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A breeder let me know she was available and with one look we fell in love with one another!. Awards
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Hi! My name is Goosey

I am a Timneh African Grey from Melbourne, FL.

Goosey Girl, Baby Girl

10 years old   F

Timneh African Grey

Nutriberries, almonds, seeds

On her stand

Being touched without warning, the vacuum cleaner, and rain storms late at night.

She lets me sit on her shoulder, and takes me for walks

Laying on her back and playing with toys.

Goosey Girl, Weeee!!!!!.

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  Hi there
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Parrot Parents of Brevard or use this link:

Come visit me, PeeWee & Cheeky.

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We voted for you, please vote for us!
Love PeeWee & Cheeky!

Come visit me, PeeWee & Cheeky.

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01/27/2010 01:01.16 PM  
  My goodness over 400 days I hope you are ALL OK :( Worried. We are trying to move out your way probably Palm Bay. We are hoping you are all ok miss ya xoxo

Diane, New Smyrna Beach,, FL.

03/25/2009 08:43.55 PM Report This Comment  
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01/27/2009 04:02.27 PM  
Wishing you ALL a Wonderful new year. I know it's been a while hhaah Gee have not been on here chatting since sept ouch lol trying to catch up big time. But it's impossble to reply individually at this point but did read all our messages & Hope you are all doing well. AND LEFT YOU A VOTE :)And guess what Mommys' bee boyfriend lives in Melbourne actually Indian Harbor so my mommy goes there alot to visit him and takes us with her :) xoxoxoxxx Zazoo & Angel

Diane, New Smyrna Beach,, FL.

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10/29/2008 10:20.43 AM  

Diane, New Smyrna Beach,, FL.

12/24/2007 11:25.19 AM Report This Comment  
  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Christmas is just around the corner and we are flying by to wish all of our friends and their family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope all of you get lots of yummy food, new toys and lots of hugs and kisses! Remember to be good....Santa Stork is watching. he he he! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Christmas Hugs and Kisses from KIWI, TOOTLES, MOOSE and our MOM (Crystal). xoxoxoxoxox

Come visit me, Echo, Tootles, Kiwi & Moose E. Moose.

12/19/2007 11:00.08 AM Report This Comment  
  Please Help Us Honour Jersey
Hi everyone, we are a flock in Australia, and our precious boy Jersey passed away in May. We are still sadly mourning our loss, and mum especially hurts every day that passes without him.
We would really like to see Jersey make Bird of the Week or Bird of the Month if possible.
PLEASE vote as many times as you can for Jersey, it would mean the world to our mum, I am sure all of you know how much you each mean to your flock parents. Lots of love from the Aussie Flock - Archie (Grey 'tiel) Memphis (White-face 'tiel) Chicane (Albino 'tiel) and Bailey (Sun Conure) xoxox

Come visit me, Chicane, Bailey, Memphis, Tom (Galah), Archie, Bird, Jersey (passed away 01 May 2007), Boy & Girl & Mia (Grey male) & Pierre (pearl female).

12/10/2007 03:18.40 AM Report This Comment  
  How is my Goosey friend doing? :) I miss you. Just flying by to say hi and leave you a vote xoxoxo ZAZOO

Diane, New Smyrna Beach,, FL.

11/09/2007 07:01.17 PM Report This Comment  
  Morning Goosey Girl!
I am soooooooooo glad you wrote me. I always love hearing from you and/or Char. You are dive bombing Char? he he he! That sure sounds like fun. I haven't been getting along too well with Kiwi so now mom has moved us. Kiwi is in her own seperate corner in the livingroom. Mom told me and Moosey that she was upset with us for being such big meanies. Hey, it isn't my fault...Moose made me do it. he he he! My skin siblings started 1st grade. It is nice to have quiet afternoons without them pestering us. They don't often bother me since I bite everyone and let everyone know I am the boss and if I don't want to do it, then I am not. I was going through a real nasty biting stage with mom for awhile but mom hopes I am over it. Yesterday mom was home sick so she was laying on the recliner. I jumped onto the top of the recliner, jumped onto mom's head and then pulled her hair. he he he! Needless to say, mom didn't think I was funny and wouldn't let me back onto her head. She is so mean. he he he! You have they have feathers? Mom bought hermit crabs and they don't have feathers. In my opinion, if it doesn't have feathers then it is not a good pet. he he he! I think you should throw some of your feathers onto the lizards if they don't have any. They sure must be ugly without feathers. he he he! Mom says I am obsessed with thinking everything should have feathers....hey, I am entitled to my opinion. he he he! Well, Goosey, I am so glad to hear from you. I am also glad to hear that you are well even if you are being a tad bit naughty. he he he! Take care, cutie! Kisses...TOOTS

Come visit me, Echo, Tootles, Kiwi & Moose E. Moose.

10/12/2007 07:58.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Goosey Girl!
I haven't squawked to you in ages. How are you doing? How is your family? Char? I hope everyone is doing well. We have been busy here. My skin siblings started 1st grade this year which means I get more mommy time all to me. Well, I guess it isn't all for me since I have to share her with Moose and Kiwi. As I am sure you are well aware of, siblings are a pain. he he he! How was your summer? Did your dad get all the painting finished? Well cutie, I must be going. Take care and be a good girl. Kisses, TOOTLES

Come visit me, Echo, Tootles, Kiwi & Moose E. Moose.

09/14/2007 09:47.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Howdy Goosey!
I am sorry you are stuck outside. Don't worry though mom is just trying to keep you safe. You will be back inside before you even know it. I know I get scared sometimes when mom takes me outside but she keeps me close to her. I haven't been out for awhile for a long period of time. I went out the other day just to get the mail. A truck went by and scared my feathers right off of me. Could you imagine? Needless to say, mom said I need to stay closer to the house next time. Mom is hoping to get me outside a little later today since it is so nice out. She said she can't guarantee anything since she picked up our new cage last night. She was originally going to give it to me but she changed her mind. That is fine with me...I like my cage. I have the perfect hiding spot in it. he he he! Well I better be going. Take care and be a good girl. Kissses! ~TOOTLES~

Come visit me, Echo, Tootles, Kiwi & Moose E. Moose.

07/24/2007 09:14.46 AM Report This Comment  
  Howdy Goosey!
How have you been? I haven't talked to you or Char in ages. Mom is behind on my blogs this week since she was suppose to be on vacation but ended up sick. She is feeling much better now and trying to catch me up with my friends. We hope all is well with you and your family. Be a good girl, beautiful! TOOTLES

Come visit me, Echo, Tootles, Kiwi & Moose E. Moose.

07/21/2007 04:08.27 PM Report This Comment  
  Howdy Goosey Girl!
How are you this weekend? I was bored. Mom had to bake a cake and then go to a graduation picnic...boring! I, of course, wasn't allowed to go. She is just no fun. I would let her friends come to my wait, no I wouldn't. he he he! I would only let mom come. he he he! Moose and I are getting along a tad bit better but we still have our moments. Mom says we act like true siblings...always bickering. Mom got Moose his own boing so now he isn't on my play area all the time. I am so glad mom bought him that. He was always taking my toys and food from me. Mom put new toys up for Moose and I. I don't know about Moose but I love my new toys. My friend, Knuckles, sent me a caterpillar toy that I absolutely love. Mom said she is trying to find more since I love them so much. I hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th of July. Take care! Kisses! ~TOOTLES~

Come visit me, Echo, Tootles, Kiwi & Moose E. Moose.

07/01/2007 02:22.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Goosey!
No, it wasn't a baby toy. It was a toy mom bought off of ebay. It has 2 circles at the bottom which unfortunately are big enough for me to put my head through. Mom doesn't allow me to have this toy in my cage for this reason so it is on my play area since I love it. I love to attack this toy every chance I get. I also lay on my back while playing with this toy and that is why mom thought I was playing with it when I was actually stuck. Mom said she is going to keep an even closer eye on me now. FLYING? Wow! Does your mom have an enclosed area outside that you fly around in? My mom left me out once without a harness and I flew down our driveway. Fortunately I still have my wings clipped so I didn't get too far. I thought mom was going to have a heart attack. he he he! I thought it was fun! weeeeeeeeeee! he he he! Needless to say, mom makes me wear my harness now. She is no fun. Mom hasn't decided if she wants to let my wings grow in or not. I can still fly half decent when my wings are clipped. Mom said we will cross that bridge when it gets here. he he he! I am glad you are doing well. I must go visit Char. I haven't talked to her today. Mom was up at the nursery where she bought Moose and the cockatoo up there bit her. Boy was she mad. It drew blood and everything. Oops! Anyway, I must be going. I will squawk at ya later! Kisses! ~TOOTLES~ P.S. I have been saying "What ya doing" all weekend and mom is going crazy. She is so silly like that.

Come visit me, Echo, Tootles, Kiwi & Moose E. Moose.

06/26/2007 06:20.57 AM Report This Comment  
  Howdy-ho Goosey-o!
How are things going with your toys? I heard mom saying that she bought Moose and I some new toys. I also heard mom say she is buying Moose his own boing for on his play area since he is always hogging mine. Thank goodness! I hate sharing my boing. I think I do pretty good sharing everything else but I hate to share my boing. he he he! The day after you had an altercation with your toy, I had one with mine. Mom thought I was playing but actually I had the ring stuck around my neck. Mom came over and pulled it off. Thank goodness mom was there. After she saved me from my toy, I went right back and attacked it. How dare it attack me. Grrrrrr! I hope things are all well with you. Take care! Kisses! ~TOOTLES~

Come visit me, Echo, Tootles, Kiwi & Moose E. Moose.

06/25/2007 01:14.44 PM Report This Comment  
  Goosey Girl...what are we to do with you?
I am so glad that you are okay. Char told me all about your incident. Thank goodness you are okay. I was worried when I read Char's blog. You be a good girl and stay out of those nasty toys. Play only with the safe ones. he he he! I hope you are feeling better. Kisses! ~TOOTLES~

Come visit me, Echo, Tootles, Kiwi & Moose E. Moose.

06/20/2007 10:11.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Howdy Goosey!
I bet it is nice to have a new cage. Mom got this cage given to her and she is having it redone. She said I might get put into it once we get it back since it is a bit bigger than mine. She said she would then give Moose my cage. I don't want to share my cage with that brat. I want to keep both cages for just me. he he he! Mom is hoping that if she gives Moose my cage that he will learn to stay on his own play area which will in turn cut down on him biting me. Yeah right! he he he! Nope, I haven't said anything new yet. I only say "ow" and "hello". I don't say "hello" all the time...just when I want. I also do laugh. Mom said she can't belive how everyone is telling her their birds say this and that and all I say is "ow". She laughed and said that is okay. She loves to hear me do my "ow" bit. She and my skin siblings laugh at me. I have been sneaking off of my play area these days so I can go sit on the back of the sofa and look out our big window. I just sit there and watch what is going on outside. Mom said I look like I am deep in thought. he he he! Tell your mom that when she has a moment to breath, she should put some new pictures up of you. I bet you sure are getting to be such a big girl especially since you are 1 now. Did you do anything exciting for your birdday? Well I better be going before I take up your entire page. Mom and I are sure good at blogging novels. he he he! Take care! Kisses! ~TOOTLES~

Come visit me, Echo, Tootles, Kiwi & Moose E. Moose.

06/16/2007 05:30.34 AM Report This Comment  
  Happy Birdday Goosey! YAHOO you are 1!
Happy Birdday to you! I couldn't forget my favorite girls birdday. I hope you have a wonderful birdday! Here is a great big wing hug and lots of kisses just for the birdday girl! Have a wonderful day! Kisses! ~TOOTLES~

Come visit me, Echo, Tootles, Kiwi & Moose E. Moose.

06/06/2007 05:40.49 AM Report This Comment  
  And the count down has begun...
your birdday will be here before you know it. Does your mom have anything special planned? How is your family doing? I am sure glad to know that your daddy is safe and sound at home. He sure is brave. You make sure you be extra nice to him. I don't know if you like your dad or not but if you are like me, that will be a hard job. he he he! I did better this weekend. I actually left my dad and my uncle hold me. Mom was astonished since I do not like men. She said she was so proud of me. I personally think she was just proud that I poohed on my uncle's lap. he he he! My uncle acts as if he is going to melt if he gets a tad bit dirty. he he he! What a wimp! Anyway, I sure hope you and your family have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. Take care of your family. Kisses and big wing hugs for you. ~TOOTLES~ P.S. Moose should be coming home real soon.

Come visit me, Echo, Tootles, Kiwi & Moose E. Moose.

05/27/2007 02:00.15 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Goosey and the flock. :) SO happy you are ok. We knew you guys have some fires there too and some from the last thunderstorm sparked some fires. We saw it on tv. Glad you are ok. We had alot of smoke here too from the Ormond area come all the way here several times. Depends on the wind. It sure is awful and hard to breath my mommy said. Yeah we do not go out either when it's smokey. Thank goodness for the A/C. yeah the site is strange sometimes. Now there is a fire in Oak Hill which is not that far. Gee the weather is strange here now. When we moved here, it was all predictable. the rainy and dry season. Now it's dry all the time. We got a little rain two weeks ago a bit from tropical storm Andrea. But all that did was wreck our beaches. All the sand that was put last year which had costed millions is all gone. The planet is in tormoil. Gramdma is fine. Angel is doing good. She has gained some weight cause mommy has her eating good pellets and veggies now. She loves cheese. But she is still alot fussier than me. So how is the rest of the gang? And thanks for stopping by. ZAZOO xooxoxoxo

Diane, New Smyrna Beach,, FL.

05/21/2007 02:13.54 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Goosey , came by to see how you are all doing and left you a vote. Miss you Zazoo xoxoxo

Diane, New Smyrna Beach,, FL.

05/20/2007 06:27.12 AM Report This Comment  
Hey Goosey girl your right it is so much fun to have 2 mommy except when mommy is typing about mommy gets kinda confusing. Other than that its just as natural as any other family. My mommies are crazy too they have been putting on something they call music and want me to bob my head up and down and do something called dancing. Have you ever heard of such a thing??? I just look at them like something is wrong and they giggle and tell me to dance some more...

Mommy made me promise to tell you that we are super proud of your daddy for serving for our freedom and tell him thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

You be extra nice to mommy and she will give you lots of time but she needs to be with daddy and daddy will give you all kinds of loving I am sure.
2 weeks and 6 days till your first birdday how fun my birdday was so fun and I know mommy will do something special tell her that vivid colored tissue makes great wrapping for your gifts and you can help open mommy hid peanuts (mmm my fav) under the paper to entice me to tear it up!!!

Heres a vote for having a cool daddy...Birdie beak kisses...

Come visit me, Princess Knuckles at your service & Willi and Wonka, Tweety and Minnie are our chicks..

05/17/2007 07:19.10 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Goosey!!!
Guess what? guess what? Tonight I was sitting on the couch next to mommy and I was bobbing my head up and down and mommy has been waiting for this day to come for months and today I did it!

I threw up for her a whole raisin =o) Do you know how really cool mommy thinks that is. Supposedly it means that I have choosen her as my mate OMG I am like so happy and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside and so does my mommy we had a moment tonight.

Did you get mommy any thing for Mothers day? My other mommy helped me make a card for my mommy and she got cards from the dogs and the cats too.

How are you? how is your mommy?

When is your birdday soon right?

Dropping you a tweet dreams and Biride beak kisses...

Come visit me, Princess Knuckles at your service & Willi and Wonka, Tweety and Minnie are our chicks..

05/16/2007 08:32.44 PM Report This Comment  
I am so glad to hear that your daddy is home. I bet your daddy coming home was the best mother's day gift your mommy could have gotten. I am so happy for your family! I am sorry to hear that your family is going on vacation. You can stay with me while they go on vacation. he he he! I don't know if you would like the cooler days and nights here in Pennsylvania. Tuesday and Wednesday is suppose to be warmer but the rest of the week is going to be cool again. YUCK! I can't go outside or take showers if it is too cool outside. Have you been smelling the stink from all of those fires? I hope not. Well I must go. I had to write and let you know how happy I was that your daddy is home. Kisses for you...TOOTLES

Come visit me, Echo, Tootles, Kiwi & Moose E. Moose.

05/14/2007 06:53.22 AM Report This Comment  
  Happy Mother's Day to your mommy...
make sure you give her a big kiss from me. he he he! I forget when mom had me tested but I have known I am a boy for quite some time now. Mom said that is why I am so moody. I think she is trying to put us boys down....and then she wonders why I bite her sometimes. he he he! I have been doing much better with my biting but still have issues with my daddy. grrr! Did the fires clear up at all? Mom saw it on the news the one night but hasn't been up late since. She said her cold is making her too sleepy to stay up late. I sure hope you were able to go outside. I didn't get to go outside on Friday since my uncle's dog was here and then Saturday mom was inside cooking and cleaning. She made me fiesta birdie bread. I love it. It was very yummy! I hope you have a wonderful mother's day with your mommy. Squawk at ya later! ~~TOOTLES~~

Come visit me, Echo, Tootles, Kiwi & Moose E. Moose.

05/13/2007 01:57.43 PM Report This Comment  
Did you know we live in the same State??? I never knew that. You sound so smart and mommy just loves the pic of you holding the spoon do you eat with it too? I dont nip all the time but when I do they say it hurts but I like the way they jump and make silly noises when I do that. They dont see the humor but its pretty funny.

The pink perch in your pic is that an edible perch? It looks just like a perch mommy bought me same color too. I have to fly mommy is going to a birthday party for the lady that raised me. Have a great evening...Birdie beak kisses...

Come visit me, Princess Knuckles at your service & Willi and Wonka, Tweety and Minnie are our chicks..

05/11/2007 02:05.13 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Goosey! Well aren't you a cute girl? I love the pic with the spoon. Mom's been trying to teach me how to use one, but I only hold it long enough so then I can let it clatter to the ground and scare mom!! hehe Yeah I love Miami weather! I get to go outside every day, although lately it's been smoky and ashy because of all the wild fires. Luckily it's clearing up and yesterday I went outside again for the first time in a few days. Are you and your family affected at all in Melbourne? Ohh man mom just heard this weekend will be smoky again. Darn!! Looks like I will be staying indoors. Here's a vote and I hope you will stop by again soon!

Come visit me, Lola & Irwin.

05/11/2007 08:53.49 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi from Stormy
Just flew by to see what's up ? heres a vote .Things are carzy here You can tell spring is in the air . All the noise is driving mom nuts. She isn't get much sleep because of the noise and the handfeeding she doing right now . See ya later Stormy

Come visit me, Gunner, Savannah, Lucky...RIP & Stormy.

05/10/2007 05:44.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Goosey....did you forget...I am a boy!!!
You silly Goosey...he he he! Did you forget that I am a boy. I know your mom has been busy lately but how could my big sister forget I am now her baby brother. he he he! That is okay...we can all forget stuff...look at me...I always forget that your daddy is in Afghanistan. I sure hope he comes home safe real real soon! Every now and again I say "Hello" when mom gets me out of my cage. I don't say it all the time. I just say it when I want to. As I already told you, I am laughing. Mom calls me her laughing fool since I laugh at everyone and everything. Mom thinks I said peek-a-boo yesterday but she is not sure. Mom has been sick and she was napping in the livingroom. Mom and I were the only ones home and she swears she heard me say peek-a-boo. Naturally I haven't said it again. I like to keep mom guessing. he he he! You have quite an impressive vocab. You sure say a lot for not even being a year old. You are so smart. Not to get too personal, but mom has been working on potty training me. I do really good some days and other days not so good. Mom also has been trying to teach me to wave but I don't want to. She hasn't given up but she said we will wait a couple days before trying again. he he he! Boy, do I have my mommy trained. he he he! I guess I better let you go. My blog is getting so long that it will take you 2 days to read this. he he he! A great big birdie hug just for you. ~~Tootles~~

Come visit me, Echo, Tootles, Kiwi & Moose E. Moose.

05/10/2007 12:39.06 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Goosey...
WOW we havent talked in soooooooo long I just had my first birdday last friday boy are you gunna love your birdday. I had a party and mommy made me carrot cake muffins and my Aunt Stacey who I dont seem very fond of spoiled me to the hilt. She bought me the madagascar soundtrack so now we dance to the move it move it song.

WOW can you believe it has been a year since our mommies met I wish we could keep in touch even if just blogging I feel like we are related cause I knew about you when you first came home and your mommy knew about me.

You should try to say peek a boo all together mommy never thought a word could be so repetative but I say that word a hundred times a day but mommy loves my voice.

I see you know my boyfriend Tootles and that you give him tips well got any ideas how to wade through the terrible twos mommy thinks I am in them as I nip and pinch and I have never been that way. I am a sweet birdie but lately mommy wonders if someone switched birds in the middle of the night. LOL

Please fly by and see me again...leaving you a vote...Birdie beak kisses...

Come visit me, Princess Knuckles at your service & Willi and Wonka, Tweety and Minnie are our chicks..

05/10/2007 09:55.31 AM Report This Comment  
How are you doing? I don't think you told me....when is your birdday? I have to know so I can wish you a happy birdday. You and your mommy have been so much help to me and my mommy so I must at least wish you a happy birdday! Did I tell you I have been laughing at everything and everyone lately? I woke mom up yesterday at 6:00 a.m. because I was laughing. Naturally, my grumpy mom didn't think it was very funny. I guess I should have waited to a tad bit later since mom wasn't feeling good BUT I thought the sound of my laughing would make her feel better. Yeah is a grump in the morning and when she is sick, she is even grumpier...if you can imagine that. he he he! What have you been up to? I haven't heard from you in a couple days so I thought I would check in on you. I like to make sure you are still being a big girl. he he he! Well, I must go. Take care of yourself. Birdie beak kisses ~~TOOTLES~~

Come visit me, Echo, Tootles, Kiwi & Moose E. Moose.

05/09/2007 07:53.15 AM Report This Comment  
  I am so lucky to have a big sister like you.
You always have such wonderful words of wisdom to share with me. I am so glad you have taken me under your wing. he he he! Mom put Moose's blog up today. He is not home yet so she couldn't fill in everything but she was excited to post his pictures. Come check him out! Just remember...your my friend...all mine. he he he! I love learned Char's voice. You definitely seem to keep your mommy on her toes. he he he! I forget...when is your birdday again? You must remind me. I forget things sometimes...I am as bad as mom. he he he! Well, I must go. I have been flying onto mom's head all day and she said I must go into my cage to eat dinner since she doesn't want food in her hair. I flew to mom's shoulder today with a peanut in my tootsies. he he he! Mean ol' mom was freakin' since I was making such a mess. he he he! I love it. birdie beak kisses for you...

Come visit me, Echo, Tootles, Kiwi & Moose E. Moose.

05/01/2007 03:42.20 PM Report This Comment  
  Goosey are you?!?
I had to come visit you and share the upsetting news with is getting me a brother. Actually her intentions are to get me 2 brothers but she said I will only get 1 this year and hopefully 1 next year. Oh Goosey, what do I do? She is my mommy. Do I have to really share her? I don't know if I can do that. Everything is mine...even my stinky dad. he he he! I did hear mom say that Moose likes to snuggle with my skin sister which is fine with me. My mom...mine...mine...mine. I will share mom but not when it is cuddling time. It is my cuddling time. Mom thinks I will adjust just fine. I had to come visit you and get some advice from my big sister. he he he! I hope you and your family are doing fine. I was worried since I haven't heard from you in awhile. Take care of yourself. birdie beak kisses for you...

Come visit me, Echo, Tootles, Kiwi & Moose E. Moose.

04/30/2007 12:17.42 PM Report This Comment  
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Gold Standard

*Content generated by our loyal visitors, which includes comments and club postings, is free of constraints from our editors’ red pens, and therefore not governed by I-5 Publishing, LLC’s Gold Standard Quality Content, but instead allowed to follow the free form expression necessary for quick, inspired and spontaneous communication.

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