! It was a wonderful honor to spend my day in the castle with the beautiful Queen Chyna. (: I'm sorry I wasn't able to blog you with thank yous sooner, mommy's grandma was visiting so she wasn't able to spend much time on the computer.
Well, I guess I wouldn't want to eat my food on the floor.....but the budgies are different! I should get more time with mommy because I love her more then the budgies do!
Hugs, Peatree

Come visit me, Peatree ~ Love you forever, my BC friends!.

04/10/2013 11:38.11 AM Report This Comment  
  Coach cookie here
to let you know your team pictures are done and posted if you and Alex want to pick them up !

Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

04/08/2013 06:49.10 AM Report This Comment  
  Don't worry fellow DRAGON
They'll be there tomorrow - mom has been on vacation this week and has neglected my duties -

love Cookie

Come visit me, Cookie loves his friends !, BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

04/07/2013 08:56.06 AM Report This Comment  
  Coach Polly and I are so happy
to have you and Alex on the team ! In fact we're so pleased that you can both have the desired positions :) I've got your numbers and your pictures will be added to the team page, ummmmm, by Monday ! It's going to take a couple days cause mom doesn't have access to the 'puter with all the elements saved :)


Come visit me, Cookie loves his friends !, BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

04/02/2013 01:34.55 PM Report This Comment  
  No April Fool's !
Quaker Little Dragons would love to have you joing the team ! Just submit your 15 numbers (between 1-12, any order or combination) to either Coach Polly or Coach Cookie - or you can leave them on the team page.

Tomorrow Tuesday April 2 there's an open house and practice for the team to get to know each other - stop by if you get a chance !

Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

04/01/2013 11:40.47 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Audie
I know you are concerned with your skinaunt, but if you have a few minutes, please give us your 15 numbers 1-12 for this season of baseball. Temporary positions have been assigned, but very arbitrarily. Please contact us.
Polly and Cookie

Come visit me, Quaker Little Dragons - Beak League Champions !.

02/18/2013 09:14.01 AM Report This Comment  
Today's book is very close to my little green heart for a couple reasons - TANGO IN AMERICA by Steve Baldwin with Alison Evans-Fragale is about my wild quaker frothers in the USA. Tango is a young quaker looking for her father. During her search she faces many challenges and learns about life, love and growing up. Probably best categorized as a young adult book. Also we like it because mom and dad have been on the quaker walk with the author in Brooklyn, NY. Learn more about wild quakers at -

Are you interested in playing ball ? The season is starting up and I'm trying to contact as many team members as I can . . .

love Cookie

Come visit me, Cookie loves his friends !, BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

01/08/2013 05:02.36 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Audie
01/07/2013 09:13.04 PM Report This Comment  
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