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Society Finch from Albuquerque, NM
The Moocher Ducks

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We just flew into Albuqurque one day and decided to stay.. Awards
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Hi! My name is The Moocher Ducks

I am a Society Finch from Albuquerque, NM.

Big Moochers

9 years old   F

Society Finch

Anything that the golfers feed us.

At the Arroyo Del Oso Golf Course. Our favorite spots are: the pond on #6, the fairways of #2 and 3, and the #1 tee box.

When the golfers don't feed ME first. The geese that fly in for the summer-they eat our food and poop everywhere. BC needs to add DUCK under Bird Species category.

Free Food.

Waiting at the #1 tee box at 5:00 AM for free food..

If you are going to hit us with a golf ball, please say FORE. We get confused when you shout DUCK!!!.

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  Thank you Moocher Ducks!
Hi Moocher Ducks and thank you for your Congrats for BOTD!!! I gave you a vote :) Sorry I took so long to get back to you. Mommy has been tired and on treatment for Hepatitis C.

Love, Beenie, Baby, Mommy :)

Come visit me, Baby & Beenie.

12/29/2015 08:07.36 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Moocher Ducks and Norman
Please come and join me in the Castle for a special celebration with King Chief Tweety,there'll be lots of good food to eat and lots of things to explore!I wouldn't think of not having you share in this special occasion,if it weren't for you I wouldn't be in the Castle,so come on over and enjoy the day with me here!Love,Peepers

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

12/11/2015 06:33.42 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Moocher Ducks and Norman
Please come over to the Castle and join me in my special day here!It just wouldn't be a good time without you sharing in my good day!There's lots of good food here and so many things to do and see and you deserve to be here as if it weren't for you I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself!Thank you so much for always being there supporting me!Love always!King Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

12/09/2015 05:47.17 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Duckies
Heres one back at you !!!

Love Tweety

Come visit me, Jedi says thank you for BOTM my BC family!, Snowflake says... vote for jedi botm, Tweety and buddies say Happy Valentines.V4 me 5K & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

11/04/2015 08:35.06 AM Report This Comment  
Pecked a V4U...Have a great day....Many birdie wing hugs to you..Stormy :o)

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

10/28/2015 05:33.07 PM Report This Comment  
Just stopping by pecking a V4U and hoping you are having a nice Thursday...Many birdie wing hugs to you...STORMY :o)

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

10/08/2015 06:42.02 PM Report This Comment  
Pecked a V4U...Today I will continue to talk about birds and mammals here in the state of Pennsylvania and our Pocono,Pa.area where I live....Continuing talking about the birds first....Today the first bird will be the House Sparrow..It is an introduces species, the common sparrow of cities and towns, this bird belongs to a different family from our native sparrows. This one came from Europe in 1852, and was first seen in Pennsylvania in 1868. Like the starling, it's an aggressive bird with few natural enemies in this country, and has multiplied enormously. This sparrow common in farmyards, eating spilled grain. The male is a dapper-looking fellow with black throat, white cheeks, gray head and rusty neck. Females and young are an undistinguished brown streaked with buff...The second bird is the Chimney Swift.The name's appropriate, for this is a very fast flier which roosts and nests in chimneys as well as air shafts, hollow trees, silos and wells..Like nighthawks, they're most obvious during feeding flights at dusk, but these birds are quite different from nighthawks. They're smaller, and their flight is much more erratic,like a high-speed, fluttering roller-coaster. The call is different, too: a high-pitched, chattering chip-chip-chip. Wings are long and narrow, gray-black like the rest of the bird. It feeds almost entirely on insects......Tomorrow I will continue with more birds...Hope you are enjoying the campaign blogs...Thank You every birdie who comes by and pecks my vote button daily..I appreciate it very much...Have a great Monday...Lots of hugs to you....STORMY :o)

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

10/05/2015 05:49.20 PM Report This Comment  
Pecked a V4U..First I want to thank every birdie that votes for me daily while I am campaigning for BOTM..I appreciate it so much...Today I will talk about 2 other birds that are here and also in the state of Pennsylvania..The first one is the Barn Swallow.This common swallow is the only one with a deeply-forked tail...Its back is a lustrous blue-black;its forehead and throat are rusty and its belly buff...Lively fliers with long, tapering wings. barn swallows maintain an almost constant twittering as they chase after airborne insects...Their mud nests are often attached near rafters of old barns which they can fly in and out of easily; modern barns are less hospitable...Abundant in Pennsylvania except in winter, when swallows fly south.
The second bird will be about the Killdeer...Golf courses are a favorite hangout for this bird of open fields...Although it's a shore-bird, the killdeer is often found far from water...A loud clear kill-DEEE may attract your attention before you see the the brown-and-white bird with a double black "necklace."..Lays eggs(usually four) in a slight, shallow scrape in dirt or gravel...If disturbed near the nest, the female will pretend to be injured in order to lure a potential predator from the nest area...An insect-eater, the killdeer is the farmer's and gardener's friend....So tomorrow I will continue with more of the Pennsylvania and in the Pocono area birds...Hope you will enjoy the blogs..Have a great Saturday..Many birdie wing hugs...STORMY :o)

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

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  hello there Moocher Ducks!
Thanks a lot for congratulating me on my BOTD!
But what a pity, mum was so busy that day, so we learned today that I was chosen, by e-mail:/
But we guess that's okay, I am making new friends here on BC.
Here, a BIG vote for you two!
See you guys soon!

Come visit me, Cino (I'm offline, sorry guys).

09/25/2015 12:13.49 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Moocher Ducks
Thanks for dropping by to congratulate me on being BOTD. I had a wonderful day at the Castle celebrating with all my many BC friends.
your pal

Come visit me, SKY, thank you for Jan 17th, 2016 BOTD, Little Angel, JESSE, thank-you for BOTD friends! & SWEETIE.

09/11/2015 04:29.17 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi ducks
Thanks for stopping by. It was so nice of you.

Come visit me, JeTTa.

09/08/2015 03:37.45 PM Report This Comment  
Yes, The Castle has so many things that you can do ..I am planning a big celebration party....Theme will be an Amusement Park with all the rides...Hope you are having e great Saturday..Pecked a V4U..Many birdie wing hugs to you ...Queen Cydney :o).

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

09/05/2015 07:50.02 PM Report This Comment  
Thank you for helping me be the BOTM...I as so happy to be your Queen of the Castle for the month of September..There will be a big party for all birdies to attend...Date will be announced soon..Pecked a V4U...Have a nice Tuesday...Many birdie wing hugs to you...Queen Cydney :o)

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

09/01/2015 03:11.24 PM Report This Comment  
Thank you for all of your votes...Pecked a V4U..Today I will finish my campaign with a short blog on one place that I overlooked when talking about Shawnee Ski Resort...It is the Shawnee Playhouse, Shawnee on Delaware, Pa...The Shawnee Playhouse offers theatre year-round in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, with something for everyone including musicals, dramas, comedies, children's theatre and special events.Meal-and-show packages make memorable experience...Now I would like to thanks every birdie who has voted for me throughout the month long campaign and has read the blogs and gave their feed back on them..It was a great month for me to be able to tell you about the region where I live the Pocono Mountains and their many places to visit and browse or just have fun....Thank you all again..Hope you have been enjoying your Monday...Many birdie wing hugs.....CYDNEY :o)

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

08/31/2015 02:50.20 PM Report This Comment  
Pecked a V4U..Today my campaign blog will be about Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton, Pa..Steamtown NHS celebrates the strength & glory of Locomotion.Takes a seasonal train ride through the beautiful mountain of Northeastern Pennsylvania or experience the heritage of the railroad through the History & Technology Museums.Join a Ranger-guided locomotive shop tour to learn what it takes to repair & maintain steam locomotives.Visit the only National Park Service Unit solely dedicated to railroad history.Created to interpret the story of mainline railroading between 1850 & 1950.The park occupies more then 40 acres of former rail yard & includes historic railroad buildings.Bring the whole family for a hands-on learning experience as you tour the Roundhouse and ride the rails.They have many locomotives & freight & passenger cars on display.Some have open cabs & compartments that visitors can climb in and walk through including a mail car, railroad executives passenger car(with the dining room and sleeping/lounge areas)box car, cabooses and a recreated DL&W Station with ticket window.A Steam Locomotive with cutaway section helps visitors understand steam power.Part of one of the 1865 Roundhouse inspecting pits uncovered in archaeological excavators is also preserved in situ under glass.Steamtown NHS is located within a working railroad yard & incorporates the surviving elements of the 1902 DL&W Scranton roundhouse & locomotive repair shops.The visitor center, theater technology & history museums are built in the style of and on the site of the missing portions of the original roundhouse giving an impression of what the original circular structure was like.The theater shows a short film throughout the day.The museum has exhibits about the history & technology of steam railroad in the U.S. & Pennsylvania, particularly.Hope you are having a great day...Thank every birdie who has voted for me to be BOTM...Many birdie wing hugs....CYDNEY :o)

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

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Pecked a V4U..Today my campaign blog will be about the Holley Ross Pottery....A visit to Holley Ross Pottery is an experience you'll undoubtedly want to repeat...Their factory showroom is located on Route 191 in the quaint village of LaAnna(5 miles south of Newfoundland, Pa.).....They offer products from over 135 vendors as well as the products made on the premises..They offer demonstrations on how the pottery is made at 11 A.M. Monday through Friday...A new product line is the very collectible Polish Pottery by Ceramika Artystczna as seen on QVC...They have about 2,500 pieces to choose from!...They also offer Fiesta by Homer Laughlin China at savings up to 70%......Those are just two of the reasons people go there and keep coming back..They also offer, free for your enjoyment, a swinging bridge leading to a beautiful woodland park with sawdust trails and a scenic five acre lake....Holley Ross Pottery is shopping at its best as well as memorable experience for all who come...They are opened May 1st through mid December...Hours are Monday through Saturday 9:30A.M.-5:30P.M.& Sunday 1:00-5:30P.M....You might be interested in dinning before leaving the area there is the Desak, Swiftwater, Pa and it is the finest Hibachi & Sushi Japanese Restaurant in the Pocono's..It features entertaining hibachi chefs who captivate guests with eye-catching fire shows while preparing a succulent array of freshly cut beef, chicken, seafood and vegetables plus cocktails and appetizers..Another place that has a good rating is the Pocono Brewing Company in the same town...Enjoy their homestyle foods, slow-cooked meals, fresh vegetables and delectable desserts from their menu full of choices you're sure to love..You will be greeted with friendly and prompt service and the best comfort foods and unique dishes in their region...This is just some other thoughts of something you might like to see and take in an enjoyable meal before or after browsing through the pottery shop...Have a wonderful Saturday...Thank you again every birdie who pecks a vote for me to be BOTM..Many wing hugs...CYDNEY :o)

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

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  i ducks
Wasn't expecting BOTD, but am pleased to see my mug shot isn't on a Milk Carton, Thank you. Screech

Come visit me, Screech & Roof Top.

08/29/2015 05:20.57 AM Report This Comment  
Pecked a V4U...Today for my campaign blog I will be talking about the Casino Theatre and Village Malt Shoppe Mt.Pocono,Pa..It was originally a one story 1922 Casino building used as a dance hall & night club which was converted to a movie theatre after being purchased by a woman from Stroudsburg...Then it was sold in 1974 to three couples one by the name of Mr.& Mrs. George Litz..The families renovated & modernized the vintage structure opening the business 4/4/1975..Less than a year after the grand opening the structure burned to the ground..The new building opened 4 months later 7/1976.A new single screen movie theatre & new ice cream parlor.The new building was built with a slanted floor allowing a modern movie-going experience instead of the neck-craning involved when watching a film from a flat floor..Within a few years the Litzes bought out their partners and began expanding the operation.Today after more than 30 yrs.the Litz Family still own and operate the Casino which is in its second generation. The Casino is now a 2 screen movie house & ice cream shop. It shows first run movies plus still features an old fashioned soda fountain with many flavors of ice cream as well. Plus the Movie Theatre & Malt Shop they added a Sandwich Restaurant, Children's Arcade, Miniature Golf Operation and a Gift Shop with the 1950's theme of decor featuring nostalgia & retro items were added with items featuring Betty Boop, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, I Love Lucy & other Icons of the 1950's...Well my friends I do hope this might also be something you would like to see while visiting in the Poconos...Have a nice Friday...Thank you all again for voting for me everyday...I certainly do appreciate it...Many wing hugs....CYDNEY :o)

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

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Pecked a V4U...Today my campaign blog will be a short one...Maybe you would just like to take a day and browse through some different shops here in the Poconos such as Country Kettle Candy & Gift Shop it is one of the largest shopping attractions in the Poconos...Located in East Stroudsburg, Pa on Milford Road..It has candy in rows and rows of barrels and you can purchase by the pound...Also many other types of candy not in barrels...They have a beautiful collection of very nice Jewelry...Many different candles..Figurines, Handbags and much much more...Down the road in the same area they have The Christmas Factory, Marshalls Creek, Pa..It is one of the largest, most complete Christmas Stores in the U.S.A...Carries Trollbeads, Chamilia, Old World, Snowbabies, Jim Shore, PipKa & More, Personalization on 1,000's of ornaments also largest selection of Brand-Name Beads in the Poconos and endless amount of ornaments of any and all types that you can think of...If you get tired of browsing in the stores you can stay in the sames area and be a little daring and go for a skydive at Sky's the Limit Skydiving Center..It has state of the art training,Jump the same day and get a video of you jump..Better yet if not in for skydiving you can go up the road a bit further to S&S Speedways a indoor Go-Karts in the Poconos and see how are are in driving them around their track...If your visit happens to be on a Saturday or Sunday you can also spend some time at the Pocono Bazaar Flea Market which features 100,000 square feet of outdoor and heated indoor shopping...Open year round every Saturday and Sunday with free parking....Hope you will find some of these places interesting...Have a great Thursday....Thank you every birdie who pecks me a vote everyday....I appreciate it...Many wing hugs...CYDNEY :o)

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

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Pecked a V4U...Today my campaign blog will be on Malibu Dude Ranch...Malibu Dude Ranch is located in the scenic Pocono Mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania in beautiful Pike County just a short 3 mile drive from Milford, Pa...The 800 acre ranch offers something for all ages.Come and enjoy an old West Cowboy style vacation and plenty of horseback rides with our wranglers on scenic mountain trails in a mature forest...Our all-exclusive packages allows you to park your vehicle and begin to enjoy all of the amenities and meals throughout the day..Malibu Ranch is an ideal vacation for family, reunions, anniversaries, etc....The luxury rustic main lodge features western decor with guest rooms on the second level.The main floor houses, the pioneer dining room, indoor heated swimming pool, game room, western outfitters shop,and Malibu Saloon with nightly entertainment.It also features 20 private cabins amo9ngst the majestic oak trees, a boat house on the lake and chalet style rooms near the main lodge.History buffs might have interest in seeing & photographing a two-story stone structure built in the 1700's overlooking the lake during a period of Native American Conflict.Altogether the ranch can accommodate up to 200 guests..Things of interest to do while you are there would be horse back riding, archery, hay rides, skeet shooting, mini golf, fishing, bonfires, row boats to go out on the lake, pony rides for kids, on site mechanical bull and of course guest participating rodeo...They have a Rodeo with bull riding, saddle bronc, bareback riding, barrel racing, roping and steer wrestling rough riders compete each Saturday night from end of June through Labor Day weekend.Complete with rodeo clown antics & captivating intermission performances guaranteed family fun...Hope you are enjoying the blogs of many things to do while in the Pocono Mountains of Pa....Have a nice Wednesday...Thank every birdie who votes for me everyday..Appreciate each and every one...Many wing hugs...CYDNEY :o)

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

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Pecked A Today my campaign blog will about the Houdini Museum..The Houdini Museum was established in 1988 at Scranton, Pa. It is in a turn-of-the-20thcentury building that has been entirely renovated.Houdini performed in Scranton and did several special challenges there. His brother, Hardeen, also appeared in Scranton and in its sister city, Wilkes Barre. Documents & letters attesting to this are on display at the museum & on its website. Houdini, performed at the Poll Theater for S.Z.Poll in Scranton, that was part of the Keith-Albee-Orpheum Circut at the time. This would become the RKO Movies Circut. The Houdini Tour, Show & Museum attraction is one of Scranton's most popular things to do and is highly rated. Stories about the Museum and its performers have been featured in recent years on television shows throughout the world. The live show at the Museum includes two of the best, nationally known magicians, Dorothy Dietrich & John Bravo(aka Ray Carter & Dick Brooks). The Houdini Museum covers Houdini's career and facts about Houdini. The Houdini Museum has national & international significance, especially since the tragic fire of an exhibit in Niagara Falls in May 1995. A part of the exhibit was on display for 13 years at the Magic Towne House in New York City. The Houdini Museum features memorabilia, artifacts, mannequins and films of the master magician. The Houdini Tour also includes a magic show as part of the tour...This is another point of interest to see while visiting the Pocono Region..Thank you every birdie who continue to vote for me everyday..I appreciate it very much...Have a great Tuesday....Many wing hugs to you...CYDNEY :o)V4U...

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

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Pecked a V4U..Today I will be talking about the Pocono Snake & Animal Farm, Marshalls Creek....Jack Lowris founder of the long-time Pocono attraction, was a police officer in New Jersey who was fascinated with snakes..He decided to open a rattlesnake building & Lowris made his dream come true in 1969 when he built a world of snakes, monkeys, birds and other exotic animals in Marshalls Creek..With more than 100 reptiles & animals to care for the workers at Pocono Snakes & Animal farm keep a tight schedule.. The workers have a strict routine every morning they cut up fresh fruits to feed the animals and fill bottles to feed the pigs & goats..They also make sure that each animal is clean & place ready to go for lots of tourists...Walking into the farm is like walking into a jungle with animals that many have seen on television..The farm houses guinea pigs, rabbits, snakes, alligators, monkeys, a bear, wolf, turtles, a leopard, deer, goats, a mountain lion, a bobcat & more..All of the animals here at the farm are donations from the state, individuals and rescues..None of the animals are wild...At the front door desk patrons can purchase food to feed the alligators, monkeys & other animals..The goats can also be fed with a baby bottle filled with milk..Many of the animals are celebrities or known for their unique personalities & amazing stories...Shelly the 150 lb. turtle is a century old..She once appeared on the "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson"...Another amazing story Hemingway a male alligator was found in a New York City apartment & rescued by Animal Planet's own "Animal Cops" before being donated to Pocono Snake & Animal Farm...This is not a big building where they are housed but whenever passing it the parking lot is always crowded..Some people do find this a place of interest while visiting in the Poconos....Hope you all are having a nice Monday...Thank every birdie who does vote for me during my campaign to be BOTM...Many wing hugs....CYDNEY :o)

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

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Pecked a V4U...Today my campaign blog will be about Knoebels Amusement Park & Resort...It is owned & operated by the Knoebel family which include amusement park, picnic grove & campground in Elysburg, Pa..It is included as being in the Pocono region...It is America's largest free-admission park for 89 yrs. of operation.The park offers free parking and free entertainment.Visitors are able to ride the parks attractions by purchasing either pay-one-price all/day unlimited-access wristbands(not usually available on weekends)limited-except near the beginning & end of each season.Limited-access hand stamps or books of tickets with hand stamp costs varying depending on the height of the rider. Knoebels has several hand stamp options Sundown Plan - Bargain nights when the park offers discounts on regular ride passes. Knoebels all day passes do not include Haunted Mansion & The Crystal Pool - they are additional fees.Scenic Skyway, Black Diamond & Flying Turns are now included in pay-one price plans..They have 6 different Roller Coasters, 2 Carousels, a grand carousel and a small carousel, 2 Trains One coal fueled and one gasoline powered..They have a 110 ft. Ferris Wheel, 55 ft.high Log Flume, 50 ft.high Chute-theChutes, Stratos Fear 148-ft.drop tower(Tallest ride at Knoebeld), Crazy Sub a submarine-styled ride, Sky Slide winds around the outside of a Rocket Ship, Haunted Mansion a 3 minute dark ride, Himalaya-Style Ride completely enclosed in the dark, Scenic Skyride 14 minute ski lift ride, 1001 Nachts(night)ride called Aladdin Carpet, and so many more rides...Restaurants & food throughout the park with sit-down & counter service..The park also features novelty items like the pickle on a stick, caramel apple chips & cheese on a stick...They also have Knoebels Three Ponds Golf Course located 1/4 mile from the park & campground..It is a Par 71 eighteen hole golf course & offers numerous challenges such as water & various risk-reward approach shots...Hope you are having a great Sunday....Thank you every birdie for all of your votes..Many birdie hugs to you....CYDNEY :o)

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

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Pecked a V4U...My campaign blog will be much shorter today then usual....Today I will take you to Sciota, Pa..This is another area in the Poconos.....We will be talking about Eddies Toy & NASCAR Museum...This is a privately owned Museum. It features anything NASCAR, from cars, figurines, food products then there are the toys from every era.The museum also has all kinds of Coca Cola items. You walk through and you remember your childhood or something your Grandparents may have had...There is a wonderful gift shop downstairs...Something for everyone...What is sold are duplicates of what is in the museum, antiques, NASCAR items..Ed Stanat is the owner..He is such a wonderful man and a great storyteller...He takes you through his museum and tells you about each item, how he acquired something or how he fell in love with this particular item....Ed is now focused exclusively on his toys over 20,000 collected over 40 years....Although his museum does still feature an elaborate toy and collectible tribute to Dale Earnhardt Sr....For tomorrow I will check and see what else that you might like would be in that same area also..Hope you all are having a nice Saturday...Thank you every birdie for stopping by with your vote for me to be BOTM..I certainly appreciate everyone..Many hugs to you...CYDNEY :o)

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Pecked a V4U..Today my campaign blog will be part 2 on Shawnee Ski Resort..Telling you about the festivals & events that take place during the summer and fall..1.Shawnee Celtic Festival held in May-Sounds of Emerald Isles & Scottish Highlands music on 2 stages..Bagpipes & Celtic Jam, working sheep, dogs, Irish Dancers & a variety of Celtic Craft & all kinds of vendors..There will be plenty for the kids to do with Celtic Wizard Magic Show, Petting Zoo and more.2.Shawnee Fireworks Display held in July-There is an outdoor DJ.With many other event taking place all day.Various food & craft vendors plus a Barbecue will be taking place.Fireworks display will be at dusk.3.Pocono Wurst Festival held in July- All kind of Polish & German foods such as, Wursts, Kielbasa, Pierogies & Brews. Both Polish & German themes music, traditional costumed dance performances and much much more to be seen.4.Pocono Chicken Wing Off held in August-Benefits Monroe County Meals on Wheels.Pocono Chicken Wing Off is the Pocono Mountain region's largest wing event.Sample 30+ varieties of wing sauces.There is a contest to see who will be wing off winners-Most original, Best tasting Hottest winner & a wing off runner up.5.Shawnee Mountain Mud Run held in August-The Shawnee Mountain Mud Run is a 5K Mountain trail run with natural & man made obstacles.Challenging ups & downs, rocky, wooded & wet terrain.Shallow water crossings,ice bath, mystery obstacle & lots of mountain mud. Shawnee Mountain Mud Run also has a Mini Kidz Run for kids 6-12 years old.6.Pocono Garlic Festival held in September-This event is held over Labor Day weekend.Over 60 food & craft vendors with everything from garlic vinegar & garlic ice cream to garlic themed pottery & paintings.Local music, annual Garlic Eating Contest & plenty of children's activities.7.PRCA Rodeo & Chili Cook-Off is held in September-Regular rodeo with all kind of event,such as riding bareback, bronco riding, bull riding,etc.Chile Cook-Off takes place under big tent.Try the many different kinds and find out who has the best.8.Autumn Timber Festival held in October-Lumber Jack Competition,Blacksmithing demos, Chainsaw Sculptures, live music, children activities food & craft vendors.9.Pocono Truck Festival held in October-Only Poconos Food Truck event featuring food trucks from the Pocono region, New Jersey, New York City & Philadelphia.Also live bands, monster truck shows, scenic chairlift rides & more.10.Art on the Mountain held in November-Annual art on the Mountain Art show & sale feature regional painters, photographers, sculptors & artisans.Hope Lodge at Shawnee Mountain Ski area will house artists & artisans on 2 floors.There will be light refreshments & musical entertainment.So that is some of the things happening there and there is many more.Tomorrow we will travel on to yet another place..Have a wonderful Friday.Thank every birdie who continues to peck a vote for me everyday so I can become BOTM..Many Wing Hugs...CYDNEY :o)

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Pecked a V4U....Today my campaign blog will be about the history of the Shawnee Ski Resort, Shawnee on the Delaware, Pa...Shawnee Peak Ski Resort(elevation 2,006 feet)Is located on the north end of a long ridge that is known locally as Pleasant Mountain..Skiing on Pleasant Mountain began in the mid-1930's when skiers were granted permission by local farmers to tear down fences during the winter and use the hill for recreational skiing..The first ski trails were cut by students from nearby schools...The mountain officially opened on January 23, 1938 as the Pleasant Mountain Ski Area..The ski area featured a 1,100 foot rope tow and 500 people showed up on the first day of operation..In 1946 Russ Haggett became the general manager of the Pleasant Mountain Ski Area, a job he kept for 30 years...He added two rope tows and acquired more land for recreational development...The first chair lift was installed in 1969 and a new lodge was built 3 years later...In the mid-1970's Pleasant Mountain Ski Area's name was changed to the Shawnee Peak Ski Resort. After a year with no natural snow, the resort installed snow making in 1981...Several years later night skiing became available...As of 2010, Shawnee is a mid-sized ski area with two bases, 44 trails, 5 lifts and extensive night skiing...Also at Ski Shawnee during the months they have hold many different Festivals & Events such as: 1. Shawnee Celtic Festival - held in May 2. Shawnee Fireworks Display - held in July 3. Poconos Wurst Festival - held in July 4. Pocono Chicken Wing Off - held in August 5. Shawnee Mountain Mud Run - held in August 6. Pocono Garlic Festival - held in September 7. PRCA Rodeo & Chili Cook Off - held in September 8. Autumn Timber Festival - held in October 9. Pocono Truck Festival - held in October 10. Art on the Mountain - held in November..Tomorrow I will talk about what each event is about....Hope you all are enjoying the blogs...Have a great Thursday...Thank every birdie for coming by daily and pecking a vote for me to be BOTM....Many wing hugs...CYDNEY

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Pecked a V4U..Today I will come to a conclusion of the tour of Jim Thorpe...Although there is a lot more going on there I will move on to another place of interest here in the Poconos...Hope you all are enjoying the campaign blogs....Another place you might like to visit while being in Jim Thorpe is Mauch Chunk Museum...Mauch Chunk Museum & Cultural Center is new..However some exhibits might not be completely finished...But, however there is plenty to enjoy and learn right now as Mauch Chunk presents the fascinating history of industry in America and particularly in Pa. Anthracite Region. The mining town of Mauch Chunk, now known as Jim Thorpe, is the repository for the body of the great Native American Olympian. As well as the broad coverage the museum gives to Local history. It features an exhibit on Jim Thorpe and his life, including a collection of rare photographs.Mauch Chunk is housed in the former St. Paul's Methodist Church, a beautiful red brick building constructed in 1843 a magnificent example of Victorian Ecclesiastical Architecture, the building features a high ornate ceiling.Exhibits span the ages, focusing on: 1. The Prehistory of coal 2. Lenape Indians 3. Industrial Mauch Chunk including mining 4. Canal Lock(a working model) 5. Railroads 6. Switchback Gravity Railroad(working model) 7. Local Industries 8. The Golden Age 9. The history & restoration of St. Paul's Church and much more..All told, visitors will experience history in a most enjoyable way...Jim Thorpe is the place to go if you like to shop.They have stores with just about everything you such as Antique shops, clothing, furniture, books, art, etc..Interesting in having something to eat there is a little bit of everything Italian, Chinese, Tex Mex, and American Cuisine all options.Outdoor Adventure with Kayaking, or Whitewater Rafting. Hike Glen Onoko Falls.The gorge offers some of the best Mountain Biking in the country(recently rated #3 in the country by a prominent outdoor magazine.)You can camp at Mauch Chunk Lake Park and Hickory Run State Park is about 20 minutes away as well. For the less ambitious take a train ride around the gorge it is breathtaking....Take in some history, learn about the town of Mauch Chunk(Jim Thorpe). Visit the stone churches such as St. Mark's Episcopal Church and its history. Go to the Cultural Center, tour the jail And the mansions(Harry Packer & Asa Packer). Check out a concert at the opera house..Learn how old Mauch Chunk was named after the "greatest athlete on earth."..Enjoy all the Jim Thorpe has to offer...Again I would like to thank every birdie who continues to peck a vote for me on this campaign to be BOTM...Have a great Wednesday....Many birdie wing hugs....CYDNEY :o)

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Pecked a V4U....Hope every birdie is having a great Tuesday..Today (Part 2) I will be talking about some more things of interest to do while visiting Jim Thorpe, Pa. here in the Pocono's...In fact, there are quite many things so there will be a (Part 3)...How would you like to take a sightseeing tour on Jim Thorpe Sidecars....Treat yourself to an exhilarating vintage BMW Motorcycle Sidecar Tour around their beautiful historic town and its surrounding splendor...Enjoy a sightseeing experience you won't find anywhere else in the Poconos...Choose from an hour and a half to a four hour excursion...Take in the incredible sights and sounds each season offers...Experienced antique motorcycle enthusiast, Barbara Timberz, will pick you up at your location and take you on an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime..."Your Chariot Awaits"...You will need to make reservations...

Take a tour of the Old Jail Museum...Wonder the old jail's cold hallways, past Cell 17 with its mysterious hand print on the wall, under the gallows on which seven of the accused Molly Maguires were put to death and down into the eerie dungeon....And don't forget to check out their new book "Ghost's of the Molly Maguires", a collection of visitors first hand accounts of strange happenings in the old jail......

Take a ride on the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway...The Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway primarily uses passengers coaches that were built as early as 1917...Most trains are diesel operated, but the railroad does use steam locomotive No.425 on occasion..Regular season trains operate from the historic downtown Jim Thorpe Station.. May through December into the beautiful Lehigh Gorge State Park. Trains leave downtown Jim Thorpe to White Haven, disembark bicyclists on the 25 mile river trail for the return to Jim Thorpe. People can take their own bike, rent on through Pocono BiKing, or take the Bike Train round-trip back to Jim Thorpe. The railroad also operates the very popular Fall Foliage Specials from Port Clinton, Pa to Jim Thorpe and return in the month of October...Hometown High Bridge Trains operate in October from Jim Thorpe Station to the 168 foot tall Hometown High Bridge Trestle... The Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway also offers other special train excursions throughout the year..You should call or visit their website for official schedules....

This is a few more things of interest to do and tomorrow I will finish up on the rest..Hope you are enjoying these campaign blogs on things to do in the Pocono's...I appreciate every birdie who comes by and pecks a vote for me daily....Thank you very much...Many birdie wing hugs....CYDNEY :o)

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Pecked a V4U....First I would like to thank every birdie who pecks me a vote daily to help me be BOTM..Part (1)..... I am going to talk about the town of Jim Thorpe, Pa and some of the activities that you can do while visiting in that area...Today the subject is about Skirmish Paintball..Of course, I know it will be more interesting to the men and the boys and some women and girls do join in the fun....Several hundred acres of densely wooded award winning Pocono Mountain fields await you at Skirmish USA located in the Pocono Mountains of Jim Thorpe, Pa.Their paintball game fields are a unique & beautiful natural environment. A great place to spend a day playing your favorite adventure sport!..Thick fields, large trees, Castles, Rhododendron, Swamps, Brooks, Forts & Villages are all located in the Jim Thorpe, Pa. area.....Whatever size your group is--you will have a blast at Skirmish USA Paintball....The Skirmish judging staff is well-trained & very experienced in the game of paintball. We handle what ever size groups of paintball players in a friendly & efficient manner..The full-service Skirmish Paintball Pro-Shop is always stocked with the best in new paintball guns, equipment, clothing & accessories..You will find top of the line paintball gear from the best manufacturers in the game..If it is hot in the world of paintball then Skirmish Paintball USA in the Poconos has it In addition to our great playing fields & top of the line rental equipment we offer a complete facility with hot showers, changing rooms, Cafe, Picnic Pavilion and Gift Shop..Free Hot Dog BBQ after play..You need to call in advance for prices and to make sure there is room for you and your party to play..Some days they have private parties and are closed to the public....I realize not everybody is interested in this adventure sport but it is one of the things to do for a day while visiting that area....Hope you are having a nice Monday....I will be back tomorrow with some other things to do and see while being in the Jim Thorpe area of the Pocono Mountains....Many birdie wing hugs...CYDNEY :o)

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Pecked a V4U...Again I want to thank every birdie who come by and peck a vote and help me become BOTM....Have a great Sunday...My campaign blog today will be about yet another place to visit when you are in the Poconos....Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm....Quiet Valley Farm is a historic working farm that is operated as an open-air museum...The farm encompasses 100 acres of pasture, woods & fields that is located within Stroudsburg, Pa. The farm consists of a farm house, a spring house, cabin, a school house, a barn, a frame was house, fruit drying house, smoke house, ice house, storage shed & wagon shed.Not only does it provide shelter for farm animals but, it also grows a wide variety of traditional crops.This beautiful farm is a step back into Colonial Times when life was simple & self-sufficiency was more important than it is today. Quiet Valley's 14 buildings are interpreted by costumed "family" guides who share the daily routines of a thrifty & industrious Pennsylvania Dutch Family & its descendants who lived at this location from 1765 to 1913. Guided tours & demonstrations take place on a continuous basis. The mail building has a large cellar-kitchen with an earthen floor & a huge fireplace.Here visitors cam see cooking demonstrations & learn about the life of Colonial Women.The bedroom includes a tester bed(a tester is a canopy) trundle bed & a cradle.A small parlor was added just beyond this this room during the 1890's and a "modern" kitchen with iron range & dry sink can be seen in this building as well. A "farmer" guide can be seen using farm equipment of many decades ago in the big barn and spinning & weaving demonstrations take place in the "granddaddy house." Throughout the complex, the following activities can be seen on a daily basis: spinning, weaving of flax or wool, meat smoking, drying of fruits & vegetables, gardening, cooking or baking, tending of animals and Colonial handcrafts. The farm features a full range of barnyard animals, work horse, cow, pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks, cats, dogs and others and kids can touch them..Children can also enjoy a "hay Jump". Opened on selected days in Spring and Fall & on a regular schedule from late June through Labor Day, Tues - Sat 10 am - 5 pm, Sunday 12 pm - 5 pm. Closed Mondays except Labor Day.Admission : Adults $10, Seniors(62+) $9, Children(3-12) $5 & Children under 3 free. Also Picnic areas are available......This is another place of interest that many visit while in the Pocono area..Hope you all are enjoying the blogs...Many birdie wing hugs...CYDNEY

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Pecked a V4U...Thanks to every birdie that has come by my page and pecked a V4M to help my campaign to be BOTM...Every vote is appreciated very much...Sure hope you are enjoying the campaign blogs and are finding some of interest..I am just trying to point out some things to do if you come to the Poconos on vacation or day trips...Have a great Saturday...Today I am doing part 2 of Bushkill Falls..As I have told you there is a Park fee...Also some of these things that they have to do before walking the trails also have a fee...There is a Wildlife Museum which exhibits 1.Pa. Wildlife 2. Native American 3. Story of Bushkill Falls....They have an 18 hole miniature gold course and that fee is $5 per person (includes souvenir golf ball)...They have Paddle Boat Rides $4 per person, (life jackets are required & provided)...Consider taking a run ride around the Twin Lakes in a two-person paddle boat.As you pedal forward in your paddle boat the back of your legs will get splashed by the cool water of the lake..Pretty appealing during the hot summer months. Don't want to get splashed? Feel free to pedal backwards. Either way our paddle boats are fun for all....Fishing $5 per person - No license required..Bushkill Falls Mining Co. Maze 1st.Maze Run is $7 Reruns are $2...This is a fun competitive activity that lends more than just finding your way through the maze to the exit. This is a great way for everyone to sharpen their navigation skills while competing for the fastest times.There is a Mining for Gemstones but must purchase a small or large bag of mining rough. Sift contents of bag in the sluice..Also have a Children's Playground...Shopping/Gift Shops - All stores are located near entrance of the trails. Also have Picnic Area & Pavilion plus picnic tables & grills through out Bushkill Falls Park....Trails to take: 1.Green-takes about 15 min. view Main Falls to walk ..No Climbing..However there are steps 2. Yellow-takes about 45 min. to walk..View Main, Lower Gorge Falls, Laurel Glen Falls & Upper Canyon 3.Blue-takes 1 hr.& 15 min...View Pennell Falls...4.Red-this trail is for the avid hiker.In that it spans almost 2 miles includes all 8 falls and takes over 2 hike..Tomorrow I will be talking about another place of interest to many people who visit here....Thank you all again..Many birdie wing hugs...CYDNEY :o)

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Pecked a V4U...You have a great weekend also..First I would like to thank every birdie who has come by my page with their vote for me to be BOTM...Today I will take you to another beautiful Falls here in the Poconos....History of Bushkill Falls(part 1)....Bushkill Falls is nicknamed "Niagara Falls of Pa." and is among the Keystones State's most famous attractions.Bushkill Falls is a series of 8 privately owned waterfalls, the tallest of which cascades over 100 ft.Located in Northeast Pa.'s, Pocono Mountains. Beginning at the head waters of Little Bushkill Creek.The water descends the mountain toward the Delaware River,forming Bushkill Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Bridesmaid Falls, Laurel Falls, Pennell Falls and three additional unnamed Falls.As the water begin their descent toward the Delaware River below, they move faster toward Bushkill Falls, rushing over Pennell falls, then between rocky walls through the upper Canyon and Laurel Glen.Suddenly the stream drops over the edge of a 100 foot cliff, the majestic Main Falls. From the deep pool at the bottom, banked by ferns, mosses and wild flowers, the creek now drops another 70 ft.through a long and spectacular gorge strewn with a gigantic boulder. Trail and bridges lace the area, affording splendid views.Nature hikers can take a 2.5 mile of hiking trails and are enthusiastic about the walk to the Bridal Veil Falls.Here you will follow a nice trail by the pond run stream.The stream soon flows into the Little Bushkill where the mountain path leads deep into the forest. Spring-fed waters tumble down the mountain side in a series of three lovely falls, so misty in their appearance they are named for brides in love.Charles E. Peters first opened Bushkill Falls to the public in 1904 with a single path and a swinging bridge over head of the Main Falls. Bushkill Falls is still owned by the Peter's family.There is an admission fee for the park per day of $12.50 for Adults, $11.50 for Seniors and $7 for children ages 4-10 yrs. Tomorrow I will give you the other activities they have there which is about 8 and also will tell you about all the trails you can walk and how long it takes approximately for each...Plus there will be some pictures posted in my gallery to look at...Have a great Friday...I do hope this will be another place of interest to you..Many birdie wing hugs....CYDNEY :o)

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Pecked a V4U...First I would like to thank everyone who continuously pecks a vote for me..Certainly appreciate each and every one..Have a great Thursday...Now I will do part 2 of my campaign blog...It is about the Suydam Wildlife Sanctuary that is a big part of the Dorflinger Glass Museum..Since 1980 the nearly 600 acre grounds of the Dorflinger-Suydam Wildlife Sanctuary have preserved the natural beauty & wildlife of Northeastern, Pa. The Sanctuary is dedicated to the preservation of woodlands & open spaces and so much more. It is home to the Dorflinger Glass Museum that is dedicated to preserving the magnificent glass in White Mills from 1852 to 1921 with over 900 pieces of cut engraved, etched, glided & enameled crystal the museum proudly displays the nations largest collection of Dorflinger Glass...During the summer months the tranquil sanctuary gives life to the Wildflower Music Festival.This annual outdoor Music Festival brings the finest musicians to the area performing classical, jazz, folk, bluegrass and chamber repertoires. There is no better place to be on a Saturday evening than under the majestic pines, listening to quality music while enjoying a picinic supper & a glass of wine. Although the property of the Sanctuary extends nearly 600 acres, the preservation efforts of the organization move past the boundaries into the village of White Mills. Those efforts began with restoring one of the original seven houses built by Christian Dorflinger as homes of the workers he brought from France. It now serves as a reminder of a worker's life in 1867. Finally, back to this quietly beautiful place called a sanctuary. Miles of well-maintained walking trails clear the mind & refresh the soul. During the winter months, there is a special solitude in the swish of cross-country skis breaking through the snow. It all fosters the belief that enduring valves are part of a worthwhile way of life that should be preserved for & shared with future generations...Tomorrow I will be talking about yet another place of interest that is visited by many here in the Poconos...Hope you will find this campaign blog of some interest..Many birdie wing hugs....CYDNEY :o)

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Thanks to everyone who come by daily and peck a vote for me...I really appreciate it...Today I will be talking about Dorflinger-Suydam Glass Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary in Historic White Mills, Pa...This will be in 2 parts..Today will be the Dorflinger Glass Museum...Home to the nations largest collection of Dorflinger glass. See more than 1,000 pieces cut, engraved, etched, gilded and enameled crystal. Beginning 1860s, Christian Dorflinger transformed White Mills from a sleepy hamlet on the banks of the Lackawaxen River into a bustling industrial center. For more than half a century the Dorflinger glass works produced exquisite cutlead crystal that graced many of America's finest tables, including those of several White House administrations.The Dorflinger-Suydam Wildlife Sanctuary acquired its first piece of Dorflinger glass in Sept. 1981 as a gift from Agnes Houth Balsden. Mrs. Balsden gave a Marlboro pattern decanter in memory of her father, Fred Houth, who had worked in the Dorflinger factory. Many glass acquisitions followed & were held in a vault at an area bank as there was no museum to display them. In 1986, the trustees of the Sanctuary began a campaign to Raise $150,000 to construct a museum on the sanctuary grounds. With the generous support of the community, the fund drive surpassed its goal in the fall of 1987. At that time,noted glass expert Helen Barger agreed to donate more than 300 pieces of Dorflinger glass. The trustees named renowned Dorflinger expert Ray La Tournous curator of the budding museum in the winter of 1987. He was charged with the tasks of developing the collection & training volunteers. Construction of the building was completed in 1988. On May 20, 1989 the glass museum opened to the public.In 1991 acting curator Mark Eggenberger installed a display of glass from Dirflinger family members June Hardy & Jane Beers.Henry J.Loftus, Jr. was appointed curator in 1992 & continues in that position today. With more than 1,000 pieces, the Dorflinger Glass Museum is recognized as having the largest display of Dorflinger glass in the natiion..Volunteers donate their time to staff the museum & museum shop.The museum must generate enough revenue each year to support its costs. Admission & museum shop sales are the primary sources of funds for the museum. The Sanctuary support the museum by maintaining the building & grounds through the services of General Manager Tom Dein. The museum could not operate on its own without the support of the Sanctuary...Cost of Admission is Adults $5, Members & Seniors(55+)$4, Ages 6-18 $2.Tomorrow I will talk about the Wildlife Sanctuary and add pictures to my gallery...Hope you all are having a great Wednesday...Many birdie wing hugs....CYDNEY :o)

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Pecked a V4U...Thank you everyone who has been voting for me daily...My campaign blog will be another place here in the Poconos that is interesting to visit when you are in the area...Today the place is the "The Pocono Indian Museum"...First it will be about the history of it..The main building that houses the museum was originally built in 1840 by John Van Campen Coolbaugh. It is one of the oldest frame structures in the Pocono Mountains.The large farm house is located on Rt.209 previously called Milford Road as it was a dirt road leading from the town of Stroudsburg to Milford, Pa.It was later a boarding house and stop for the stage coaches heading from Pa to NY State.During the American Civil War the basement of the house was reputed to be a safe house hiding slaves during the day light hours so they could continue their journey under the cover of darkness on the "Under Ground Railroad" to Canada.During the prohibition era drinking liquor was prohibited in the U.S. The building became a local"Speakeasy" where people could drink alcohol in violation of the law."Dutch Shultz" and "Legs Diamond", famous gangsters were seen staying here while on the way to see a Jack Dempsey fight. The building at a later date was used as a dormitory for councilors at Camp Sunny Brook a summer camp nearby run by Pa. Baptist Convention in 1976 the property was purchased as the store of the Pocono Indian Museum. By this time the structure was in terrible shape and had to be completely refurbished. It took a lot of man hours and the dedication of the Law family to bring the building back to its original splendor and current home of the Pocono Indian Museum.The Pocono Indian Museum is the only Museum in Northeastern Pa dedicated to showing the history of the Delaware Indian. The museum will both inform and perhaps shock you. It will show the North American history of man in Northeastern, Pa from 10,500 the contact period with European man prior to the American Revolution. It will show the Delaware Indians peaceful coexistence with other Indians. And, it will show you the shocking and short 100 years it took the white man to virtually eliminate almost all traces of the Indian's existence.The Pocono Indian Museum traces the history of the Delawares through displays of ancient artifacts, weapons and tools that form chronological commentary on life among the Indians for thousands of years. A tour of the Museum takes approximately 30 minutes.Visitors carry with them an audio device which gives a detailed narration of the unique displays...Also you can visit their gift show with some Indian items to purchase...Check my gallery for pictures...Hope you are having a great Monday...Tomorrow will be talking about another interesting spot to visit here in the Poconos..Many birdie wing hugs.....CYDNEY :o)

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Pecked a V4U...Well sorry we are getting this campaign blog out so late but the parronts had a graduation party to attend today and It was a 2 1/2 hr drive one way...Today I will be talking about Callie's Candy Kitchen & Pretzel Factory which was established in 1952 and located in Mountainhome, Pa., Another part of the Poconos..So people just make the trip for the candy & pretzels made there...When walking in pretzels are being made and you will see the pretzels entering the oven and as they are finished baking slowly coming out on a conveyor belt.They have a large variety of pretzels and both hard & soft...
One of the employees will show you how all of the different pretzels are made...The employee will have some dough and make a standard pretzel, their pretzel on a stick and a funnel cake pretzel...Also there you can purchase any of their hard & soft pretzels plus colored popcorn in every flavor and color you can imagine...Also a section of the store where you can buy gifts of different kinds and even a section where you can purchase purchase "Left Handed Gifts" for the left handed person...After you are finished there you head up the street about 5 minutes away to their candy kitchen store..They have your standard variety of candy such as chocolate fudge, holiday candy, etc. but also a huge variety of different candies ..There is a wall of chocolate molds you can buy to make your own candy with the chocolate wafers that they also sell..There is about 100 plus varieties of all different molds...While you are walking around one of the employees will explain how the candy and chocolates are made also about the the simplicity of business and marketing..They will ask you how many types of chocolate there are and you will be told one ..Also ask you how many different types of ice cream there are and again you will be told one...Its ice cream...not ice creams..That probably makes no sense but after sitting down with the employee they call(The Candy Man)explaining about the candy they will be sure to tell you all about it and I am sure you will understand then...There will be plenty of samples after the presentation...So if you are looking for an inexpensive trip or even free if you do not buy anything be sure to stop by Callie's it's definitely "old school" but unique, true to the Poconos & most important "Yummy"...Again you all for stopping by with your votes...Hope your Sunday was a nice one...Lots of birdie wing hugs to you...CYDNEY :o)

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Thanks for stopping by...Pecked a V4U...Today my campaign blog will take you to another place of family fun here in the Poconos..Hoping it will be of interest to some.....The name of the place is Costa's Family Fun Park...Located just 3 miles from Lake Wallenpaupack in Hawley, Pa...Costa's family fun park offers activities and food for the family...Your family can enjoy a round of miniature golf on their challenging and fun 18-hole course or practice your golf games by hitting a basket of balls at their driving range. Take a swing at their stadium batting cages. They have slow and fast pitch softball and baseball pitches for little and major leaguers..Create your own field of dreams as you watch that ball soar over the home run fence under the lights..Bring out the NASCAR fan in everyone by racing at the go-kart track..We even have two-seaters so the very young can feel the thrill of victory....Right next to the go-kart track children can enjoy the slides and ball pit or race around the track on their own pedal kart...Moms and Dad like this area too. Its a great place to relax while the kids are having a blast...Their arcade offers classic pinball and skee ball as well as games for small children...Everyone that plays these games can earn tickets redeemable for fun prizes...The snack bar at the park offers family favorites such as burgers, salads, kids meals(with a toy), teen favorites, nachos, mozarella sticks & chicken tenders...Some of the menu also for dessert soft ice cream, hand dipped Hershey's ice cream or create yourself a custom sundae with all of the favorite toppings or enjoy a homemade milkshake..Plus if you enjoy funnel cake try some of theirs...The best way to enjoy the park is with their wristband package but activities can be purchased individually...Open weekend in Spring and Fall and daily in the height of the Summer....This is a fairly small activity park but is enjoyed by many when visiting the Poconos especially if you are spending some time at Lake Wallenpaupack...I would like to thank everyone who votes for me daily....Have a nice Saturday ...Tomorrow I will take you to another place of interest that many people visit while being in the area...Many birdie wing hugs....CYDNEY :o)

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

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Pecked a V4U...Well today I am able to get on and do my campaign blog a bit earlier...Yipee!!! they are done working on the lines so it can be much earlier tomorrow...It will be a part 1 and finish part 2 tomorrow...Hope you all enjoy...The subject will be Lake Wallenpaupack located near Hawley, Pa.......Lake Wallenpaupack is a fresh water lake in Pennsylvania..It is the third largest lake in Pennsylvania measuring 52 miles of shore line, 13 miles in length, 60 feet deep at points and has in excess of 5,700 acres of surface water.It was created in 1926 by PPL the Pennsylvania Power & Light Company for hydroelectric purposes as well as flood control; however, it is best known as one of several major recreational destinations in the Pocono Mountains.Is is located near the city of Hawley and includes the counties of Pike and Wayne located in Northeastern Pa.The Lenape Indians named the area "Wallenpaupack"which means"The stream of swift and slow water."William Penn later owned the land and then deeded it to his son.Who then gave it to James Wilson One of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
In order to create the lake, PPL constructed a dam on Wallenpaupack Creek at Wilsonville and a levee.(Tapton Dike)The project 2,700 men almost 2 years to complete and 7 months for the reservoir to fill after the dam was closed off. The land of Wilsonville and the surrounding area in the valley was purchased by PPL from about 100 owners at about $20 and acre and most of the property was razed or moved.Some houses remained, and as the valley was flooded the water was so clear that one could see the houses under the water. In all 17 miles of roads and utility poles were rerouted and Purdytown Cemetery had to be relocated. The former town of Wilsonville now lies under the water near the dam. PPL manages 3,300 acres of land around the lake as well. While homeowners have access rights they must apply for permits things such as landscaping to installing exterior lights and cannot cut down vegetation to improve their view of the lake. A provision to keep the man-made lake natural...Tomorrow I will continue part 2 with the recreations that the lake has...Hope you will find this article of interest..I want to thank everybody who votes for me daily to be BOTM..Have a wonderful day..Lots of birdie wing hugs..Love, CYDNEY :o)

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

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  Hi Guys
Thanks God today is Wednesday
Im flying by
your page to stamp U
a votie and to Thank U
4 flying by my page to congratulate me
4 making BOTD!
be a good birdie
Have a greyt week
wings hugs
Your Pal, Oki

Come visit me, Baby/Vote10K BCWarriors263181/mou- rningChiper257319 & Oki,/Vote BOTM Laka259145/Mourning Gizmo.

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  Hi Moocher Ducks
We are working on an amazing on-line auction for 2015. We will have lots of cool Parrot related items including toys from Chuey"s Chewable Bird Toy Creations, Art work prints and portraits and much more.
We are looking for businesses and individuals who would like to donate a new or GENTLY USED and LOVED item for our auction to help the Parrots at New Wings Bird Rescue and Sanctuary.
If you have an item(s) you'd like to donate please PM us.
We will require the size, quantity of the item, whether it is new or Gently used. Also if you will pay the shipping or the winning bidder is responsible to pay it.
Stay tuned for more details and an upcoming list of available items to bid on. The list will be updated as donations come in!

Come visit me, MIKEY D, Steppin' back in history for BOTM April, birdie haven park, ANGEL CHUEY--April 26/15, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

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