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Parrotlet Reader's Stories

Bird owners share thier parrotlet story

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Petey and Peek-a-boo
Courtesy Judith Rosko, Florida

When visiting my local pet shop one day, I spotted this adorable little, green bird sitting in the cage. It was love at first site for this 4-month-old parrotlet, and she came home to live with my husband and me.

We named her Peek-a-boo, as she loved to hide in pockets and stick her head out. I started wearing an apron with large pockets, and in she would go. Now, whenever she sees me put on my apron, she knows it’s time to come out and play hide-n-seek. It’s our special bonding time.

This past summer, Peek-a-boo made a fast turn while flying and suffered nerve damage. Our local veterinarian kept her in the hospital for three days to treat her injury. She came home with splints on her legs and valium water to keep her calm. (I needed it more than she did!) Her cage was made handicapped accessible with soft blankets on the cage floor and a padded hammock to sleep in.

Her fighting spirit and good care has brought her back almost all the way. We purchased a second parrotlet, Petey, to keep her company, and he comes over to her cage every day to be with her. They preen each other through the cage and have become the best of friends.

Peek-a-boo’s favorite thing to do is to go under the blanket on the cage floor and peek her head out. Petey loves to go totally around on his rope perch and do a flip. He is such a clown and we enjoy his antics. He is such a show off and looks so proud of himself.

These wonderful birds have brought so much joy and laughter into our lives and we hope to share our home with them for a long, long time. Parrotlets rock! 

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In Memory of Kaizoku (Kai)
Courtesy Ming-Ming Ly, Ontario, Canada

I didn't own my Parrotlet for very long, only four months actually. But having him was the best thing that had ever happened to my life. I got Kaizoku (Kai) as a hand-fed baby, and just loved him. He was the kind of bird that was always in your face. He would squawk with excitement every time he heard the garage door open and go ballistic when he heard the sound of my voice. He was the easiest bird to bond with, even though I only had him for such a short time. We were inseparable.

It's amazing how such a small bird, would have so much personality. He was a real punk. I'm a computer-potato, and every time he saw me there he would watch me. If I was at the computer for too long, he would fly over and start biting at my fingers and standing on the keyboard and nipping at me, or he would grab the mouse wire and take it over.

He loved food – his favorite was freshly popped popcorn. I would bring out a bowl for us to share, and he would literally dive into the bowl face-first. Then come out of the popcorn completely covered in popcorn static. It always made me laugh.

Kai was the greatest little bird I ever owned, he was such a sweetheart. I am sorry I lost him and still mourn over it now. Losing him was very difficult for me to accept. I really miss him, but I have great memories to cherish forever. 

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Pacific parrotlets
Pacific Parrotlets
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Green-rumped Parrotlet
Green-rumped Parrotlet

Zena, Zeus and Zachary
Courtesy David A. Silver, Connecticut

Parrotlets may be the smallest of the parrots, but they don't know it. They are very curious, outgoing birds who need to know everything that is going on, no matter what you are doing. This one endearing trait can also gets them into trouble and they need to be protected from household hazards.

We have three parrotlets: Zeus, Zena and our newest addition, Zachary. Each one has a distinct personality. Zena needs to cuddle every night. Zeus is not as social with us as Zena, but follows Zena wherever she goes. If Zena is with us, Zeus will stay with us. Zachary also loves to be cuddled and especially likes the back of his neck scratched.

Zena was hand-raised in a machine shop where signs were being made. When she makes this special chattering noise, we know she is "making signs." I was setting up a printer one day and both Zeus and Zena had to check it out immediately. Zena began to make her "machine sign noises" as soon as she saw the light come on. She knew it was a machine! 

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Pacific Parrotlet
Pacific Parrotlet

Courtesy Leslie Pokrajac, Indiana

This is my 2-year-old male parrotlet Gizmo, the mean green bean from Indiana. I got him as a baby and knew even then he would be trouble! He was biting at 7 weeks old, and don’t even let him see feet for they will be attacked!

Don’t get me wrong I love my life size little buddy, who will cuddle early in the morning, is always up for a snack and never fails to come out flying when he hears anything crumpling. Owning a parrotlet is so wonderful because no one seems to know what they are, how funny they really are, their amazing personality and the mischief they will get themselves into.

Although they sometimes get labeled with a stigma of being overly aggressive, my little guy is my sweet baby who will always take the delivered kisses with love.

My Gizmo is unique in all these aspects, and he talks, quite a bit! I never expected to hear anything come from his beak, but one morning I heard it.  “Hello Gizzzmo,” “Pretty, pretty, pretty baby bird,” “Whatcha doin?” “Shut up Gizmo,” “Keke bird,” and then a big kiss noise. I laid there dumbfounded, thought I must be hallucinating. My Gizmo is a genius! 

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Molly and Lola
Courtesy Carissa Moreland, Arizona

I knew from the minute I brought Molly home that I had found an amazing friend. Serving in the Marines, my husband was stationed away from home, so he (Molly) was my sole companion for two years. He goes to and from work with me every day, so we were truly birds of a feather. My elementary students adore him and I have been able to advocate good bird ownership through example. Molly has gone everywhere with me: Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, California, New Mexico, the grocery story, the library and all around school. I use to sneak him into stores, hidden under my hair, although he was often spotted by surprised strangers. I’ve became known at work as the “bird lady.”

When I got Molly three years ago, I knew immediately I wanted to add one more to my flock. I resisted for two years, wanting to form a strong bond with Molly first, uncertain of how getting a second bird would affect our friendship. A year ago, I got another parrotlet whom I named Lola. Molly came to the rescue, aiding in helping Lola come to trust me. Much to my surprise, my birds have eventually become the best of friends. Lola has merely added pleasure to both of our lives. Molly adores her company when I’m not able to be with him, and I love knowing that he isn’t lonely when I’m not able to bring him with me. I too, have remained an important “bird” accepted in their flock and have strong friendships with both. I could never imagine my life without Lola and Molly. They have taught me so much, and I am certain being a bird owner is one of the most enriching experiences in my life! 

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Spectacled Parrotlet
Spectacled Parrotlet

Courtesy Donna Matuszczak, California

My best buddy is Huckleberry! He is a 3-year-old spectacled parrotlet. He only weighs 25 grams (less that one ounce) but has a heart like an angel. He is one of the smallest of the parrotlet species and he is called a spectacled parrotlet because the male of the species has blue rings around his eyes, as if he were wearing eyeglasses. I named him Huckleberry for a several reasons. His color on his back and under his wings is a purple blue like the wild huckleberries I used to eat in the woods when I was a little girl. I also enjoyed Mark Twain's character Huckleberry Finn, and a great old song, “Moon River,” has a line in it “We're after the same rainbows end, waiting round the bend, my Huckleberry Friend, Moon River and me.”
Huckleberry has so much love and brings so much joy in my life. I had been going through some hard times and was depressed. Sometimes I would cry and Huckleberry would lick the tears as they rolled down my face and then give me kisses. He gave me so much love and helped me get out of my depression. One day, my macaw, Pepe, got a hold of Huckelberry and bit him hard. Huckleberry lost a lot of blood, and his blood count went from 55 down to 20. The avian vet did not think he would live. I prayed everyday with him “Dear Lord Jesus, please heal Huckleberry, for my heart would be broken without him.” Huckleberry was healed and is strong and healthy now, and we are inseparable. The vet said she never saw a bird live after the loss of so much blood and that it truly was a miracle! Now every night he says his prayers with me and can say, “Dear Lord Jesus, and I love you so much!” He also can say “Good boy” and “What's your problem?”

He laughs and looks deep into my eyes as if to make sure I'm OK. Then he reaches out to give me kisses. I cannot believe that a little bird that weighs as little as a handful of cotton balls can give so much love. As sweet as he can be, if you try to take his fig before he is done, he turns into a feisty and fearless little monster. He can be the cookie monster. “Don't touch my figs!” But when all is said and done, he will give you more love than most people I’ve known! 

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Pea Wee
Courtesy Denise Whittecar, Indiana

We have had Pea Wee for approximately three years. He is a male, green split to blue. We got him as a just-weaned baby. He has been a great pet and, to me, very low maintence. When we first got him I sewed him a hut, and he sleeps in it every night. He also loves his swing and taking a bath by tossing water all over from his waterer. He loves his neck scratched, and he will fluff himself up whenever I do this. He is not very loud, but he does make his voice heard every once in a while. He also loves a variety of foods like celery, broccoli, spinach, apples, and other fresh fruit and vegetables. To me he is a great and loving pet. 

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Pacific Parrotlet
Pacific Parrotlet

Courtesy Annette Ackerson & Rich Armellino, New Jersey

Having one dog, and preparing to move, we did not want to push the “pet friendly” envelope. We opted for a bird rather than another dog. Doing some research, we found parrotlets did not require as much space as the larger birds and are relatively quiet, thus a good choice for temporary apartment dwelling.

To the web we went with hopes of adopting a parrotlet. We found one about 3.5 hours away, by auto. I spoke to his guardian, and we made an appointment to take the ride to meet Astro. He was adorable, if initially a bit shy. He did Step up for us – a good sign. The meeting became an adoption.

From the beginning, Astro ruled the roost. Our old dog did not stand a chance. Astro is fearless, even as small as he is. He has no clue that our shepherd could chew him up and spit him out. He will fly on Max’s back for a ride or better view. It is the dog who is afraid of the little bird, and we immediately “rescue” Max by having Astro Step up.

Our daily routine begins when we take Astro to the kitchen to prepare his breakfast. His cup is filled with vegetables, rice, a little cereal and some bee pollen. We go back to his cage where he tosses the food about, even eating some. On the coffee table is a play station, and from that station he throws rattles, balls, crumpled pieces of paper and we “fetch.” What a reversal! We are teaching him to talk, and he does try. The words come out sort of squeaky, as could be expected from such a little guy. His actions are often comical, and he brings us much joy. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. 

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Carmen and Isabella
Courtesy Diane Ensley, Michigan

My girls are Carmen and Isabella. They are the cutest parrotlets around. They are 2-year-old sisters. My son and his girlfriend bought them for me. They are like watching little acrobats in a cage. Parrotlets are one of the most active birds I have ever seen.
This past spring they started laying eggs. I didn't know I should leave the eggs for them to sit on, and they laid 15 eggs between the two of them before they were done. A few months ago they started laying eggs again. I had made them a cozy hut and when they laid the eggs I left them in the cozy sack. Between the two of them they laid five eggs. I left them for about 21 days. When I removed them they did not lay anymore.
They are very smart birds. They pick up on a lot of things. When I get my purse or put a coat on to go away, they start yelling at me. They yell very loud if I pay attention to the dogs, they want to be the center of attention.
I grow fresh vegetables for them in the summer, which they truly love. They do not care much for fruit but I give them corn, broccoli, eggs or lima beans and the girls are in heaven. They also like to throw their food out of their cage onto the dogs.
When the girls are out of their cage, they like to sit on a curtain rod or my shoulder. When on my shoulder they will groom my hair. They will bicker with each other over who gets my attention.

My girls were the best gift I ever got. I would recommend parrotlets to anyone who would like a parrot if they do not have room for a large bird. You will never be sorry. They are full of love and so entertaining. 

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Green-rumped Parrotlet
Green-rumped Parrotlet

Courtesy Anna Lisa, Arizona

I have the pleasure of owning a green-rumped parrotlet named Paco. He's extremely sweet, and he has a huge personality for such a little guy.
I happened to be working one night when a couple came in and asked if someone there wanted a little bird. We got to talking, and they said that they had a little parrotlet that they couldn't keep anymore. I offered to take him home and since then we've been inseparable – literally.
I take him with me almost everywhere I go. He has his own little travel cage. He's always full of little surprises. He loves visits to the local pet store. He likes to talk to all the other birds in there as well as some of the people! They always ask what kind of bird he is and they're shocked to find out that he's 2 years old and so small!
Of course he's a spoiled little guy, but I just can’t help it. He's out every morning while I get ready and he loves to talk to himself in the mirror. I've yet to hear him say anything that I can understand, but I do know that they sound like a little robot when they do talk.
They're very smart birds and they make amazing pets. I'd recommend this little "pocket parrot" to anyone who wants a little bird with a lot of spunk.
I've always said that great things come in small packages, and Paco really is one of the best. 

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Pacific Parrotlet

Courtesy Joanne King, South Carolina

I am attaching a picture of Ziggy my parrotlet. He has been a seafaring bird for four years (we have been cruising for 16 years).

His favorite toy is what he likes to call "his baby," which consists of a hard plastic figure of a squirrel placed inside of a plastic cup.

Ziggy is unique because he thinks that he is a macaw. He attacks anything that he thinks that he should, no matter how big. He is very jealous of my other birds (Skipper, a blue quaker parrot and Ki-Ki, a budgie).

He is great because he loves traveling and sailing, he is a funny little guy.

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Celestial Parrotlet
Celestial Parrotlet

Courtesy Leah Harper, Texas

Mango, my celestial parrotlet, has owned me for less than a year, and she sure has lived up to the term “Napoleon Complex.” Not many people realize that she has so much personality stuffed into such a little, feathered package. When I was flight training her, I would only give her a treat when she landed on my hand. But all Mango wants is to snuggle in my hair and munch on millet. So then she started flying to my shoulder with a treat from her perch. What a sneak! 

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Courtesy Tracey Hoffman, Pennsylvania

I adopted Indy the parrotlet from a small hobby breeder in Williamsport, Pa. He was about six weeks old when he came to live with my and my family. Indy is a great little bird. He loves to ride around on my shoulder as I do my work during the day. He also likes to walk around my desk while I am on the computer and shred paper. Indy has been on two camping trips since joining our family. On our second camping trip, Indy started saying “Pretty bird.” (I had been working on this with him for a few weeks.) Indy is a very loving bird and loves to cuddle with me and have his head and beak rubbed. I enjoy having Indy the parrotlet. He is a great little bird and a great addition to our family. 

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Courtesy The Lesh Family, South Carolina

This past summer, I had the joy of becoming the proud mom to a parrotlet. Piper is just the cutest little parrot yet has the personality and energy of any of the larger parrots.
Piper has a very large cage that allows him to climb, swing, hide and fly. His very favorite past time is helping his mom with her work. He also loves eating carrots just like his other flock mates. He is like a little chain saw, picking his way through his baby carrots each day.
Piper is such a happy little bird whether playing in his cage or cuddling his human family when outside his cage. Piper doesn't have any favorites with his human family. He is not fussy about whose finger he will hop onto. We are so glad to have the fun of getting to know our new baby, and he seems to be just as happy to be with us, too! 

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Courtesy Megan Hughes, Florida

Let me tell you, I never thought such a little parrot could have such a huge heart, and an even bigger attitude! I received Tweet when he was 6 years old. He had recently lost his mate and the previous owners no longer wanted him. I gladly brought him home and found out that all he needed was a little bit of love!

Tweet's cage is in my bedroom, where he can listen to the radio and watch out the window when I am at work. Within a week of being in his new home, Tweet made friends with his “roommate” Simon, my lovebird! They love to destroy toys together and chirp at each other through there cage bars. Tweets’ favorite food includes carrots that are not cut up. I used to cut them into tiny pieces for my little man, but he refused to eat them. So i tossed a whole one in, and he chomped away at it. Despite being so small, Tweet does not back down from anything, including the biggest toys! He thinks he is the size of a macaw and therefore needs everything large.

I have had birds for a while now, but as you know, they each bring something into our lives. Tweet did just that. Tweet is such a happy little guy and makes me smile every time I see him playing, eating or doing just about anything. I love to watch him sleep on one foot, he looks so angelic, but I know better. He watches me get ready for work in the morning and just sits and stares until I say "Bye-bye" and then all heck breaks loose. Tweet will yell and scream until I go back and say it to him again. And of course, he has me trained, so I always do it to please him.Sure my house would be a little quieter, but I could not go a day without hearing his sweet whistle and chirps! 

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blue mutation Pacific parrotlet
Blue Mutation Pacific Parrotlet

Courtesy Kevin S, Mississippi

Hello there! My name is Chaos, and I am a blue-mutation Pacific parrotlet. I hatched on February 7, 2004, and on June 5, 2004 I agreed to take on the responsibility of having a human as a pet. He has provided me with quite a lovely cage (26” wide by 20” deep by 38” tall!), which is full of perches, pinatas for me to beat up and lots of toys for me to chew on and play with. Right now my favorite thing to do is to beat up a pine cone by head-butting it and then attacking it when it swings at me!

My human gives me lots of different foods like oatmeal, dried fruit and veggie mix, some seed and pellet mix and lots of other good stuff! I refuse to eat anything cooked, and it only took one week to train my human to just give me uncooked foods. I am not all that keen on fresh fruit. It left such a mess on my beak the time I tried it that I have decided I don't want to eat it. Maybe I will try it again when I get a little older.

I don’t like baths that much, but I will put up with being misted every couple of weeks. I have learned to say “Whatcha doing?,” “Up,” “Night night,” “Big stretch” and am trying to say “Odin” – he is my bronze-winged Pionus friend that lives across the room from me. Don't think that because of my small size or small vocabulary I am some pushover tiny bird. I eat as much as birds twice my size, and the only time I am still is when I am napping! 

All I know is that I am in charge of all I see!

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Courtesy Diane Squires, Pennsylvania

My parrotlet, Huey will be 5 years old in a few weeks. His favorite toy to destroy is his pinata, but his lovey-toy is a wooden bead strand hanging in the front of his cage. He leans on it and goes to sleep, rubbing his head all over it.
Our favorite bonding activity is singing “You are my Sunshine,” which started when he was newly weaned and crying in the middle of the night. I would go downstairs and sit with him on the couch in the dark until he stopped crying. I form my fingers into a triangle while I sing, and he does a little dance, stepping from one finger to the next until I am done. I usually have to sing it at least three times or he just sits there looking at me, waiting.
Huey's favorite food is probably pizza crust, although we don't give him too much of it so he does not lose his birdish figure.
The things he says most often are "Water" and "Pretty bird," as well as "Sunshine" but only when I say it while singing his song.
He is my special little boy, and I just adore him.

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Adam and Eve
Courtesy Erika Shockley, Alabama

I have a breeding pair of parrotlets that I want to tell you about. Their names are Adam and Eve. I run a bird rescue organization from my home as well as a breeding program with some species. These parrotlets have totally captured my heart with their loving antics and extremely sweet personalities. In my opinion, these are the most unique birds that I own. They are truly a miniature parrot in every sense of the word. They have their own personalities with very strong likes and dislikes. Their favorite time is when I cook corn on the cob and put a whole ear in the cage for them to munch on. Needless to say, it is a fight for the last kernel. In closing, I just want to let everyone know that if you are looking for a feathered friend to spend your life with and want a parrot, but are afraid to purchase one due to their large size, this is the absolute perfect bird for you! I love mine and you will love yours, too. 

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blue mutation Pacific parrotlets
Blue Mutation Pacific Parrotlets

Blue and Belle
Courtesy Leonard Spinner, Massachusetts

Here is a picture of my newest birds. They are a pair of blue Pacific parrolets who have bonded and produced and raised one clutch already. The male, Blue, is on the right and the female, Belle, is on the left. Even though they are a pair, they are great company. They love to preen each other and hang out on their swings. They join my orange-winged Amazon, Hank; cockatoo, Moe and Psycho the budgie. 


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What a coincidence. I too had a beloved standard cockatiel that lived 28 years. "Zack". After a grieving period of over a year, we decided on a young parrotlet that 9 months old. What a joy to have a bird again. And our little "Cha-Cha" was such an active one in such a small package. Sadly she broke her back, but lived 15 months as a paralyzed bird, but never gave up on living a good life. I made her living quarters comfortable and accessible as she managed to continue to groom, eat and drink on her own, and play with toys, and interact as best she could. She had a strong will to live, and I think that is because we loved each other so much.
janet, henderson, NV
Posted: 10/16/2013 7:38:28 PM
I now have a 28 1/2 yr. old cockatiel grey with white around her wings, who I originally bought for my father. She has outlived him and lives with me, now. Harriet has given both of us so much joy. I am researching what bird to get next and the parrotlets really appeal to me, because of their beautiful colors. personality, and some learn to talk a little. These stories have given a lot of credit to how much love and joy they can bring into our lives.
Linda, Wallingford, CT
Posted: 2/9/2012 3:34:58 PM
great stories, adorbale birds!
stephanie, no smithfield, RI
Posted: 2/8/2008 7:16:56 AM
Didn't realize that so many people had parrolets good stories
Len, New Bedford, MA
Posted: 12/18/2007 1:06:58 PM
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