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Congo African Grey from Mission, KS

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I saw Mom at a bird fair, when she was talking to Nana. She decided to hold me and I was just 10 weeks old. She carried me around with her while she was shopping. I didn't mind because I was cuddled up by her neck getting scritches the whole time. I was pretty content but my big dark eyes were getting pretty heavy so I napped while we she shopped. Mama officially adopted me on July 20, 2002 but my HATCHDAY is May 11, 2002. I love the B.C. I have met so many nice friends here!. Awards
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Hi! My name is Grady

I am a Congo African Grey from Mission, KS.

Pot Pie, Baby, Bappie and sometimes he runs them all together and calls himself a PieBaby!
*** My hatchday is May 11, 2002 ***

11 years old   M

Congo African Grey

My favorite treats are walnuts, corn, string cheese, grapes, apples, peanuts, and the occasional piece of a Lorna Doone shortbread cookie..... Oh....I almost forgot.....Mac & cheese is really good too!!

On top of my cage so I can see where Mom is at all times. And by the sliding glass door so I can watch all my outdoor friends and relatives...I call them 'friends and rela's'

I hate when Mom leaves me. I try to get her to come back by making the phone ring...or I call the cops with my siren sound, but she knows it's just me! I'm also not too crazy about my older sis, she is a cinnamon pearl cockatiel and she hisses at me. I just tell her "Sissy...BE QUIET!!!!"

My Mom is really good to me. She spoils me a lot. When I tell her I want a cookie or a walnut I usually get it. She also gives me lots of neck scratches, and we lay a game where she tries to get my red tail. She never does, and I just laugh at her!

I DO NOT... REPEAT... DO NOT... LIKE PURPLE PELLETS in my dish. I throw them out. I have finally trained Mom to stop putting them in there!! If I get one...out it goes on the floor, then I say... "That was naughty"!!!.

"If you had something and put it down, it automatically becomes MINE....because I have stretttchyy legs!!!".

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You little sweetie, you — peeking at your mom's calendar, noting it's my hatchday, then coming all the way over here to wish a happy one. Guess what? It worked! I had a really nice day with all sorts of extra privileges which really are my favorite hatchday present. I even got to stay up late and sit on mom's knee while she watched a short movie with Dad and Brother. I also finally got to have at a wicker toy I've been trying to get to for weeks now. It would get tucked clear in the back of the closet but I managed to sneak in there several time and start to pull it apart. Today it was presented to me with fanfare and hoopla. I was one happy Grey~Girl!

That's funny about you slamming bells to get attention. I love to go around to various cages that have bells hanging in or on them somewhere and working to disconnect them so they can then be dropped on the tile floor. They make a lovely racket when they hit!

Thanks again for the hatchday visit. You've made it an extra special day — you and that little beakie kiss you shared. The vote-wrapped prezzie was sweet too.

You're a dear friend, Grady.
Adoringly, K *v*

Come visit me, Kelly.

04/16/2014 08:46.41 PM Report This Comment  
  Merry, Merry Christmas, Grady!
to you and your wonderful Mom.

With love,
K *v*

Come visit me, Kelly.

12/25/2013 03:22.30 PM Report This Comment  
How I would've loved to have had more time with that keyboard. I KNOW I could've removed every single one of those letters as well as all the extra doo-dads and what not, but mom returned way too soon and interrupted that goal. I can well imagine that your talented beak could make some short work of a keyboard given the chance. Good work on the curtains. I like lace so I'm sure your added touch made them all the more attractive. Smooth move, giving mom a wolf whistle after being locked up. Stuff like that melts the parront's heart, doesn't it. I employ the little tongue-clicking sound I do back and forth with mom when we're playing. That seems to earn me a quicker pardon for my sins.

Are the twinkling Christmas lights at your house? The tree in the living room here looks oh so inviting to me. It's covered in ornaments that look oh so tempting to play with. Perhaps I shall get the chance to remove a few just as I did with the keyboard. I can only hope!

Thank you for stopping by. It's always a delight to chat with you.

Always your friend,
Kelly *v*

Come visit me, Kelly.

12/12/2013 04:33.47 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Grady!
I hope I haven't caught you just as you're getting ready to go night. I've had a dreadful time getting my typist to sit down and peck the keyboard on my behalf. I tried pecking it myself but that didn't work out too well. (see the picture on my page) The funny thing was when mom got the keys back on, she'd managed to get the 'm' and the 'n' reversed so believe it or not, she's asked me to pick those off for her again sometimes. My pleasure, I assure you.

Poor Cousin Tom; this is not his favorite month in the least. Do you know what he's really thankful for this holiday? Vegetarians!! Lucky for him, my mom's one so Tom doesn't have to worry about her hunting him down. He'd better watch out for the guys in this group though. They like that oven-roasted fowl. As for what cranberry sauce is, I haven't a clue. I see cranberries in my food bowl sometimes but there's never any sauce on them.

Sweet dreams my Greyt friend.

Kelly *v*

Come visit me, Kelly.

11/18/2013 05:56.45 PM Report This Comment  
  •H•A•P•P•Y• •H•A•T•C•D•A•Y•!!
... to YOU, Grady! I bet you sang to yourself all day long in celebration of this most important of days. If I knew how to sing, I'd have sung right along with you.

I hope that whatever it was you asked for today, it was yours. May all your wildest dreams come true in the year to come.

Kisses and a Hug from your Kelly~Bird

Come visit me, Kelly.

05/11/2013 07:24.42 PM Report This Comment  
  Thank you Grady!
You're just the sweetest Grey~Guy, coming by bright and early with BIG HATCHDAY wishes for me. I'm sure hoping I get lots of eats, treats, toys and privileges. So far, so good today; I'm here on the desk, marching all over the place having my way with the pens and desk stuff, tossing it all to the floor AND getting away with it. Oh, the joys of being the Hatchday Girl!

Thank you for your gift-wrapped vote and those wonderful wing hugs and beakie kisses. You've made my day extra special.

Happily your friend,
Kelly *v*

Come visit me, Kelly.

04/16/2013 10:12.47 AM Report This Comment  
I do believe you made me blush. That Valentine's kiss was very sweet. Thanks for being so generous!

Our friend Poirot is currently away from home on a little vacation with his Mama and some of his family. Pringle and Pepper did not go along this time. I don't know whether any lids were taken along for tossing but something tells me Poirot will improvise if he feels the need to fly and drop something on a target.

You are so silly! — "Who let the bird out ... who... who??" I can picture you singing this repeatedly. Not only is it a catchy little tune but it's sure to get you the attention you so rightly deserve! My latest favorite is "Cool, cool, cool", a favorite line of some of the men in this house after watching the sitcom "Community". Dad also thought it'd be funny to hear me say "Whatzuuuuup" so he dropped that one around whenever he was nearby and now I throw that one out there from time to time. My favorite talking is still mimicking his phone conversations with the oldest son in NC. "Hey Buddy, how's it goin'? ..."

I bet my mom would say your singing would be way more entertaining!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I always love hearing about what you're up to in life. Take care and keep on singing your heart out.

K *v*

Come visit me, Kelly.

03/03/2013 04:00.21 AM Report This Comment  
  •~~Happy Valentine's Day~~•
*Kelly offers Grady a conversation candy heart, one that reads -


Come visit me, Kelly.

02/14/2013 08:27.25 PM Report This Comment  
  Merry Christmas to you my handsome friend
I hope that yours and your Mama's Christmas was greyt. We took some pictures today that we'll send your way tomorrow. We've had lots of snow and Mama brought some inside for us to play with.

Tossing a grape and a vote your way,

Poirot and co.

Come visit me, Pepper, Poirot, Pringle & Artistic Avian Avatars.

12/25/2012 09:57.19 PM Report This Comment  
  •M•E•R•R•Y• •C•H•R•I•S•T•M•A•S•
... to YOU, Grady!

Ahhh, I can't imagine you ever getting a lump of coal instead of a sleighful of presents. You're too charming, cute, and darling to be denied all your wishes no matter how adventurous, wily, and crazy you've been.

I hope your holiday's a happy one. If I know you, you'll be sure and make it that way, no problem.

Christmas Kisses~

Come visit me, Kelly.

12/24/2012 04:29.50 AM Report This Comment  
I'm still laughing about your "platter in the sky" comment. That was so funny!! Actually, the photo of Tom Turkey and I never even made it on my page this year. My BC time as taken such a major hit, it's a wonder anybirdie even remotely remembers who I am.

I'm very impressed that you add your desires to the grocery list as Mama is heading out the door to the so-called store. For as many items as you can name, it's a wonder she doesn't come back with a semi-trailer full of food. And Cokes. I was asking mom today, "You wanna go out?" She suggested I ask that of the dogs, not her. I continue to ask her "Are you in here?" when she walks into my room. I learned that one from Dad's constantly leaning in the door in search of mom. He's learned to just check my room first when looking for her.

As always, it's been a delight chatting with you.

Kelly *v*

Come visit me, Kelly.

11/29/2012 05:33.12 PM Report This Comment  
  ##•## ##•## #•# ##•## ##•##
# ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· #
# ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· #
##•## ##•## #•# ##•## ##•##

From me and my family to you and yours, Shadow. May your heart be filled with the memories of the many blessings of the year gone by and a hope for those that are yet to come.

K *v*

Come visit me, Kelly.

11/22/2012 07:27.54 PM Report This Comment  
  Btw, that was the cat writing!

PS I thought that this was cute enough to mention. The other night we were watching Olympic showjumping and Melian saw the horses on the screen. She loves running with the horses and she growled and tried to catch one as he went over the jump. :) Silly dog!

Come visit me, Mahatma and Gandhi.

08/20/2012 12:26.47 AM Report This Comment  
  How are you doing? Wow, it's been a long, long time since I stopped by to see you! This has been the craziest summer ever. Mama is always busy and somewhat insane but I think she's taken both to a new level because she's been insanely busy. :)

Without boring you with too many details I'll just say that she had to take several road trips for work and the past 3 weeks she's been literally working day and night to meet a deadline. But, it's good to keep busy, right? I just miss my nighttime blogging.

Thank you so much for stopping by Pippin's page and for all your votes in the Grazing contest. Mama said she was even further behind on HC so she caught up with blogs there today. He won! We were so happy to know that he received first place over all. We couldn't have done it without friends like you.

Pippin is doing is great as are the big boys. Mama sees them (Eddie and Prince) once a week to drive and she really likes driving a lot. She still wishes she could ride but she's happy that not only does she get to spend time with horses but she gets to drive them.

She takes Pippin out as much as she can. Not every day like they're used to because she's so busy but at least several times a week, even if it's just a walk.

Just the other evening she took him out for a cart ride with Melian. He hadn't been out for about a week and was feeling the need to stretch his little legs.

They were going at a nice trot for a mile or so. Once he warmed up properly he wanted to go faster so she set him at a fast canter. That got Melian interested in a race. They love racing each other!

So, she started teasing him by zigzagging back and forth under his nose and he chased her trying to nip at her bony butt.

Suddenly she did a rollback and accidentally rolled back onto her butt. She was SO mad. I think she felt embarrassed and she let out a huge growl. It was plain that she blamed Pippin and she let him know.

That got him going and he took off at an earth shattering gallop. It was the fastest mama has ever seen him pull a cart. She said it felt like it was going to explode into a million tiny parts. Wow, that was fun! He ran like that for over a mile. What a rush!

Fun, she says? Is she crazy? I'm glad I stayed home and kept away from that insanity. I like visiting Pippin in his pen but I stay away from the cart. And from Melian.

But mama was smiling and Pippin got a nice bounce to his step. She said that there's nothing like a good ride or drive to bring things back into perspective. I say there's nothing like a good nap to do the same thing. And it's safer.

Thanks for sticking by me even though I've not been around. I'm still not sure how often I can blog. Still lots of work to do.

Here's a vote for you and I hope you had a nice weekend.

PS I thought that this was cute enough to mention. The other night we were watching Olympic showjumping and Melian saw the horses on the screen. She loves running with the horses and she growled a

Come visit me, Mahatma and Gandhi.

08/20/2012 12:25.27 AM Report This Comment  
Was that really you over on Poirot's page? My first clue was the echoes of laughter yet hanging in the air. You always inspire those and leave ripples of them in your wake. My second clue was your signature on the note. DUH!

So your mom went away and left you with the Jerry-Guy. Boy, isn't it dreadful, this being left behind. It just happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't believe it. I haven't been left behind for years! I had me a good chuckle at your quick learning of the words "Quit it!" and in Jerry's deep voice at that. Too funny! It was sweet of you to offer your mom something to eat upon her return. Some vacations don't take the humans near good food so she may well have been hungry. You're one thoughtful Grey guy, that's for sure.

All's good here with me and the rest of this crazy group I'm stuck living with. Oh! There is a bit of greyt news. Lalo Dallas, little sister of Arthur Alex and Jenny Lynn is currently staying at my house for a sort of summer camp. Originally it was supposed to be just a couple of weeks' stay but then Christine got sick and her daddy (Uncle Chuck) was spending a lot of time tending to her special needs so it was easier for Lalo to just continuing staying here. Sadly, Christine died two days ago (6.21). Lalo's stay will likely be extended yet again while her dad adjusts to the terrible loss. I'm okay with her being here because believe it or not, I get along with her just fine. The crazy part is that Saber, that big lug of a Grey I share mom with (he's formally known as Sheba but since a DNA test, he's now Saber... don't know if I've told you about that yet or not). Anyway, Saber seems quite taken with Lalo. I should take it birdsonally that Saber's never given me the time of day much less a wolf whistle when Lalo gets them all the time as well as offers of "want some?" and "are you in there?" when Saber peers into the box Lalo likes to play in. It's been interesting watching Saber come out of his sulky shell a lot more here recently.

I honestly think of you and your grey matter often, and you know what? It often makes me laugh!

Hope all continues to be well with you, Grady.

K *v*

Come visit me, Kelly.

06/23/2012 04:52.03 PM Report This Comment  
I miss out on a couple of days of BC time and now I find out I missed both your hatchday celebration AND your day as BOTD. I am so embarrassed. Was it a really GREYT hatchday? I bet it was. Did you sing to yourself? Did you have cake? I'm sure you were the life of the party, just as you are every day. What's it feel like to be 10 years old? Double digits: WOW!

Wishing you the best of everything in the year to come.

Wing hugs to a very special Grey

K *v*

Come visit me, Kelly.

05/14/2012 08:21.21 PM Report This Comment  
Congratulations King Grady,

What a wonderful way to follow up your hatchday. Hope you made the best of your day crowned in the BC castle. Time flies there.

It was very nice to see you handsome face adorning all the pages here today.

Have a greyt Sunday,

Pringle, Poirot and Pepper

Come visit me, Pepper, Poirot, Pringle & Artistic Avian Avatars.

05/12/2012 10:46.15 PM Report This Comment  
  Greetings, Grady!
05/12/2012 07:45.42 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Grady
Congratulations on BOTM. You are very handsome, I just wanted to stop by and say hi.

Come visit me, Mica & Mariah.

05/12/2012 05:14.18 PM Report This Comment  
  King Grady
Enjoy your day in the castle for BOTD! You are a very good looking Grey. Hugs and kisses, Jewels and Casey

Come visit me, Boo Boo - In Loving Memory 10/03/2011, Casey & Jewels.

05/12/2012 04:11.34 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Grady!
Nice to meet you! You are a handsome grey! Your hatch day is my moms birthday! Congrats on being BOTD! Enjoy you day at the castle buddy and fly by anytime for a chat!
Raffikki and a V4U

Come visit me, Raffi and Pumbaa say Happy Easter Everybirdie!.

05/12/2012 03:24.20 PM Report This Comment  
It's wonderful to see a fellow African Grey in the Castle! The time draws nigh of us taking over the world...WAIT! Did I say that outloud?? Ummm...NEVER MIND! Ah, just.. zip zip the beak about THAT matter! Instead, let's think of your Birday yesterday! Happy Belated Birday, your Highness! It is wonderful you were born just for this occasion! See how marvelously that worked out! INDEED! We greys are just so perfect in every manner! heeehhee...ahhh...except when the words slip out of our beaks too easily! Sam bows, being nervous! Oh NO! LOOK THERE'S A PURPLE PELLET! THE FIENDS! They have insulted the KING! THERE THEY GO! Sam excuses himself before King Grady the Greyt and runs off to chase down the notorious pellet sabatogers! There he goes!===>>

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says HAPPY EASTER!.

05/12/2012 01:21.16 PM Report This Comment  
  Dear King Grady
Happy hatchday yesterday! And Congrats on winning BOTD today! Whooiieee!!! A double celebration!
We brought you a basket of peanuts and mac and cheese to celebrate with! Enjoy your day at the castle!
Bertie and Chirps bow low and back out of the throne room.
See you at the Milonga Derby in the Royal Box!
Luv, Bertie and Chirps♥

Come visit me, Angel Bertie's Rainbow Gym: Thanks for BOTD!, Angel Bertie: Happy New Year!, Chirps: Happy New Year!!!, The Happy Couple!!! & Spot:: Vote for Chipper257319 BOTM!!!.

05/12/2012 11:42.30 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, King Grady,
Congratulations on BOTD. Here's a vote in celebration. Have a great day at the Castle. Wing hugs, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

05/12/2012 10:16.19 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Grady
Congratulations on your BOTD. Bye bye.

Come visit me, Moocher Ducks,Thanks Everybirdie, Norman, St Francis Chapel, Say a prayer today, Phoenix Base Fliers:Home of the 2013 World Champs & Jude.

05/12/2012 09:30.48 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Grady!
Congratulations! I am so very happy for you! I do hope you enjoy the day at the castle!
Your royal portrait is now hanging in the gallery on the calendar page for all to admire!
Royal Hugs ~ Sugar

Come visit me, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar ~In Memory of My Friend Mozart & The Calendar Page~April Birthstone is the Diamond.

05/12/2012 09:21.33 AM Report This Comment  
Congrats on BOTD

Come visit me, Maui, Mango & Willy: Thanks for all of the votes for botd:.

05/12/2012 09:19.19 AM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, LATTE, LUCY BLUE, 3 Baby Cockatiels & WADDLES.

05/12/2012 08:45.05 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Grady
Congrats on being BOTD.......Have fun at the Castle.....Here is another vote 4 U........Have a fantastic day........Sam

Come visit me, Cydney, Sam, Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), Stormy THANKS EVERYONE FOR MAKING HIM BOTD 3/11/14 & Princess.

05/12/2012 08:16.05 AM Report This Comment  
  hi grady
congratulations on winning botd love cori and boo boo

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl VOTE CHIPPER BOTM 257319, QUEEN CORI reigning champ on feed the birdie & BOO BOO VOTE CHIPPER BOTM 257319.

05/12/2012 08:03.41 AM Report This Comment  
  CONGRATS', GRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come visit me, Jip, *Jasmine*, Pretty Bird & Joch.

05/12/2012 05:31.24 AM Report This Comment  
Best wishes to you on your botd and belated happy hatch day!

Come visit me, Sunny(RIP) and Haley, Romeo and Julie(loving memory of Maxi ) & Tahoe and Pearl.

05/12/2012 04:18.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Grady Congrats on being BOTD. Have a fun time.
I guess KING TWEET will share it with you. hee hee.

Come visit me, Screech & Roof Top.

05/12/2012 02:07.21 AM Report This Comment  
  Good Morning
Congrats on being BOTD.... Tweet

Come visit me, Tweet & Squak.

05/12/2012 01:04.23 AM Report This Comment  
  ..~•"*•*"•~..Happy Hatchday..~•"*•*"•~..
Happy Hatchday to you,
Happy Hatchday to you,
Happy Hatchday Dear Grady,
Happy Hatchday to you, and many more...

We hope your day has been the best and that you've been spoiled rotten with all your favourite treats. Wishing you an excellent 11th year.

Here is a big basket with peanuts, almonds and grapes. Oh and you can shred the basket when you've eaten the contents.

Pringle, Poirot and Pepper too.

Come visit me, Pepper, Poirot, Pringle & Artistic Avian Avatars.

05/11/2012 08:58.34 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Grady!
Happy Hatchday to you! Stopping by with your Hatchday cake, baked just for you by the lovely Lizzie! Hope you had a splendid day, and many, many wishes for only good things to come your way!

Hugs from Kaji and Lizzie

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote CHIPPER #257319 BOTM in APRIL.

05/11/2012 08:28.19 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Grady
HAPPY HAPPY HATCHDAY to you and many more. Enjoy your special day.

Come visit me, Chyna ~ Happy Easter & Bailey ♥ RIP.

05/11/2012 07:36.15 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy Hatchday Grady
Hope you get all the attention, toys and TREATS you deserve. (Especially since its eat what YOU WANT day, hehehe)

Come visit me, Polly; Thank you ! V4 Chipper #257319 BOTM & Zippy; V4 Chipper #257319BOTM.

05/11/2012 04:33.58 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy 10the Hatchday. Here's a vote in celebration. May you have lots of treats and toys. Wing hugs and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

05/11/2012 03:29.09 PM Report This Comment  
  hi grady
flying by to wish you a very happy hatchday and may you have many many more. love cori and boo boo

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl VOTE CHIPPER BOTM 257319, QUEEN CORI reigning champ on feed the birdie & BOO BOO VOTE CHIPPER BOTM 257319.

05/11/2012 11:02.10 AM Report This Comment  
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